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Clandestine Corporation:

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Clandestine Corp was started not too long ago.  It is actually quite a recent addition to the Starling City area.  It was started by a man named Solomon Archer just ten years ago.  A multi-billionaire that had been greedy since childhood and knew he wanted more.  He bought the land outright and quickly began to build the beauty that would later be named the Clandestine Corp.

The building itself is made of mostly glass.  Blastproof, bulletproof, UV protectant glass walls that allow sunlight and a beautiful skyline but protect those within.  For Clandestine has certainly made some enemies through the research and development that they are known for.  Most people tend to fear those that work for Clandestine.  It's highly regarded.  Some people look at the building in awe, others with trepidation.

It's what is underground that is not spoken of.  Underground there are twenty five levels of secret research and development.  Above ground the company has a main front of being a security and arms dealer.  They have one of the best security teams known in Georgia as a whole.  They farm people out all over the country.  Underground is where the things that are whispered about are made.

New weaponry, new security systems, research and development on things that would make people scared.  Things that if used, could cause a great deal of harm and unrest.  Only those with the right security clearance can get through to the Underground.  At the negative fifth floor is where the largest invention laboratory is located.  There is where a great deal of their devices come from thanks to the brains of Indigo Watson.  

The upper floors consist of the front business.  The bottom main floor is the administration and paper pushers.  Upstairs on the second floor are the labs that do the more legitimate works and the offices of the security personnel.  The third floor is the CEO offices and then any upper sections are used for offices and other small research sections.

~Clandestine Members~
Indigo Watson
Lance Stone
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Clandestine Corp.
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