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PostSubject: Indigo Watson   Indigo Watson EmptyWed Dec 31, 2014 8:34 am

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Indigo Melisande Watson
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Name: Indigo Melisande Watson (Indi)
Age: 28
Race: Human with Abilities
Faction: Works for Clandestine Corp.
Face Claim: Katie McGrath

Indigo Watson Cooltext1846564231_zps09aa3d17
Personality: Indigo is at the foremost anti-social. She is the sort that throws people off with her nasty attitude and her desire to be a loner so that they don't come back. She prefers to work absoslutely on her own and never appreciates when people try to 'help' her through something she can do on her own. Indi doesn't undestand the desire for friends, loved ones, or family. She has long since been burned in such a way that she has shut off that part of her psyche.

Secretly, Indi longs for someone to break through her rought exterior. Through the internal walls. To get through to who she really is. But, her brash attitude and workaholic nature tends to make people not interested enough to try. Indigo is either in her lab where she basically lives or occassionally at her house which is usually almost always empty.

Likes: Work, Inventing, Computers
Dislikes: Forced Socialization, idiots, interuptions
Habits: Work-a-holic is one of the most common habits that Indigo has. She practically lives in her lab. Having a designated corner with a small fridge, microwaves cot, and everything she needs in her office.

Once she is working on something it's best not to disturb or interupt her or face the wrath.

Indigo Watson Cooltext1846564413_zps07c2501a

Indigo was born the youngest of three children. The oldest, her brother, Anthony was born six years older than she was. Her sister, Amber, was born four years before Indigo. Indigo being the baby was quite happy for a long time. Life was fairly good. Her father worked for the military and had been in it for a very long time and their mother was a doting mother that stayed at home and spent most of her time in their massive backyard garden.

Indi had always been interested in all things not girly. She was never interested in dresses, dolls, and playing tea party. That was much more Amber. Amber and her mother were thick as thieves just as much as Anthony and their father. Indigo was kind of the odd one out but she seemed content when she was in her mess of a room taking things apart. Building new things. Finding out how things worked and how they could possibly be made better.

When Indigo was twelve everything in her life changed. At eighteen her brother had enlisted in the military and had gone over seas. However, that was not what took him from them. It was a car accident when he was home on leave. Out with his friends. Partying and having a great time destressing from the war and .. then he was gone. Flames, twisted metal, and death.

Her parents took it the hardest. Her father blamed himself. He had always pushed the military but his son had been excited to go. However, they felt that maybe he would still be alive if he wasn't making up for lost time. Her father turned into his work more than ever and was gone more and more doing work for the government. Her mother was absolutely crushed. Her one and only son was gone in a flash and she had such great plans for the family. Her mother turned away from the rest of the family and turned into herself.

Amber without their mother's closeness ran. One night she went to bed and the next morning she was gone. Her mother only grieved more. Now she had lost two children. Indigo was left to her own devices. For a while she was in her own dark place. A place of grieving and sadness. But she too realized her parents had basically all but abandoned her. They were ghosts of their former selves and they forgot often that Indigo was in her room.

Indigo eventually learned to take care fo ehrself. Learned that she could no longer count on her parents who walked through life in a daze. It took them years before they were starting to come back out of their shells. But by then Indigo was changed. She prefered to be by herself, she had taken care of herself for that long she needed no interferance. Slowly as her parents woke up they began to realize that they had in a way lost another child. But, the damage done was deep.

It was almost perfect that Amber came back when Indigo reached the age of eighteen. Because the reunion for everyone except Indigo was sweet. That was the night Indi left the house. She went to school to learn more things, to explore things she couldn't do by herself. It was in college that she was recruited straight out of class by one of her professors for the Clandestine Corp. He was paid to find people that were above and beyond the norm.

That was Indigo.

She took the job and picked up and headed to Starling City. Her parents didn't live far but any distance between her and them was good in her mind. Indigo took the job with a few conditions. She worked alone. For the time being. She could continue to educate herself, and she was free to invent.

