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PostSubject: Adreana Zelati   Adreana Zelati EmptySun Jan 04, 2015 12:42 am

Adreana Zelati Cooltext1842495436_zpsd42c15ea
Adreana Zelati 172cfdb1-1050-46a0-bcc2-291f2911a646_zps7e698940
Adreana Tiziana Zelati
184 ~ Female ~ Vampire ~ The Tribe ~ Demi Lovato

Adreana Zelati Cooltext1842495219_zpsdaada939

NICKNAMES (if any)
Adrie, Adrie-doo, Tizzy, Wolfgirl

Adreana has olive skin, with a smattering of light freckles across the ridge of her nose. Her hair is a naturally dark brown hue, as are her eyes, but they are far from mundane. As of late, she’s been prone to shaving off a section on the left side of her scalp and dying bits of her hair all kinds of vibrant colors, the better to “blend in with her surroundings”, she says. Most who know her assume she means the neon lights, but nobody really knows for sure.

She is a petite woman, having been turned at a young age, and has a thin frame. This seems to work in her favor as she has the ability to seem young enough to be in high school, or old enough to purchase alcohol, depending on the aura she gives off - and the ID card she flashes. Her small stature can be a bit deceiving, however, as she is well-muscled and toned from her years of dancing, despite her naturally enhanced strength and reflexes.

Her clothing style varies from night to night, depending on her mood, and what kind of plans she has laid out. More often than not, there’s leather involved somewhere in the mix. She has the Trbe spider tattoo behind her ear, on her left side, opposite Lilli.

Adreana is, at times, a very happy-go-lucky girl. Due to her ability, she has a somewhat skewed outlook on life (and death). This has slowly led her to adopt a somewhat cocky attitude, though she mostly only shows it to mundanes and those she’s close to - i.e. Lillianna and Costanzo. She has a passion for music and dance, and spends a good majority of her time bouncing from club to club in search of someone to dance with on a nightly basis. When a ballet troupe is in town, however, she attends every performance, unashamedly critiquing the dancers. Having learned from the best of the best, she has no doubt that her opinion of their skill (or lack thereof) is far more pertinent than anyone else in attendance.

Around other supernaturals like herself, she reverts to a more reserved kind of girl, though a knowing grin can almost always be found tugging at the corners of her lips. It’s hard to be frightened with the power to commune with Death on one’s side, after all.

As if the self-confidence wasn’t enough, Adreana is, to put it bluntly, a bit crazy (though if you were to tell her to her face, she’d deny it and be quite offended). More often than not, when she is alone, she can be seen having a conversation with someone who is clearly not there. She’s rarely ever alone, however, as her best friend Costanzo spends almost all of his waking hours with her. The pair are nearly inseparable, just like they were in their first lives.

Just beneath the seemingly happy, crazy surface, there is a rage that sits on the constant edge of boiling over. She can be pushed past the point of no return with the gentlest word, but luckily it never lasts long, and she rarely holds a grudge. Of course, usually the victims of her rage don’t get a say in the matter afterwards anyhow. When she’s in a frenzy, only one person can bring her back to a safe level: Lillianna.

Death Watch
Ever since she was a little girl, Adreana has had an odd ability to sense the death of those around her when it’s imminent. Now that she is a vampire, that ability has been enhanced and while it first started coming to her in spurts and spasms (generally when she'd pass someone on the street who was doomed to meet their end soon), it has grown over time. Each death has its own unique song, an aspect of the gift she’s always found pleasantly beautiful. As she slowly grew into her new undead self, so too, did the ability grow. She can now sometimes see the death of people she's never met before actually encountering them in person. Also, by touching corpses she is able to see how they died (in the case of other vampires like herself, she is also able to see how they were turned).

Animalistic Frenzy
When Adreana’s blood boils too hot and she enters a frenzy, she gains some attributes of a typical Werewolf. Her naturally sharp teeth and claws lengthen and sharpen into those of a wolf. Sometimes patches of fur sprout from the backs of her hands when she’s particularly livid. While most Vampires’ eyes shine crimson during a blood frenzy, hers turn a bright amber hue. She has never fully shifted into the form of a wolf, but it is entirely plausible given the right circumstance, and given enough time to let the rage build. When she exits the frenzy, Adreana has no recollection of the events, and simply assumes the wolf-like creature everyone witnessed was her friend Costanzo, leaping to her rescue.

