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 Eleora "Aurora" Maddox

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PostSubject: Eleora "Aurora" Maddox   Eleora "Aurora" Maddox EmptySun Jan 18, 2015 4:30 pm

Eleora "Aurora" Maddox Cooltext1842495436_zpsd42c15ea
Eleora "Aurora" Maddox Tumblr_mlvu08HeI11qeeekco1_500_zpsmiwhxld1
Eleora Juliette Maddox
34 ~ Female ~ Anointed ~ Carrie Underwood

Eleora "Aurora" Maddox Cooltext1842495219_zpsdaada939

Nicknames: Ele, Jules (only her brother calls her this), Dr. Maddox
Anointed name: Aurora
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165lbs

Theme Song


Eleora is, in simple terms, a bundle of light and laughter and love. She is always smiling, she always has an uplifting thing to say to anyone. There doesn't seem to be anything that can bring her down. Ele is a very simple being, if she had a choice between an all expenses paid vacation to some other romantic country or weekend with her closest friends she would choose the latter. It is very difficult to make Ele angry, she is always calm and happy no matter the situation around her. She is the type of person who can see the good in everything around her. It's hard to feel sad or depressed around her, even without her special gifts, she can lift the spirits of everyone in a room. Eleora is a born leader, though she hasn't truly had much cause to use those skills. She fills her days with things that will help the world around her. From her private practice, to the charity work she seems to constantly be doing, some wonder how she has time to fit it all in.

Aurora is much the same, choosing to let Ele run the show and only come forward as needed. She was never a warrior, but a healer. She doesn't believe that violence can solve anything, and Ele is inclined to agree with her. Aurora could choose to live her life as the incorporeal being she naturally is, but she likes having hosts to keep her company and keep her grounded. She believes she can do more good in tangible form.


Ele could be considered very feminine, what was once known as a southern belle. Long blonde curls, tanned skin, shapely curves that were made to wear dresses. Her dark eyes are always laughing, always glittering with joy. Her eyes will change when Aurora takes over, changing to a striking gold. Ele bares the mark of Aurora's wing like tattoos along her skin, wrapping around her body down her back and sides even down her arms and legs. When Aurora steps forward, these wings turn into light and lift up off Ele's skin to form three pairs of feathered birdlike wings sprouting from her back. Eleora is the type of woman who prefers nice things but she prefers them simple. Where some women might wear a dress of satin or lace, she would choose plain cotton, where some would choose jewelry and shiny baubles, she prefers not to wear such finery. She leads a simple life trying to help those around her, she doesn't think herself any better then anyone else. She has a scar in the center of her chest, just over her heart, where she took a bullet for her dear brother. She tends to hide both the scar and her anointed marks, stating that it's not her secret to tell. Few know the truth about her, and that's the way she likes it.


Empathy: Eleora was blessed with the ability to feel what others are feeling when she touches them. It must be skin on skin contact, barriers like clothing will block her power. She cannot turn it off and it will not allow her to know what they are thinking. She will simply know that whoever she is touching is happy or angry but have no idea what they are happy or angry about. The fact that she cannot turn off her empathy also means that she can be overwhelmed by the powerful emotions of others. Intense fear, anger or hatred can infect her should she touch someone while they are feeling such emotions. It can be difficult for her to push away these emotions, the only time her perfect calm exterior ever breaks. The other side of this coin is that it is possible for Eleora to push her emotions away from her and fill the space around her, normally just a few feet though she can push it out further to fill a room with some strain. She uses this ability to spread happiness and joy to those in need. This power comes in handy when a fight is about to break out, or she needs to talk someone down from doing something stupid. The bigger the space it is she needs to fill the more draining it can be on her strength and energy. She can potentially cause herself to fall unconscious. The precursors to this are usually a nose bleed or bruises along her skin. While she has learned to control this ability, accidents happen and it is possible for her own emotions to get away from her and effect the space around her without her knowledge. This aura is generally just enough to take the edge off another's emotions. She cannot change their emotion completely, merely calm them enough to allow them to see reason.

(Eleora's Empathy is an ability she had before she welcomed Aurora into her body. It was passed down through her family line, some say there is fairy blood in her ancestry. She has only been able to project her emotions on others after she became Aurora's host. Her other abilities belong to Aurora, the Anointed being that resides within her. She cannot use these abilities unless she gives Aurora control of her body.)

Flight: One of the most obvious ways to tell when Aurora has taken over is the six massive wings that sprout from her back. While dormant these wings lay along Eleora's skin like tattoos, wrapping around her body. They seem to glow and shimmer with a soft golden light and the feathers are some of the softest you'll ever touch. These wings allow Aurora to fly. These wings are only present when Aurora is in control, the moment Eleora takes over they return to their dormant state.

