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 All Work and No Play Makes Indi... happy

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PostSubject: All Work and No Play Makes Indi... happy   Wed Jan 21, 2015 7:06 pm

Rock music blared loudly.

There was a humming beat to the laboratory. The closer you got to the enormous mounted speakers the more things rattled. Screws, nuts, bolts, and various other metallic debris rattled slightly in their boxes, on table tops, loose on shelves. No one but Indigo could make sense of her non-sensical organization methods when it came to her lab. But then, no one else needed to.

She rebuked every form of help. She needed no assistant, no secretary, no one to follow her around like a lost puppy getting in her way and moving things around. She needed no sabotage.

Indigo lay underneath a large metal beast of a frame. No one but she knew what the final intention would be. That was the way she liked it. The thing was, as much as there were computers, hard drives, and interfaces all around her lab, none of them held the information of her research. Not a single one held a blue print or a schematic. Even if her intense personally created firewalls could be hacked, they would find nothing but random internet searches, streamed movies and TV shows, and a wealth of spam mail that sat unchecked in email boxes she never used.

It was her mind where the technopath kept everything. Every screw, every part, every inventory list. Every invention, ever thought, every note. All carefully locked away in the folds of her advanced mind.

Blue and white lights flickered all around her as the woman welded the last bar of the metal frame into place. Working underneath the beast was not exactly fun but she wouldn't have it any other way. She would never let anyone else touch her work. She wouuld never trust that someone else could do it the right way. This was important work, this was her passion and how she moved forward in the world. This was what had called Clandestine's attention in the first place.

Sliding out from underneath the massive frame Indigo took her welders goggles off and tossed them to the side, killing the torch she stood up and stretched. Her stomach was grumbling. Was it twinkie-o'clock all ready?

Ahhhh might as well....
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PostSubject: Re: All Work and No Play Makes Indi... happy   Thu Mar 19, 2015 5:42 pm

"Firing a shit load!," Dr. Warner yelled as he pulled the muffs over his ears.

"They make an adult diaper for that," Lance retorted.


"Nevermind."  The younger man put on his own protective covering and placed the butt of a FN P90 in the crease of his shoulder.  He squeezed the trigger and unleashed nine hundred rounds per minute at Melvin the Mannequin.  Warner had an AR-15 and unloaded as well.

Melvin was decked out in a TALOS uniform on loan from the Department of Defense.  Clandestine was one of the many corporations currently working on the Iron Man-esque combat armor.  Now that magic had been exposed, maybe the suit could fly and shoot laser beams from the hands.  However, Warner and Lance were currently testing the suit's capability to sustain fire from various models of firearms.  They could tell if the suit had the necessary stopping force because of sensors built into Melvin's frame.  He was like Buster from Mythbusters but only way more sophisticated than a crash test dummy.  

A minute later, the AR stopped firing.  That was a safety feature in the automatic version.  Moral of the story:  release the trigger before sixty Mississippi's or steam boats to prevent a complete malfunction.  "Is he still alive?" Lance asked when silence crashed down upon them.  He got a Only one way to find out look as the duo set down their weapons.  The doc pored through the sensor data while Lance poked the chest piece.  He was able to pluck out a few bullets, but most were embedded in the armor plates.  Lance then started removing the prototype to see the inside surface.  "Negative penetration.  I'll have to run a few other tests to determine how weakened the plates are."  Kevlar vests were always retired after taking a bullet.  TALOS was supposed to be tougher, but even it wasn't invulnerable.  That was the purpose of this particular test.

"But Mel's got a few broken ribs."

"Is it acceptable?"  Lance should have kicked himself for phrasing the question that way.  But in battle, busted ribs were a hell of a lot better than dead.  Redesigning the armor materials would affect cost and weight.  One of the key points in the TALOS brief was that the system be light.  Reinforcing the armor plating would also require adjustments to the motorized exoskeleton.

"The simulation suggests a lung would have been punctured as well."

"Looks like we hit a power relay to the HUD as well.  Who the hell worked on us before we did?"  Lance shook his head at the shotty construction.  TALOS was supposedly on schedule for the summer of 2018, but this seemed like a major issue to him.

"By everyone who wanted to weaponize it first or figure out the power system first."  In other words, everyone saved the main focus of the project for the end.  Warner looked over and saw his protege now had wings.  "What do you think, Ey?  Do you an alloy we might be able to use?"