• Superhuman Strength, Speed, & Endurance
• Heightened Senses (namely Sight/Smell for Adreana)
• Rapid Healing
• Sense other Supernaturals

• Wooden stake to the heart
• Decapitation
• Fire
• Sunlight

Singing: Adreana has a naturally good singing voice. When asked who taught her, she always answers honestly - Death.

Dancing: Flexible and nimble, Adreana has been a dancer her entire life, from ballroom dancing, ballet, to a bit of break dancing. Her true love is in stage dancing, however.

Piano/Songwriting: Having lived as long as she has, and with as much time as she’s spent around theaters, it was really inevitable that Adreana learn to play. With so many songs going through her head thanks to the visions, it’s not unusual to find her sitting at the keys with a notebook and pen, scribbling out a new song or three.

Italian (native tongue), Greek, Spanish, French, English, Latin, Russian*

*Although she has never been to Russia, Adreana claims that Russian blood is her favorite, and so she has taken the time to learn the language.

Adreana does not keep many personal possessions for long, as she is a bit of a flighty creature. Some of the only items of import to her were gifts from Costanzo: her first pair of ballet slippers and a locket with a picture of the pair in it.

Costanzo Durante - Best friend
Lillianna Dragonè - Best friend / Mentor

Adreana Tiziana Zelati was born on a rainy November evening to an upper middle class family in Milan, Italy. She would never want for anything with her parents, but at the same time, she had not born in the lap of luxury. Thankfully for her, she was blessed with skills which allowed her to mingle with the elite on a daily basis. Her body was small, but flexible, and she moved with the natural grace of a swan.

She was quickly enrolled at La Scala Teatro Ballet, even before her seventh birthday, and her shining performances helped keep the cost of staying at the school down for her parents. As the years went by, she grew in skill and also in renown. Her first role after graduation was the slyph in La Syhlphide, and to this day, it is her favorite ballet.

During this performance, she caught the eye of a gentleman who usually spent his time at La Scala in the pit, gambling. Costanzo Durante, a young man from a wealthy Milanese family, slowly stopped attending the theater to gamble, and became more a fan of the young Adreana. For months, he made it to every performance, and eventually the pair finally crossed paths while she was not on stage. The bond that formed between them was not one of love, however, but more of kinship.

As Adreana continued to grown in renown, she earned more fans, but none were ever like Costanzo. After a particularly exhausting performance of Giselle, one of her fans cornered Adreana outside the theater. Costanzo was there in a heartbeat, even as the sound of her scream faded away to a mere echo. The man who’d thought to have his way with his favorite ballerina slumped to the ground, a thin red line stretching across his throat. It was then that Costanzo confided in Adreana who - or rather, what - he really was and offered himself as her personal bodyguard. He may be a werewolf, but he was her soulmate, she believed, though not in a romantic sense. Besides, as a blossoming talent in the busiest city of Italy, she didn’t have time for romance.

She accepted his offer, and in payment of telling her his secret, she shared one with him, bringing the pair grew closer still. All throughout her youth, she’d been plagued with dreams of death, usually of people she did not realize she knew. It wasn’t until the death of her first ballet instructor when she was 12 that she realized these dreams were premonitions, at which point she began to have them during waking hours as well. The visions were always accompanied by the sound of a soprano wailing in the distance - each song was different, but they were all equally as beautiful. It was these songs that originally spurred her to sing and dance, but it was the gift that would be her downfall.

One night, after performing in all five acts of Hèsione, Adreana and Costanzo made their way across town, to their usual watering hole. Costanzo, his senses always on high alert due to the wolf within him, noticed the presence following them but only mere seconds before Adreana shrieked and crumpled to the street, sobbing. Her fingers clawed at her eyes, but they quickly moved up to search for Costanzo’s hands as she repeated his name over and over.

Ill at ease at Adreana’s distress, Costanzo prepared to defend the young girl from whatever threat the man posed. The scent of death hit Costanzo’s nose as their stalker stepped into the light of a street lamp, but his realization came too late.

The fight was short, but brutal.

As Costanzo’s head rolled towards her, Adreana shrieked again. The man who reeked of death swept down to her, cradling her chin with one hand, and gripping her arm tightly with the other so that she could not get away. He assured her that she would be safe now that the dog was dead, and that she was meant for greater things, but she didn’t understand. When his fangs glinted in the moonlight, Adreana screamed a third time. Death howled with rage as her lifeblood flowed out from her neck, nourishing the man who’d killed her best friend.