Light Shield: Aurora has the ability to bend light into a shield around herself or others. The size of the shield is dependent upon the amount of power she uses, the bigger the shield the more exhausted she becomes. When she exhausts her power she will fall unconscious and Eleora will take over once more. This shield protects against magical attacks, and can defend against physical attacks like bullets or knives, though this takes mental concentration. The Afflicted and other beings with evil in their hearts will feel uncomfortable in the light given off by the shield.

Light Wave: Rather then condensing the light into a shield, Aurora can push the light out away from her, forcing back those that are made uncomfortable by her light shields, like the Afflicted. It will blind any who are looking directly at the wave when it hits them but only for a few moments, allowing Aurora the precious moments she needs to get away. She is not a warrior, and chooses any other option she can.

Healing and Regeneration: While Aurora is in control, the regeneration rate of Eleora's cells is increased allowing her to heal at twice the rate of a normal human. Healing others is much trickier. To heal another, Aurora has to take their pain and suffering, physical and mental, into herself. If she is trying to heal a bullet wound she will be forced to not only feel the pain of the wound, but also experience it. This is why she never heals a wound completely, she will only heal the parts that would mean the difference between life or death like healing a small tear in a major artery. She does not have the power to heal things like cancer or birth defects. These things are the will of the Divine and are not her place to tamper with though she can ease the symptoms and make them more comfortable. While not a judgmental person, she will not heal a wound that someone has brought on themselves, the risk to herself and her vessel is too great. She can make herself sick, her bones could break, she could bleed or suffer temporary blindness or deafness due to healing someone. However, she can take all this negative energy and direct it into another being should she wish it. This is really the only form of offense she has. By directing the negative miasma into someone else, she can keep herself from feeling the effects of a healing session and is really the only way she can heal herself rather then wait for time to work it's miracles. However, how could a being like herself ever wish such pain and anguish on others?

The one thing that has passed to Eleora from Aurora is that Ele can feel if their is an Afflicted or another Anointed near her. Her skin will feel like it is crawling, and the closer they are the worse the sensation will be. Remaining in control of Eleora's body is taxing, and she cannot hold it forever. Eventually the body will need to rest.


Eleora was born to Ricard and Anneliese Maddox. They already had their a boy and were wishing for a girl...wish granted. Ricard was a Marine, and Anneliese was a nurse. The family moved around quite a bit when she was younger, following her Father's assignments. Eventually, he retired and they settled down in Starling City. Ricard took a job with a private security company while the entire family flourished. Ele and her older brother Nikolas were close as kids, though they had a bit of a falling out in their teen years they have since patched up. The falling out was due to the passing of their mother from a car accident. Eleora had always been special, and her mother had shared the same empathic gifts. Anneliese taught her to control those gifts, but in the emotional chaos of loosing her mother it was very difficult for Ele to remain in control. Every time she touched her family members to console them, their sadness and anger overwhelmed her. It was during this time that she began to wear gloves more often then not, to help protect herself from the emotions of another. As Ele withdrew from her family, Nik just got angry. He threw himself into his sports and was rarely home.

Ele's favorite member of her family became her grandmother, on her mother's side. Penny also had a touch of the Empathic gift, but more then that, she was an incredible cook. She taught Eleora how to bake just about everything, showing her that there were other ways to calm herself and keep her power in check.

After high school, Nik joined the Police Academy and Eleora went off to college. Their family didn't have a lot of money, but what they didn't have was augmented by scholarships. She returned home every holiday to see her family, all the while maintaining perfect straight A's at the University of Georgia towards her Doctorate in Psychiatry.

It was during one of these visits home that she and her brother decided to go out and see a movie. On their way home, walking through an alley as a short cut to the parking garage, they were accosted by a man intent on stealing their valuables. Nik, being the cop that he was, tried to diffuse the situation. Eleora was scared beyond belief, nothing like this had ever happened to her, but she was the daughter of a marine and she knew how to keep her head. The man seemed quite crazed, probably looking for money to buy more drugs with, kept muttering about needing more V. Things got heated and before Eleora realized what she was doing, she leapt in front of Nik just as the Man pulled the trigger. A sharp, white hot knife of pain lanced through her chest. She remember staring up into Nik's face as he told her to hang on.

Then there was nothing, just darkness for what seemed like forever. A warmth washed over her as a golden light sent the darkness scurrying away. Inside her dying mind, she heard a voice, calling to her, telling her that it could save her all it needed in return was shelter. The light was so beautiful, and it made Ele feel safe. She didn't think twice and agreed to the beings terms. Nik later told her that her entire body glowed so bright he could barely see her. When the glow left, Eleora's wound was healed. It was not Eleora that spoke to Nik at that moment however, it was Aurora. She told Nik not to be afraid, that she had saved Ele so she could continue the path she'd been walking.