All of these Clandestine was grateful for. They worked hard in experimental drugs, weaponry, surveilance, and many other things. Most of their things were quite confidential.

It wasn't long before Blue was in a small lab all of her own but her work did not go unnoticed. In fact, she rose up in the ranks quickly and soon she headed the entire department and had moved herself into the largest lab they offered.

The night her abilities woke was a strange one for Indigo. She still remembers the vivid dreams she had about being in the computer. Reading the code as though it was a book. Thinking it and the computer responding. Being able to connect to things. .. reading blueprints just by looking at a device, being able to start and stall and stop whole programs and devices working... it was the most lucid dream she had ever had.

And then.. it was real.

When she woke, the powers were with her and at first she freaked out quite a bit. Her abilities with computers, coding, and her inventions were even more amazing then. The world was freaking out. All over the news were the discussions and fear of the new developing powers. People that could shift. Creatures never seen before. The world was freaking out and Indigo.. could not have been more elated to be even more connected to the computers in her life and further from the people.

Bad Experiences: Her parents abandoning her. Her brother's death. Her sister running away.
Best Memory: Gaining her abilities.

Indigo Watson Robowl

Albert: A creation of Blue’s that is a helper and constant companion. Al is part alarm clock, parts holder, tool caddy, and storage device. He has the ability to interact and communicate if he wants to, it took her weeks of small incantations, movements and gestures to create the programming and abilities that Albert has. He is a vast storage device for any kind of information that she downloads to him from her mind. His wings are thick and hold tools within. His talons are very nimble allowing him to hold parts or go retrieve something for her when she is in the middle of a job. The round section on his belly is actually his speaker, and a port for retrieving information the mundane way if she has a message for someone. The owl can fly, using it’s wings to glide, and power boosters hidden under it’s tail for it’s propellant. The boosters are fueled by fuel that she has to make sure is filled before she sends him off. Behind the eyes are cameras that can capture images if he is to be used as a spy. Blue has a battery that requires recharging for five hours at least, every day to keep him going. If his battery gets too low he lets out a whistle and shuts down to preserve the information stored within until he can get a charge.

Indigo Watson Cooltext1846564605_zps8f08ae49

Technopath: She is capable of using her tap to mana and communicate with devices. For this she does not need to be in touch with the device but she does need to be at least two hundred feet from the device she is communicating with. Able to slide her mind into the programming and enable her to work the computer or device’s programs with ease.

Cyberpathy: The ability to allow her access to the World Wide Internet without having to actually access the internet through a computer. Her mind can instantly connect merely from putting forth the mana to do so.

Blueprints: Being able to take an image of an idea from her mind and begin to upload the blue prints of the ideas in her mind straight onto a computer, device, or printer. Or allows her to touch the object, and see the blueprints that were used in it’s creation as well as the programming that was in place.

Repair: Allowing her to repair small problems with devices and creations. It has to be small, a tear, gash, scuff, rough spot small damage. Larger things require actual work.

Bolt: The ability to tighten or loosen bolts that need. Making it a bit easier for her.

Weld: The ability to weld metal together, by touching the joint with her. Can do this for joints, and any sort of metal that has a melting point. She is capable of doing this anywhere that she can put her finger.

Program: Tapping into the chips and memory of the creation that she has made, she can program it straight from her mind. Making it do what she needs it to and creating it so that it suits her purpose.

Diagnose: When someone comes to her with a problem concerning their device, she is able to use a gesture and figure out what is wrong with the device and if it’s repairable.


Greater Repair: The ability to repair almost anything. Unless the device or vehicle is totaled beyond any sort of repair it is likely that she can fix it. This is a more complex spell and the gestures are larger, more complicated, and take a while longer, actually adding in a little body movement as well. To call up the mana to do her will.

Animate: Being able to take a device, or a creation of hers and give it the semblance of life. It does not actually have life, it will obey her orders and her programming at all times and has no free will. But it will move, and be able to have it’s own voice.

