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Lillianna Dragonè
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PostSubject: The Rules    The Rules                   EmptyFri Dec 12, 2014 7:55 pm

Most of these should be common sense but some how they are always needed. Please look these over and keep them in mind as you familiarize yourself with the world we have created. You will receive a Warning PM should you break the rules, unfortunately we can't make everyone happy as much as we'd like to. Too many warnings will result in other consequences which potentially could include you being asked to leave. We doubt that will happen but just so everyone understands we need to say it somewhere. We are all adults, and I expect that every single one of us remembers that. If I have to go get the pacifiers because you're acting like an infant, someone will be getting an earful. We will not be dealing with your issues. Play nice or go somewhere else.

Respect Your Fellow Members!
Again, this should be common sense. We believe in the Golden Rule. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Take a moment and think about your actions before you do them. We understand that disagreements can happen, it's a fact of life everyone must accept. We are all here to tell a story, to have fun. This is a community and we are only as good as our unhappiest member...try not to be the Debbie Downer hmmmmmk?

No Godmodding!
Godmodding is when you move another player's character in your post without their permission. It will not be tolerated. We encourage interaction between our Players and you are more then welcome to give your permission to another Player for them to move your character in their post. We will not know if someone has moved your character without your permission unless you tell us. We aren't mind readers. This would also include negative impacts to your character you weren't expecting either physical, emotional or otherwise. They don't know your character like you do and they shouldn't be pretending that they do. Don't guess, if you aren't sure what would happen...ASK. As a courtesy, if you have moved another character with permission in your post, please make an OOC note at the end stating so.

Please register with your characters first and last name, this is not optional. And please make them original! In the case of your second character, the site won't let you register with the same e-mail however once the account is created you can PM the staff and request that your second character's e-mail be changed to match your first.

Application Process
Once you believe you're ready to create your character, there is an Application for you to fill out. You MUST use the accompanying code to create your application. Once you post it, the staff will look it over, discuss it amongst ourselves and either approach you with possible changes or approve it. The App is pretty free form, but that doesn't mean you should just skate by, this is your chance to make a first impression...so impress us!

Wanteds are pre-thought out character concepts that have plots waiting for them. Reserving a Wanted simply requires you to put up a WIP in the Application section. You then have one week to finish the App or someone else could potentially take the Wanted from you. Faceclaims used in Wanted ads are not reserved.

Businesses and Homes
Upon being approved, we ask that you PM Lilli the descriptions for your Home and Business (if applicable) So that they may be added to the Boards. Images are also nice and add a bit of flair.

Face Claims
Here at VF we use Face Claims. These are real actors we use to portray our characters. Anime or drawings will not be allowed, though they can be used in conjunction with real actors on certain basis..like if your character is a Were, you must use an Actor for your Human form but you can use a drawing for your Were. Should you choose to use a drawing please choose something tasteful. There is a list of Face Claims, please check them to make sure the one you want to use hasn't already been taken. A Face Claim you choose for a Wanted will not be considered Taken, should someone choose a Face Claim that was used for an Untaken Wanted, the Wanted maker will be notified and they will need to find a new Face for their Wanted. Reserving a face claim simply requires you posting a WIP application in the app section with the face claim written in. You then have one week to finish the app or someone can potentially steal the claim from you.

The date in the RP is the current date in RL. If you start a thread on July 2nd, 2013 then that thread will be taking place on that date. Future dating is not allowed. However, you can back date a thread to fill in the gaps in your story should you wish. At the beginning of the first post in the thread simply write in the date you want the thread to fall under. If you are worried about certain outcomes of current threads but wish to plot with another character, back date. You can be in as many threads as you believe you can handle, but try not to over extend yourself which could leave people hanging while waiting on you.

Now, everything you write on the board is considered Canon, meaning your character actually went through it. If they lose a hand in a thread then their hand will be lost for the rest of their life (Baring certain magical circumstances). Keep this in mind when starting threads, if it's a thread that could pose pivotal plot points like physical or emotional life changing harm, it's going to take time to heal or fix and any thread you have after should include the aftermath.

For those of you who may be terrible at keeping track of all the threads your character is in we encourage creating a Timeline for them. It is not required, it's just for you to keep a reference of what's going on. Please label them with your character's name IE "Lillianna Dragonè's Timeline". This will make sure everyone can find it if they need to. This also allows you to keep a running tally of exactly whats happened in case anyone needs to play catch up. We suggest writing down the date of the thread, the name of the thread with a corresponding link to the thread and brief exert to explain what happened in the thread.

