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Lillianna Dragonè

Female Join date : 2014-12-11
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Species : Vampire
Group : The Tribe

PostSubject: Member Directory   Sat Dec 27, 2014 8:12 pm

Here you will find all the Citizens of Starling City in one easy to find place. These are just small snippets so if you'd like to know more just click their icon and you will be taken to their full bio.

Adreana Zelati is a vampire and Seer for the Tribe due to her knack for sensing impending death. Despite this, she is a singer, dancer, and lover of all things neon. She and Lillianna Dragonè are nearly inseparable. During those quiet moments without Lilli, Adreana is blessed to have a second best friend. Costanzo Durante is a werewolf and has been with Adreana since before she was turned. Unfortunately, he’s also dead, though she has yet to realize it and can often be seen having conversations with a man who’s not there.
Her royal highness, Hungarian party princess, Ava Koffaust is the total opposite of what a well behaved young lady should be. Raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, Ava rejected it all to have fun and  party on. Ava is smart, cunning, manipulative, hey, she's a woman! She is the heiress to the Hungarian throne, but also, to the European Convocation as an Avian. Her parents have started to rival her claim by producing a sibling. Ava is moving around, biding her time, collecting allies - awaiting for the birth of her sibling to be announced. No one, NO ONE will take her birth right and spotlight. She is a perfect example of an opportunist and knows how to appeal to the senses of others.  Ava is an important ally to have and a murderous enemy to obtain. Choose wisely... let's fly.
Eleora Maddox is a Empathic Psychiatrist, and a vessel for an Anointed named Aurora. Eleora is as sweet as they come, without a single violent bone her body. Her cooking skills are to die for.
Jade is the Alpha of the Tiger Lycans and the leader of the White Lotus. Born and raised in China, she is kind but her trust is not given, it must be earned. Honor is everything.
A genius mind hidden behind a sharp tongue and anti-social tendencies. Indigo Watson is the pride and joy of the Clandestine Corp which allows her to expand her horizons in her own isolated environment.
Lillianna Dragonè is a 209 year old Vampire and the Princess of the Tribe. She is crazy, but it wouldn't be good for you to call her that to her face. Still, she's loyal as hell and there isn't anyone you'd rather have on your side...mostly because you really don't want her against you. You want a night of fun? Look up Lilli down at Deviance and she will show you the meaning of the word!
Snarky and sharp tongued, the ex-Russian special forces and former operative for the Russian mob, had fallen from grace when he was literally pulled from the gutter by the vampiress pair Adreana Zelati and Lillianna Dragonè, who took him into the Tribe.  When the Veil was rent, Nikolai Chenkov's natural talents were expanded supernaturally, and he rose to the rank of Hunter. Nikolai  serves as Adreanna's consort, whom, along with Lillianna, Nik sees as his savior.
Wesley Reynolds is a man born in to privilege and prosperity. A lifelong student of music, he became a prominent concert violinist at one of the country's premiere Orchestras. One fateful night brought him a life he never imagined and now he rides fire engines and ambulances, no longer a man of privilege, but of principle.

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