After some needed rest, and a little time to get used to the idea of an Angel riding shotgun in her brain, Eleora returned to University. She kept Aurora a secret, and the angel didn't seem to mind, even if college was about one of the most mundane things she'd ever done. The Veil kept the marks of the Anointed from being seen by normal people, though the magically inclined could see the wing tattoos. Still, Eleora's love of life seemed to infect the Anointed, giving her new hope that she had lost. Ele and Aura made a fantastic team during moments of crisis.

After graduation, Ele returned to Starling City to start up her private practice. She also volunteers her time at a couple of the orphanages in town, as well as the church her family still frequents. Most recently, she's been asked to help fill in at the police station thanks to her brother who is now a detective. The two have patched the hole from their childhood, and there is nothing Ele wouldn't do for her family.

Eleora "Aurora" Maddox Cooltext1842495671_zps3f7eb802

Her time spent at the orphanage was becoming harder to fit into her schedule. The children had missed her, and she could hardly tear herself away from them. So instead she'd taken the entire night off and made them all dinner, then she helped them bake and decorate cookies for All Hallow's Eve. Lita had even drawn her a picture which now resided on the fridge of the Orphanage's small kitchen. It had once been a large scale town house, rededicated during the war, but never truly meant to house 20 children and their two aging caretakers. Mrs. Andrea Willows and Mrs. Ryta Finn were widows, both of their husband's lost in the war. Still the house was old, and that meant the wiring was old too, the mana conductors were in sore need of repair but there was no one to repair them. Kalinda was reading to the children in the playroom upstairs, one of their favorite fairy tales of a time long gone. Of dragons and princesses and knights in shining armor.

Downstairs in the kitchen though, trouble was brewing. One of the mana conductors sparked in the socket on the wall above the sink, tiny flames licking along the old wood till they caught on the beautiful hand sewn curtains that Ryta had made twenty years ago. The fire spread quickly, yet silently. Upstairs no one had any idea what was going on until the smoke alarm just outside in the hallway suddenly began to wail. Everyone in the room jumped as they'd just reached the part where the dragon was hunting the knight in his lair. Kalinda took a moment to let a soothing wave of calming emotions fill the room, to ease everyone's fear. Andrea got up from her seat and opened the door, peering out into the hallway. A cloud of dark smoke rolled int othe room and she quickly shut it again.

Well this was about to get interesting. Little did they know that the neighbor's across the street had seen the smoke rolling out the open kitchen window and called 911, the eternal emergency hotline. Kalinda got up from her seat, thankful that she had brought her bag with her upstairs as it had held the new book she had just been reading to them. But her jacket had been downstairs near the door. "Everyone please calm down, we're going to be all right. Everyone pair off, older children with the younger ones. We'll make it out safe." She reached down and picked up the tiny 2 year old who had fallen asleep at her feet, lifting the boy up into her arms. "We have to make it to the front door, Everyone form a line. Ryta you lead the way, hold on to the person in front of you and stay low, the air near the floor will be cleaner." This was not the first time that Kalinda had been in a stressful and potentially life threatening situation.

She knew what to do, but it still took all of her control not to let the fear show or seep out into the air around her. Sometimes being an Active Empath was more of a curse then a blessing, and now was certainly one of those times. It took them longer then she had hoped to get ready, but they didn't have much choice, most of the children were half asleep. Ryta glanced at her once they were ready and Kalinda gave her a reassuring nod, the fear in Ryta's eyes was so vibrant that Kalinda nearly lost her control altogether. Aurora stirred within her but now was not the time, Aurora couldn't do much more here then Kali could. Ryta turned from her, clutching the small child she'd picked up and opened the door. The smoke was thicker now, signs that the fire had spread below.

It would be slow going, the smoke made it impossible to see, and the only thing to hear was the sounds of the children coughing. Kali knew that smoke inhalation could be just as bad, but as she had volunteered to bring up the rear there was little she could do. They had to make it down the stairs without hurting anyone and somehow find the front door. That was why she'd told Ryta to go first, she would know this house with her eyes closed.

Eleora "Aurora" Maddox Cooltext1842495826_zps53b76b80
OOC Name: Violet
Age: 26
Do you play another Charrie here at VF: Lillianna Dragonè
How did you find us?: You are figments of my imagination
What is your preferred method of communication? PM or AIM

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PostSubject: Re: Eleora "Aurora" Maddox   Eleora "Aurora" Maddox EmptySun Jan 25, 2015 6:37 pm

Eleora "Aurora" Maddox Coolte10

Welcome to Starling City! Please be sure to Claim your Face. You should also copy and paste the link to your application into your profile so if someone wants to stalk you they can. Don't forget to PM Lilli any descriptions of your house and/or business so she can make sure the boards get made. Pictures are helpful! She will also need a little blurb about your character for the Directory and an icon to go with it, 100x100. If you're having trouble finding one you should check Hollow Art. Feel free to put up any Wanteds. Stop by the Cbox and say hi if you haven't already and jump into the fun!
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Eleora "Aurora" Maddox
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