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 Jesse Mor'gan (WIP)

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PostSubject: Jesse Mor'gan (WIP)   Jesse Mor'gan (WIP) EmptyTue Jan 06, 2015 10:20 pm

Jesse Mor'gan (WIP) Cooltext1842495436_zpsd42c15ea
Jesse Mor'gan (WIP) Xvm2e
Jesse Edward Mor'gan
110 ~ Male ~ Far Darrig (Fae) ~ The Tribe ~ Paul Wesley

Jesse Mor'gan (WIP) Cooltext1842495219_zpsdaada939

Jesse's pride and joy are his looks. Tanned bronze skin, light brown hair and striking green eyes. Physically, he is as close to perfection as one could get. Athletic, strong, agile - everything you want and probably don't want, he's got it, having at least one trait that appeals to nearly everyone. On his face, he commonly wears masks of expressions to conceal his intentions and feelings, most often going with the stern, serious look.

While free of piercings, there quite a number of tattoos on his body, ranging from bizarre shapes to pieces of wildlife to downright frightening images. They aren't large, however, and half the time are covered by clothing. If someone is actually lucky enough to see them, they aren't likely to ever erase the art from their minds.

As far as clothing goes, Jesse is never overly concerned. He doesn't dress in suits and ties, doesn't slick his hair to one side, and most definitely doesn't do make up. He is a man, a man most proud of himself. The confidence shows through his choice of style - ragged and often mismatching, light and comfortable rather than stylish or in any way protective.


Jesse Mor'gan (WIP) Cooltext1842495671_zps3f7eb802
Again, Impress us, make us want to play with you!

Jesse Mor'gan (WIP) Cooltext1842495826_zps53b76b80
OOC Name: Archangel
Do you play another Charrie here at VF: No
How did you find us?: Followed the shiny
What is your preferred method of communication? PM or AIM

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Jesse Mor'gan (WIP)
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