"I may.  The Atlanteans called it orichalcum, but it is a difficult one to manufacture.  It may be too cost prohibitive," the Anointed replied through Lance's lips.  Ancient techniques tended to be.

Doc Warner stepped away from the computer terminal.  "It's going to take a while to redesign this anyway.  Let's take a break for now, shall we?"

Eiael nodded and the wings faded away.  Lance was back in control of his body.  He was glad for the break.  Beating up on poor Melvin had made him thirsty.  He ducked out of the lab and headed for the break room at the end of the hall.  Inside was a vending machine with drinks and snacks.  He fished out a buckt twenty-five for a Dasani and waited for the conveyor belt to deilver his beverage.
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PostSubject: Re: All Work and No Play Makes Indi... happy   Sat Mar 21, 2015 6:15 am

Indi entered her office. A place that was more home than office since she basically lived in it that had been built into the back of her massive lab. Opening the cupboard she sighed. Empty. Which meant she was going to have to venture out of her precious safe lab. Use actual time that could have been used for better things to go feed her twinkie addiction.

It wasn't her fault they were amazingly tasty.

Indigo caught site of herself in a mirror and sighed. She figured if she was going to leave the lab she might as well at least look less zombie and a bit more human. She quickly washed her face scrubbing at the dirt that all over it. The grease spots weren't gone but they were less and she knew they would just come back as soon as she was working again. Indi wasn't careful about where she touuched when she was in the middle of working.

Her blue and black curls were a bit of a mess and being that they were curls it wasn't quick nor easy to brush them. So instead she pulled them up into a messy bun on the top of her head. She had an impressive amount of hair. With that she grabbed a coin purse and headed towards the door to her lab.

It was just shy of impossible to get into the lab without being invited. There was no code box. There was no place for an ID card or a retinal scan. You had to have a connection with the Lady of the Lab. The doors opened and Indi's mental command. She stepped out and the lab secured itself behind her.

The break room wasn't far from her lab she just wasn't good with people. It was best if she kept her distance. She stepped into the break room to the hum of the machinery. It was sounds like that which soothed her. She walked over to the snack machine. She hadn't even realized there was a guy in the break room drinking water.

If you could look past a few greasy patches on her face, Indi was actually really pretty. Highly pale skin, a mess of curls. Slender but built well. She could technically hack the machine and steal all the twinkies. But, that would be uncalled for and it wasn't as though she spent her money on anything else. So she fed the machine a couple bucks and bought as many twinkies as would allow.

It was sudden that she felt that tingle. The one that said someone was watching her. That there were eyes on her body. Striking pale blue eyes shifted and found the Water Drinker. She wasn't sure if she should say anything. She was really bad at conversation and friends. Her heart had been wounded when she was still but a child and it had never fully healed. She had merely built a strong wall around herself and kept people out instead.

Besides, it wasn't like she could say morning or afternoon or evening. She actually had no idea what time of day it was. So she gave a simple nod and went back to her twinkie purchasing.
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PostSubject: Re: All Work and No Play Makes Indi... happy   Sun Mar 22, 2015 6:28 pm

So Atlantis really did exist. Not that Lace should be surprised. He was carrying in his body the essence of an angel. If extraplanar beings could exist, why not a long lost continent? It was something to consider while he let Eiael take the wheel in the lab. But first, Lance had to hydrate. The robot arm of the vending machine picked up the water bottle and dropped it into the receiving bin.

Someone else came in and headed for the snack machine. It was the fact that Lance didn't recognize her at first that he knew precisely who he was looking at. That and the blue in the hair was a dead giveaway. He and Indigo had both been with the Company for several years now, but they each had their own ways of life. She was a workaholic like Dr. Warner. He moonlit as a detective. It was more like daylit now that he had been placed on the Supernatural Task Force. She apparently knew he was watching and she looked back at him.

"Are you afraid Hostess will stop making them again," Lance asked as the last Twinkie fell from the shelf. That or she only existed on processed sugars.
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PostSubject: Re: All Work and No Play Makes Indi... happy   Wed Mar 25, 2015 5:56 am

Indigo jumped at the sound of his voice.

Most people, sometimes including her boss, tried to avoid talking to her.  People were not exactly scared of her but Indigo had the tendancy to be blunt and sometimes came off as bitchy.  That and she was crazy scary if anyone came into her lab and began touching and moving things.  There was a careful system set in place.  Organization that only she knew about.  When people thought they were helping clean the clutter they were just making the problem far worse.

So when people spoke to her she was often surprised.