PG-13 Content
Some of you may find this annoying but there is a reason. This forum is free, cause we're cheap. The rules of the Forum host state no sexual content, so we ask that our members keep this in mind. Adult themes are going to pop up and you are more then welcome to continue them at your leisure...just not on the board. Fade to Black writing for sexual content is a must, not a suggestion. We also ask that you keep the extremely gory scenes a tad tasteful, mentioning that you ripped someone in half is fine...writing three paragraphs describing where each drop of blood fell...borders on too graphic and slight insanity, or you're Stephen King which we doubt.

Character Limits
There really isn't a Character Limit here at VF, We ask that you log a total of 30 posts with your character before making another. We know it's a bit high but we want to make sure you're going to stick around and that you're giving each character the right amount of love. If we believe you're struggling we may ask you to shelve someone or not approve another. On the other side of that rule is this loophole, if you submit an idea to us and it's well thought out we can approve you for the new character without meeting the post limit so long as your general activity tells us you can handle it. Case by case basis.

Character Development
We encourage our members to take the time and really think out your characters, get to know them. What makes them act the way they do, where did they come from, why are they here. Everyone has room to change, to become more. There will be opportunities In Game for your character to grow, potentially learning new things, new spells, abilities, gaining new powers or weapons, getting married, having children, getting divorced...the list goes on. We also encourage our members to think up potential site wide plots, we love hearing knew ideas, don't hesitate to bring them to us. We created VF to be an open book written by our players. This will require you to really think about what your character is doing, why is he doing it, what is his end game? We don't want any 'throw away' characters, we want you to laugh and cry right along with them.

Relationship Maps
It is encouraged for everyone to create a Relationship Map. This allows for a quick glance through of your character's connections and will replace the need for plot pages.

Age Limit
We ask that our members all be over the age of 18 and act like it. However, characters can become playable at the age of 14. Children are a part of life, they can't be ignored or looked over. If your character has a child, they will be NPCed up until they turn 14 where you can then create a Wanted Ad for them. You may still NPC them until they get picked up. There is also a 500 year maximum on characters, though NPC can be older so long as the are played properly and should be approved by an Admin.

Retiring a Character
We understand that sometimes it can take a little bit for you to find the perfect cast to play when joining a new site, you are free to shelve a character (or kill them off...we all love a good story) so long as you have a good reason. "Cause I feel like it" isn't a reason. If the Wanted you picked up's original creator shelves their character you will be free to shelve the Wanted and pick up another if you so choose without penalty. If you shelve too many characters we may ask you to pick one and stick with it. Other people will be trying to create plots with your characters and we don't want your inability to make up your mind ruining other's experiences on the site.

Everyone has a life outside of the board and we encourage that. VF is meant to be a place to unwind, it is not meant to become your whole life to the exclusion of all else. Some players will be more active then other's, which is fine, just remember not to take on more then you can handle. If you can only handle two or three active threads at a time we have no problem with that. Try not to leave anyone hanging for too long, posting every couple of days is encouraged. If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time please post a Leave Of Absence to let us know that you will be gone so we won't worry about you and can potentially skip you in more plot driven threads. You are welcome to ask another player that you trust to move you while you're gone for the sake of the story.

We ask that if you wish to leave the site, please let us know. Other people could be depending on you for certain plots. If you do not post in a month, you will be sent an email to remind you. After two months you WILL lose your face claim and your account will be deactivated. The only way to stop this is to put up an LOA or return and start writing again. Should you wish to return after your account has been deactivated all you have to do is contact a staff member and they will be able to return your account to you. If your face claim was not taken during your absence you are free to pick the character up where you left off, otherwise you will need to inform of us of the change in your face claim so we can make note of it.

The use of Graphics on VF is required. Avatars must be no more then 200w x 300h. Signatures must be no more then 500w x 200h. You may make requests of other members should you wish, some of them are quite talented with graphics. Please, no nudity in the graphics, some of our Face Claims do enjoy the odd photo shoot, be sure you keep that in mind.

We employ the use of a CBox on the left hand side of the screen, feel free to pop in and say hi! We suggest registering with the name of the character you'll be playing. There is one rule of the CBox: Don't be an asshole. Do not start drama in our PUBLIC CBox where potential members can see it. If you have a problem, take it to PM and try to deal with it like adults. You may ask the staff to intervene should the need arise but we are not your babysitters. Be respectful of each other!

See a post by another player you really like? Like it! In the right hand corner of each post that is not your own you will see a plus or minus button that will allowed you to show your appreciation for their writing skills! This is meant to tell a typist they have gone above and beyond, don't just be liking everything please.

Adding to the Lore
We absolutely love when our members take it upon themselves to add to our site lore, however, if you choose to leave the site you cannot take it with you. Once it gets added, it will become a permanent part of the site. This is to prevent other players from having to rewrite their characters that could have been using the lore you created. This is an open sandbox RP, our writers are creating everything. If you want to play a species but don't see a write up for them....make one!

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The Rules
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