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 Wesley Reynolds

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PostSubject: Wesley Reynolds   Wesley Reynolds EmptyFri Feb 06, 2015 9:43 pm

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Wesley Douglas Reynolds
29 ~ Male ~ Human ~ Jesse Spencer

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Name: Wesley Reynolds
Nickname: Wes, Doc
Age: 29
Weight: 195 lbs
Height: 5’ 10”

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Race: Human
Residence: Starling City
Affiliation: Starling Fire Department
Occupation:Firefighter/Paramedic; Urban Search and Rescue Squad

Face Claim: Jesse Spencer

Wes is a typical human who works in a very physical job. He is well built and toned, and generally keeps to a schedule to keep it that way. When someone sees Wes, he typically has a smile on his face, his hair cut short, and some layer of stubble on his chin. It’s not that he doesn’t like shaving, sometimes sleep prevails over a smooth face in his line of work. In terms of fashion style, eighty percent of the time, you can find him in either a work uniform or some sort of work-related clothing. Casually, he prefers jeans and shorts with a T-shirt, but Wes certainly knows how to dress. Thanks to his background, he has a couple of tailored suits and good clothing always laying around should the occasion arise.

Wesley Reynolds is easily the nicest guy you ever met. The type of person to always smile, have a kind word to say, or to lend a helping hand. He has dedicated his entire life to serving others, and it shows in his actions. Compassion, consideration, and kindness flow from him on the job. Yet, at the same time it doesn’t impede him and prevent him from being focused, driven, and hardworking. He’s the type of guy to bypass promotion opportunities simply because he’d rather be on the fire-line than behind a desk. While this may seem to be all good without consequence, Wes does tend to put all others before him in pretty much everything he does. At times, his selflessness can seem fake or condescending, but he is sincere with his ideals, despite other’s judgments.

Amazing good looks, funny as all hell, best firefighter ever, inflated sense of ego.

Before becoming a Firefighter, Wes was studying to be a concert level musician. Once he joined the fire service, he became proficient in basic fire operations, hazardous scene control and command, and rescue techniques. Once he added Paramedic to his moniker, he gained additional skills in Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Life Support, Emergency Medication Techniques, IV Therapy, Trauma Care and Triage. Once recruited to the Urban Search and Rescue Team, he gained additional training in Advanced Rescue Techniques, Rope Rescue, Enclosed Space Rescue, Unique Vehicle Extrication, Hazardous Materials Specialist Certification, and training in responding to terrorism and multi-casualty incidents.

Wesley Arnold Reynolds was born to Michael and Sandra Reynolds, a well to-do family that lived in the corporate haven of New York City. Wes’ father was the CFO of a Fortune 400 company at the time, and the economic turmoil that had embroiled the world was somehow providing profits at his father’s company, Wes wasn’t old enough to care. Wes was the middle child; the only boy. Judith and Emily, his sisters, always were loved the same, but being the only boy had its advantages, being the one to carry on the family name and all. From a young age, Wes had showed a particular talent in music, specifically the violin, and he was raised from a young age to develop such a gift. Preparatory school, personal music tutors, and high class social functions in the corporate world were the norm for this boy, unknowingly enveloped in a world that was changing far more than expected.
Wes went to college in Boston, Massachusetts at the exclusive Berkeley School of Music to continue with his musical education in the hopes of becoming a concert violinist or pianist as he had majored in both. Throughout college his studies really were second only to the women that flooded the city from dozens of colleges across the area. There was one woman he could never snare, not that he would ever want to, and that woman was Amelia Remington. Remy and Wes had been best friends since childhood spending entire summers together at their grandparent’s estates in the Hamptons. Both sets of grandparents had thought that Amelia and Wes were a perfect couple and constantly pushed them to date. While they never formally dated, it made them all the closer, resulting in Wes’ hurried rushing to her Boston University dorm after the emergence of her ultra-sensory perception.
After college, Wes elected to stay in Boston and pursue his career in classical music. After a few good auditions and some assistance through donations, Wesley found himself as a concert violinist in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. For the next few years Wesley performed with the BSO on many occasions, eventually working himself up to first chair and as a featured soloist on various pieces. He never knew it, but his musical career was about to end in a way he had never imagined. During a winter musical showing of festive arrangements, a member of the percussion section collapsed from a heart attack in the middle of a piece. In front of the entire theater, paramedics and firefighters rushed in and worked on the man, carrying him away. That man would live, but the events of that night would change Wesley Reynolds’ life forever.
Cashing out his living trust fund, Wes resigned from the BSO, he set out on his own to serve others. Making a long story short, Wes eventually found that the Fire Service allowed him to serve others in a way that would make a difference. He quickly made it through the academy and showed proficiency with his skills. Learning of his potential, the BFD increased his skill set as a Paramedic and had Wes riding ambulances all over the city. Finally, the Department set him in a multi-function house, which housed multiple types of apparatus, so that he could rotate functions.

