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PostSubject: The Anointed   The Anointed EmptyThu Jan 15, 2015 8:24 pm

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The Anointed is a blanket term that encompasses many beings, the most well known name is Angels. The common theme is that they are all beings formed entirely of light, brought to life by powerful positive emotions, some believe that they were once one of the corporeal species of Earth that ascended to higher plane upon their death. If this is true, they do not remember their lives before. They are selfless, courageous beings, who spend their entire lives protecting others. Some act as Guardians, some as warriors, some as guides, or healers against the forces of darkness. Many religions from ancient times to the present day have stories of these beings. As their true form is incorporeal, they can take on whatever shape they like, though it can be difficult for them to interact with the corporeal world. Some have felt or even seen this beings, people who have reported feeling something push them out of the way of danger, seeing something out of the corner of their eye that wasn't there when they turned to look properly. As such, sometimes they choose to inhabit a host. This host can be of any corporeal race, but the host must give their permission to become the home of an Anointed. They can choose to leave their host at any time.

The Power of an Anointed varies from being to being, though most use light based abilities. Some can heal, others can inspire, shield, even imbue objects with their power. They only use their powers in the protection of others. They cannot lie, though they have become experts at dancing around the truth. Some take on the aspects of different virtues: truth, courage, justice, love, hope, faith...honing their abilities to better reflect their claim. The only time they can use their abilities to harm is against the Afflicted and their forces. The rivalry between the Anointed and the Afflicted has no end and no beginning, from the moment they came into being they have fought against each other. Some theorize it is the constant balance of the universe, good and evil.

Once a host has agreed to let them in, a number of changes comes over the host body. As a thank you for the shelter, the Anointed will aide the host bodies healing capabilities. They will find that their skin crawls when in the presence of the Afflicted. If they had abilities before accepting the Anointed, their abilities will be boosted mildly after. Someone who could lift a coffee cup with their mind before would be able to lift an armchair. The power and abilities that belong to the Anointed can only be accessed while the Anointed is in control of the body. The two are separate entities inhabiting the same space, they cannot use each others powers. Sometimes, aspects of the Anointed will merge with the host body, these are always different depending on the host and the Anointed within. When the Anointed is in control, the eyes of the host will always change, though other changes can occur. Some have remarked seeing Halos over the heads of the host, others a soft aura of light, even wings.

Anointed can be trapped in certain enchanted vessels, they are weak to certain types of magic (usually Dark) though their faith usually sees them through. Killing an Anointed is difficult, but not impossible. The blood of a host body inhabited by a Afflicted is poison to the host of an Anointed, just like the blood of Anointed's host body is poison to an Afflicted. Managing to trap an Anointed in it's host with magic and then killing the host will cause their light to go out forever. Should the host die without the Anointed being trapped, the Anointed will return to its incorporeal form and be free to continue on with it's life. Dark magics can dispel an Anointed just like their Light magics can dispel one of the Afflicted.

(OOC Story Note: Anointed come from a Collective, no one really understands why they become separated. Some theorize it is because they're drawn to highly emotional positive or beautiful moments. An Anointed outside the Collective is vulnerable, and can become an Afflicted if their emotional state turns negative.)

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The Anointed
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