When she woke, her memory was fuzzy. Day had turned to night outside her window, though she didn’t even recall coming home. Gathering her things, she rushed to the theater, concerned the director would put her under study into the ballet in her place if she did not arrive in time. A dull pounding echoed in her head as she moved through the streets, distracting her from noticing just how quickly she was moving.

Costanzo was there when she arrived, mingling amongst the other young aristocrats trying to make a bit of extra money in the pit. She tried to wash the pain in her skull away with a shot of vodka and some cold water on the face, but the vodka didn’t even so much as burn and the water only made a bigger mess of the make-up she had not removed the night before. Thankfully, she’d made it in time to perform, but as her hairdresser berated her for the sloppy way she’d pulled her hair back, she felt a small fire spark to life within.

Just as she was about to lunge for the woman, Adreana noticed something from the corner of her eye. Costanzo was standing backstage with her now, his face stern, as if he knew what she’d been thinking about doing. Slumping back into her chair, she waited for the old hag to finish with her hair and make-up before moving off to get dressed.

She never made it onto the stage, nor did the young man who was playing her love interest, Anchise. In a fit of confusion, rage, and hunger, she dragged him up to the rafters and sunk her new pair of fangs into his neck. His blood was warm and did wonders to ease the pain in her head. As she continued to drink, her memories slowly returned to her, and she found herself growing even more angry.

Adreana left him there, sprawled out in a back walkway of the stage before fleeing the theater herself. The man from the night before was waiting outside, but she refused to leave without Costanzo. He appeared soon enough, a silent form standing at her side, and together the trio left the city. She was too well known, Gaius informed her, so they couldn’t stay. He’d already burned down her flat so that the rest of the world would believe her to be dead.

A few decades passed as Gaius kept her on the move, constantly going from one country to the next. She constantly begged Gaius to allow their travels to take them to well-known theater locales. He treated her to ballets occasionally, but made sure to keep her close to him at all times in order to utilize her unique ability. Even in her second life, she retained the ability to sense impending death, and while once she was the protected, now she was the protector.

They returned to Italy during her forty-fourth year of life (though she still looked no older than she had when he’d killed her at age 21). A villa near the center of Naples served his purpose nicely, so they made it their home. He popped into her room to see her every night, and to make sure that she had not seen anything particularly exciting in her dreams, but for the most part, he left her alone in the villa.

But one night, something exciting did happen…

A young girl appeared on Adreana’s balcony, making her pause her hands over the ivory keys of her grand piano. She recognized the girl from her trip to the market the evening before and without thinking twice about the repercussions, let her in. Lillianna was her name, and unlike Gaius, she showed genuine interest in Adreana as a person, rather than a tool. She had seen Adreana perform in La Carneval de Venice in 1848 - twenty-six years ago - and recognition had piqued her curiosity. Adreana was glad for the company, and even more happy for the friendship.

Now that she had two friends, she was ecstatic.

The day came a few months later when the vision she’d prayed for finally came. Gaius’ death was not a pretty affair and in the end, Lillianna just threw away the outfit. Adreana bought her a new one as a thank you gift.

A century passed and technology progressed around them, but still, Adreana remained with Lillianna and the Tribe. She was quickly promoted to one of the Elite members as a Seer due to her ability, but she was not chained up and used as a pet defense system.

Adreana Zelati Cooltext1842495671_zps3f7eb802

The art of dance was one that Adreana enjoyed with every fiber of her being. It always tortured her immortal soul when she attended a ballet she was not taking part in, but such was life. She'd been given the gift of eternal damnation - why not suffer for the crimes she committed on an almost nightly basis?

For all the suffering she went through sitting still in the audience, she never left the theaters without a smile on her pale face. More often than not, her lips were stained bright red by the time she finally left. She could feel the hunger itching at the back of her throat now, but the show was not quite over. Her keen senses had already helped her pick out the perfect meal, even from her spot up in the balcony.

Dark eyes zeroed in on the young man as he joined some of his fellow dancers in the middle of the stage for a bow. Her hands lifted, clapping politely along with the applause of those around her. When he stepped back out of the limelight, allowing the stars of the show to take their bows, she allowed her eyes to shift away from him. She and Costanzo's quiet conversations throughout the ballet had already garnered ill attention from some of the folks seated around her - no need for them to get suspicious as to her intentions with the back-up dancer.

