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PostSubject: Resonance RP   Resonance RP EmptyTue Feb 03, 2015 6:38 pm

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The sky remains marred with the Nevus tear. Our world is changed forever. Do you have what it takes to live, after the Resonance? Resonance is a Modern Fantasy collaborative intermediate to advanced writing forum.

Resonance RPG | Compendium | Canons
The year was 2010. The sky ripped asunder and altered our reality as worlds that were never meant to cross, coexisted in the same space for the briefest moment, changing our world and those within it. Now humans share the world with meta-humans, infected, elves, even Lycanthropes. Governments toppled in the chaos, replaced by factions and republics.

It has been seven years since the Nevus appeared in our skies, and we still live in fear and awe of the scar as time and time again we are taught it is not yet done with us, blending worlds at random and leaving our landscapes, and people, changed forever.

We still dont know what we have become…. Do you have what it takes to live, after the Resonance?

What Resonance can offer you…

  • Room for players to build on the world, races, factions, you name it!
  • Encouragement to make original character submissions with a staff willing to assist in making your ideas work in the world
  • Numerous races including a unique take on vampires and werecreatures
  • Existing factions/rivals and plots in place to join and the freedom to fashion your own!
  • Member driven plots and events supplemented by sitewide plots shaped by staff
  • No word minimum, though older player base tends to write rich detailed stories
  • Mature rating / 3-3-3 on the RPG-rating scale (18+ required)
  • Experienced staff that ensure the drama remains in the story

    Other Notes: Players age averages 25+, staff average 35+. This is a Mature site for intermediate to advanced writers.

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Lillianna Dragonè

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PostSubject: Re: Resonance RP   Resonance RP EmptyThu Feb 05, 2015 6:15 pm

Thanks for Visiting!

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Resonance RP
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