Striking blue eyes turned to look at the man who was sipping a bottle of water.  Maybe I should get something to drink too before heading back to work.  she thought to herself momentarily before reminding herself that he had asked her a question.  Albeit a stupid one.  

But, Indigo tried not to be rude if she could help it when it came to someone else being kind.  

"Just stocking up." she stated simply.  "I don't have time to go to the store and buy boxes so I usually just clean this machine out when I'm low.  Or in this case out."

She lowered herself and opened the flap.  Pulling out about a dozen twinkies.  It would last her a few days, she had limits.  She didn't only eat twinkies but she definitely loved them and they were her favorite.  She had a small bag with her and she shoved all the twinkies in that bag before standing again.  She moved over to the drink machine and studied the choices.  

She had met Lance briefly at some point.  But, she was not really good at friends and most people didn't seek her out.  Plus there were times when she was in his company that she felt someone.. something was.. studying her.  She knew that she had issues, she knew that she had been wounded on an amazingly base level and had not been able to overcome it.  Instead, she had repressed everything and sheltered herself away from the world.  Being a genius and a workaholic only helped.  

"You smell of gunpowder did you get back from the test range?" she asked without looking at him, as she fed her money into the drink machine.  Water or... caffeine...  Oh who was she kidding.  She hit the most sugar filled drink she couuld find on the list and waited for the vending to begin.

Annnnd it was stuck.

Son of a bitch. she cursed as she mentally unlocked the machine and opened the door.  "No one fixes anything right these days." she cursed under her breath as she did a quick diagnostic.
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PostSubject: Re: All Work and No Play Makes Indi... happy   Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:08 pm

She jumped when he spoke. Eiael frowned on the inside. No one talked in the break room anymore. It was just a head nod, a comment about the weather or how swamped they were with a project, and then a see ya. That's were society was failing: communication without a computer screen.

"Just stocking up." she stated simply. "I don't have time to go to the store and buy boxes so I usually just clean this machine out when I'm low. Or in this case out." She then scooped up her spoils before choosing a drink.

"You smell of gunpowder did you get back from the test range?" she asked without looking at him, as she fed her money into the drink machine.

And they moved into the work portion of the discussion. "Sort of. I have my own set up in my lab." Or rather, the lab he shared with Dr. Joel Warner. "I'm used to it by now, so I forgot to wash up before I left." GSR (gun shot residue) could get everywhere and the Company required regular blood testing for lead. It helped to have a celestial being inside your body that could purge heavy metals from your body. Of course, that still didn't take care of the burnt powder on his clothes.

"No one fixes anything right these days." she cursed under her breath.

Lance could take apart a rifle and put everything back without any extra thingamajigs laying about, but he didn't know the first thing about vending machine repairs. Neither did Eiael. "I don't think anyone really uses this machine. We might be better off leaving it open with a honor system bucket." All the caffeine junkies here....no one would do it. Gotta get that fix, man.
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PostSubject: Re: All Work and No Play Makes Indi... happy   Sat Apr 11, 2015 5:42 am

He had a gun range in his lab?

Indigo was impressed. Maybe she should add onto her own lab. A gun range could be theraputic. But, then it would take a great deal of time away from her research and development to get that done because of course she would have to build it herself to make sure it was done right. It was one of the many reasons she didn't do assistants and so forth.

They only got in the way.

Lance figured that they could work something of an honor system out for the drinks. Indigo knew that wasn't going to work at all. Because these days most of the people didn't think about anyone other than themselves. They wanted everything to be free unless someone was telling them how to use it and then suddenly the government needed to step off.

"It isn't anything that will keep the machine from working forever it's just a loose wire." she said as she reached into the bag she always had with her and pulled out a pair of pliers. She twisted the wires back into place and capped them with the plastic wire nut. Checking they were secure she then grabbed her drink out of the machine and then closed and locked the door with her mind.

Her eyes, a remarkable blue color found the man standing there. She wasn't good with social situations and he had basically used up all the socialness she had in her for the day. Normally, she would come out in the middle of the damn night. That way she didn't have to run into anyone. This place cleared out hard core at night. Few could be as insane as Indigo.

"Uhhh." she failed at figuring out what to say now that she was actually focusing on the conversation and not fixing the machine. I should have broke it more so I could take longer to fix it. "What are you uhh working on in your lab?" she asked... trying to thik of conversation type things. Someone save me.
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PostSubject: Re: All Work and No Play Makes Indi... happy   

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All Work and No Play Makes Indi... happy
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