When at last the bowing was done and the curtain was drawn closed, Adreana rose from her seat and began to head towards the exit of the balcony. "I much preferred the rendition they did in Hungary," she drawled to Costanzo, turning her head to look upon the tall frame of her long-time friend. "Yes, yes, I agree. The dancers here have more technical skill - but I've yet to see anyone meet the Huns' sheer grace."

The area around Adreana quickly emptied. Her eyes narrowed at the retreating forms of the people who'd been sitting near she and Costanzo throughout the play and her tongue lashed out, sticking out impolitely at their backs. "I swear, people these days hear two people debating and think we’re in a huge lover’s quarrel," she sighed, tilting her head to the side so that it rest on Costanzo's shoulder.

She loved Costanzo deeply, but not in the romantic sense. Even trying to imagine kissing him brought a giggle to her lips. She could sense one of his eyebrows raising in question, but she brushed it off as his question about why she’d picked that particular dancer hit her ears. It was the same thing every time they attended the ballet - she picked the weakest link in her professional opinion, and forced the ballet company to find a replacement. Hopefully one whose skill was superior to the one she’d consumed.

"Missing that pirouette was his downfall," she explained. Lifting her head up from his shoulder, she shrugged lightly as if the answer had been an obvious one. To her practiced eyes, of course, it had been obvious. Missing such an easy move as the one he had was an amateur's mistake. He didn't deserve to be in such a renowned company. Sure, it could have been something slick on the floor, or just an off night, or any number of excuses... But she didn't care, and neither did her hunger.

Worming her way through the crowd, she clutched tightly to the hand purse she'd decided to carry tonight. There wasn’t much in it, but it went well with the slinky black dress she'd picked to wear. The shoes on her feet were also black; simple heels, but shiny and elegant enough to look like they belonged on the feet of someone here at the ballet. Her hair was down, and cascaded in gentle waves over the ermine half-coat that was currently keeping her shoulders 'warm'.

The members of the ballet were slowly making their way out to the mezzanine in order to see friends and family while fans attempted to mingle and dote on them with praise. It didn’t take her long to find her prey. Once her eyes found his, she allowed her natural vampiric charm to take over. A tiny smile and the hint of a blush on her cheeks when she looked his way was all it took to drag his attention away from the people around him. Biting her lip, she quickly spun away, heading towards the back door. She heard him excuse himself from the group around him before the sound of his feet moving quickly on the carpet in pursuit hit her ears. The itch of hunger began to tickle the back of her throat again, but she pushed it down. It wouldn’t be long now.

Most, if not all, of the cast and crew had already left the backstage area, which left it quiet as the grave. The dancer's footsteps continued to ring on the concrete floor in pursuit as she picked her way through the halls, her giggles echoing back towards him before she finally stopped at the stage. Her nose and eyes scanned the area briefly, making sure that they were truly alone, before she turned slowly to face the dancer.

"Pirouettes aren't really that hard to do," she smiled, taking a few small steps toward the dancer. It was his turn to blush this time as he met her near center stage, and she noticed the slight jerk of his body as if she'd offended him. Stepping up into his space, Adreana brought one cold hand up towards his face, dragging her fingertips lightly along his tense jaw. "You saw that, did you?" he asked, relaxing slightly under her touch. His hands moved to find her hips, pulling her flush against him with a grin.

"We see everything," she purred, her second hand rising to caress the other side of his face. "We?..." the dancer asked, confusion evident in his eyes as he attempted to pull his face back. She was stronger than him, though, and she refused to let him pull away, instead dragging his lips down towards her own in a passionate kiss. When they broke apart, he was gasping for air, but a sloppy grin was plastered to his face.

Her lips continued to work their way from his face, over to his neck and though she couldn’t see it, she knew the instant his grin disappeared. Sharp fangs sunk deep into the tender flesh of the young man's jugular and warm blood washed over her lips and tongue, satisfying an urge deep within her core as she began to drain him. At her age, it didn't take long to empty a full-grown man. Despite the hunger not being overwhelming to begin with, the taste of fresh blood always caused her to get a little bit more excited than she should be. She was stealing the last few drops of blood when she heard Costanzo growl from behind her.

Someone was here.

With a slight hiss, she removed her face from the drained dancer and tensed, waiting for the other presence to show themselves. "Come out, come out, wherever you are..." she called out, her voice a predatory song. Licking her lips clean, she cast her eyes around the room, scanning each shadow carefully for the intruder into her meal space.

Adreana Zelati Cooltext1842495826_zps53b76b80
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Do you play another Charrie here at VF?: Not yet
How did you find us?: I live with the site creator.
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