After a couple of years of massive fires and big rescues, Department recommended him to join an Urban Search and Rescue Taskforce which trained Wes in even more unique and specialized types of firefighting and rescue. Finally, after a long conversation with an old friend, Wesley applied for and found a job in the Starling City Fire Department, working as a firefighter/paramedic out of the central station downtown. Despite the constant urgings of his family to go back to a job ‘suitable’ for someone of his ‘social status,’ Wes continues to do the job he loves in a relatively new city, ever-looking to see what comes his way.

Wesley Reynolds Cooltext1842495671_zps3f7eb802
Being shushed by the cute blond woman really wasn't the best way to get Wes' attention. He had a job to do, and this woman was shoving her hand in his face! Where did she get...

Lita's still inside! Lita!

Wes raised an eyebrow at the sound of her voice...it was almost like she was singing. She was quick to move, but with her sprained ankle and his superior position, he was quicker. Kalinda lurched towards the door, and Wes caught her in his arms and picked her up, spinning her around.

I like your spunk, but you have a sever lack of protective gear and helmet. We will get Lita, I promise. Are there any other kids missing?

Once he got a count from the women, he rounded up his firefighters and laid out the plan.

Alright boys, we have three missing kids: two boys and a girl. Ages range between three and seven. Adams and Kelner: second floor. Kowalski, hit the stairwell and meet them on the second floor. Bell and Richards are with me on the first floor.

Masks on, keep in radio contact.

Taking off his helmet, Wes fastened his breathing mask on his face and then replaced his cover. Pulling a haligan tool and axe from the truck, he nodded to the blond woman and followed his firefighters in to the raging inferno.

Once inside, the world turned black, and Wes hit the floor. Sight was near impossible at standing heights, and it was cooler on the floor. From his vantage point he could see Bell and Richards heading in different directions. He took the left, desperately hunting for something in the darkness.

FIRE DEPARTMENT! Can anyone hear me!?! The calls could be heard throughout the house as his partners searched. Finally, calls came over the radio.

[Kelner here, I got one boy, second floor. Coming out.]

[Boy on first floor, Coming out.] Bell's voice was clear. The only left one more...


The roar and popping of the fire nearly drowned out the cries and the coughing. Fletch caught a glimpse of pink under a couch, and he crawled quickly to it. Lifting the couch with one hand, he dropped his tools and reached for the girl. Lita nearly jumped in to his arms, and Wes held her tight.

Fletch to command, I got the girl, coming out.

Grabbing his tools, Wes hightailed it out of the building, knowing his team was already on their way out. The noise of cracking wood was raising a crescendo of doom above them. Scrambling to his feet, Fletch bolted towards hole where smoke was escaping: the open doorway. A loud crack sounded and he heard a floor fall behind him. Throwing his tools through the open door, he covered the frightened child in his arms and leapt as a fireball blew out behind him from the collapsing floor.

Twisting in the air, Wes made sure not to crush poor Lita, who must be scared out of her mind. He landed on his side, and felt his shoulder pop. He suppressed a curse as he passed Lita off.

Its going to be ok. I promise.

Some of his team helped him to his feet as the cool rush of water spray hit him. They were blasting the building with the water cannon...the majority of the home would be destroyed.

Rough shift today. Welcome to Bastion eh?

Wesley Reynolds Cooltext1842495826_zps53b76b80
OOC Name: Tim
Age: 28
Do you play another Charrie here at VF: Not Yet
How did you find us?: from the supreme overlord!
What is your preferred method of communication? English? LOL

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PostSubject: Re: Wesley Reynolds   Wesley Reynolds EmptySat Feb 07, 2015 8:44 pm

Wesley Reynolds Coolte10

Welcome to Starling City! Please be sure to Claim your Face. You should also copy and paste the link to your application into your profile so if someone wants to stalk you they can. Don't forget to PM Lilli any descriptions of your house and/or business so she can make sure the boards get made. Pictures are helpful! She will also need a little blurb about your character for the Directory and an icon to go with it, 100x100. If you're having trouble finding one you should check Hollow Art. Feel free to put up any Wanteds. Stop by the Cbox and say hi if you haven't already and jump into the fun!

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Wesley Reynolds
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