Indigo Watson Cooltext1846564801_zpsb7eafbe7
Blue didn't normally look nice. Something she appreciated Solomon for not calling her out on. For the most part when he came to surprise her at work she probably looked like road kill. Covered in various grease like substances with sleep deprived circles under her eyes and a rumbling stomach. But when she was called into meetings with her boss. She tended to dress more... nicely and change when she got back to the lab.

It was just a couple days after she and Sol had been caught having dinner in her lab. So, she was here for her apparent.. annual review. This was going well so far. He was singing her praises as he ought, because if New Dawn lost her she would be hard to replace. No one else would put the kind of hours in that Blue did. And no one was going to be willing to give up their lives just to work on a new project for sometimes months at a time. No, there were few of those out there, and they were lucky that they had found one in Blue.

Furthermore, aside from the raise, for all your hard work. We have decided.. that you need something more..

Uh oh.

Blue did not like the sound of that.

Blue's brow quirked up slightly as she sat with her legs crossed in the chair trying to remember all the things her mother had taught her as a child that she had never cared much for. More? More what?

It was never good when Pierce Knightly smiled. Never good at all. So when he hit the buzzer on the phone on his desk Blue's eyes narrowed.

We decided, thanks to you calling our attention back to the break in that your laboratory suffered not that long ago.. to make some changes.

What could they do? Move her lab? Maybe.. Move her to a different city entirely. That.. wouldn't be so bad. She could probably live with that. Sol would.. probably travel to see her still it just wouldn't be as easy.

We realize that we cannot just uproot a lab like yours. So many small parts and the like, impossible. And while you and that.. contractor of yours have worked wonders making your lab more secure we decided that you needed something extra. It dawned... in seconds. Blue's mind worked fast, one of the reasons that she was hired... her eyes narrowed. No! We've hired you a bodyguard and protector. He comes highly reccommended and we believe that he will only further your safety.

Blue shot out of her chair. Hair swaying around her shoulders. The blue and black locks were completely natural, and the waves were too. Her hair was thick and she rarely wore it down but it definatly added to the sex appeal. Her fist slammed down on the desk making several things on the large fake wooden piece of crap jump.


Even Knightly jumped slightly at the outbreak. Blue had never needed anyone. Ever since her brother died when she was not even a teenager, she had been alone. Her sister had run away, her parents lost to grief, and Blue found her home among parts, cogs, and grease. She had never opened up to a single person, until most recently and now.. NOW they wanted to slap her with a babysitter.

He was a spy! She knew it! A spy for Knightly, to report back to him on all the things that she was doing because SHE controlled everything technological, there was NO spying ON Blue... unless they were human.

I assure you, the bodyguard will be fantastic for you. Protection wise, and besides, I think that it is long over due.

Blue was far from happy as the secretary told Knightly she was sending in the bodyguard over the intercom. She slumped back in her seat. Not the most ladylike of positions but she was not happy. Leather clad arms crossed over her chest her blue and green multi-hued eyes glared at Knightly who looked decidedly... worried. Blue could rock his world in a very very bad way. She could make anyone anything... she had that kind of power. You are what you are on paper. And Blue could make that paper say anything.

It was never a good idea to piss off Blue Tiran.

Indigo Watson Cooltext1842495826_zps53b76b80
OOC Name: Christi
Age: Old Enough
Do you play another Charrie here at VF: No
How did you find us?: Badassery of Adminness
What is your preferred method of communication? PM or AIM
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Indigo Watson Coolte10

Welcome to Starling City! Please be sure to Claim your Face. You should also copy and paste the link to your application into your profile so if someone wants to stalk you they can. Don't forget to PM Lilli any descriptions of your house and/or business so she can make sure the boards get made. Pictures are helpful! She will also need a little blurb about your character for the Directory and an icon to go with it, 100x100. If you're having trouble finding one you should check Hollow Art. Feel free to put up any Wanteds. Stop by the Cbox and say hi if you haven't already and jump into the fun!

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