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 Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo]

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Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo] Empty
PostSubject: Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo]   Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo] EmptySat Feb 07, 2015 8:48 pm

The tip of Adreana’s tongue snaked out as she spied the pout upon her friend’s lips, but she refrained from giving in. She’d seen men and women alike, swayed by the faux sadness in Lilli’s face time and again, but she remained strong. It helped that she knew better than to mistake Lilli for a poor, helpless little girl, of course. “You and me, both,” she added, tipping the bottle so that it was perpendicular, hanging above her outstretched tongue. A single drop fell, but it was the last of its kind.

With a shrug of finality, she tossed the bottle towards the bar. “Head’s up!” The distinct lack of glass smashing against a surface permeated the area, letting Adrie know the bartender had held up her end of the throw and caught it. If she ever had to pay for a drink here, she’d probably tip the girl extra for being so on the ball. All around, people seem to make their presences known where once it had only been the three of them - four, counting the bartender. Adreana scanned the faces moving this way and that across the club’s main floor before her eyes fluttered closed. As her mind fluttered away from the goings on of the club, she focused her senses inward. The music playing loudly overhead drifted out of her ears and she stopped breathing for a few moments.


Bright eyes flashed open again and a smile found its way onto her lips. “It’s going to be a good night,” she murmured, leaning upon the shoulder of Costanzo as he fell into step beside her at the hostess’ desk. If the other Seer gave her an odd glance, Adreana didn’t notice it. She was content to simply enjoy the presence of her two best friends and the opportunity to get out for a bite to eat… and perhaps a little mischief.

Adreana seemed to finally slip fully back to the realm of conscious thought as the feeling of someone’s hand upon her arm caught her attention. She stiffened for a moment, but blinked back the surprise as she recognized the feel of the other vampiress’ small hands. “A rave?... Oh, Lilli, can we?!” she pleaded, her excitement nearly tangible. “Just think of all the lights and the dancing and the music.”

Few things excited Adreana more than dancing. Music was one of those things, and neon lights was another. The culmination of those three things was better than an amazing high for a human addict. Getting lost in the crowd and giving herself up to the rhythm was her idea of bliss, and she’d kill for the opportunity to attend such an event.

She sobered at the mention of Rosa, but the excitement at the prospect of a rave remained just below the surface, waiting. Her chin bobbed up and down in a nod of agreement and she turned down the next intersection they reached in order to put them on the path towards the witch’s shop. “I hear she’s doing well, but seeing is believing..” The young witch had never made an overly large impression with Adreana. Despite her branching out, she was still a Sister, and Adrie shared the same protective nature towards Rosa as it was clear Lilli did.

The shop was located in a dark district of town, home to many such alternative healing and occult shops. A neon sign in one window a few doors down from their destination caught Adreana’s attention. She looked up from the beer logo, her head canting slightly at the name etched into a wooden placard above the door. “The Witch’s Brew Pub… Now there’s someone who understands economics,” she grinned, her quiet laughter echoing down the street a ways.

She didn’t spy a sign that declared whether Rosa’s shop was currently open or closed, but there was a light on somewhere within. Stopping in front of the shop, she leaned forward and tried the door, ready to hold it open for Lilli and Costa if it was unlocked.
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Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo]   Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo] EmptyTue Feb 10, 2015 7:01 pm

Of course Lilli knew that the very mention of a Rave would make Adreana's night, they weren't besties for nothing. Truth be told, her excitement was infectious and that was just what Lilli wanted, a night of pure fun. It didn't take them long to traverse the distance between their club on the Promenade to Downtown. Lilli had always liked this section of town, it reminded her of the old days when you could get what you needed and someone religion wasn't always in your way. Rosa's shop was dim but Lilli knew she'd still be around. As she walked past Adreana into the shop, she lifted two fingers to her lips and then pressed those fingers to the spider carved into the doorway. The mark of the Tribe, which marked Rosa's shop as a safe house for other tribe members. Amongst the Elite that meant the owner was a sister, amongst the more common members, it meant they could find food and shelter inside.

"Rosa! Lilli called as they moved inside, her call was greeted by the sound of footsteps from the back before the young latina poked her head around the arched doorway. "Lilli! Adreana! What a pleasant surprise! What brings the two of you down here?" She asked, moving around the counter to embrace them both in a hug. It wasn't that she was purposefully ignoring Costa, but it was sometimes harder for the more normal people to remember to play along.

"We just wanted to check on you, make sure everything is running smooth. With the way things are going, it's hard to tell what sort of reception a shop like yours would get." an occult shop was always given to some scorn but now...with the Veil gone things would only get worse, Lilli was sure of that. "Oh every things fine, the other shops on the block have been very welcoming. Don't you worry about me, I can take care of myself." She assured them, and then she promptly started to shoo them out of her shop. "You two go have fun, it's early yet and I'm sure you haven't had breakfast. I'll see later this week for the Family Dinner."

The Family Dinner was a weekly gathering of the Tribe Elite where they all sat around one big table and enjoyed each other's company. Lilli had started the tradition because she'd never had a family to eat dinner with before. It was also tradition that if any visiting members of the Elite from the other branches of the Tribe were in town that they had to join in.

"Alright, we're going, you just remember, if you need anything at all, someone will be here." Rosa thanked them and sent them on their way. Lilli began to skip down the sidewalk. "So are we finding some Thai or what?"

Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo] Cb80c5c8-3696-4942-b388-74fcc118162a_zpsd0fdd053
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Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo]   Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo] EmptyThu Mar 26, 2015 6:05 am

It was the blinking middle of the night.

She supposed that she was insane to be out this late at night. She was alone, no friends, no man, no nothing. But then, Indigo was used to being alone. For the most part it didn't matter at all. She was so used to doing things solo that she didn't even think about it anymore. In a way, Indi fit in with the night. With her dark curls that hung down all the way to her hips with the blue highlights that filtered through them at seemingly random intervals. She wore a pair of black jeans and a simple blue tank top over a black lace bra.

Her severely pale skin seemed to almost glow in the moonlight as she walked down the sidewalk. Striking blue eyes taking in the sites and lights of the city at night. She almost never came out of her laboratory. It was probably one of the reasons she made such crazy money. And usually once she did come out she headed for her own place and crashed out hard for a couple of days before diving back into her work.

To say she had a social life, was a lie.

The scent of strong coffee from one of those street carts called to her inner caffeine junky. She stopped and pulled a wrinkled five dollar bill out of her jean pocket and bought one of the largest cups they offered adding only a hint of vanilla. Leaving the rest for a tip she turned and continued to head down the street.

She had no real destination in mind. But, it was good to get a little fresh air she supposed and Indigo wasn't really one for sunshine and long days outside. Besides, there were times that going out refreshed her mind when she was stumped on a project. Getting into that mindless wandering that would clear her mind and allow her mind to work in the background on projects. She often found it cleared her mind enough to make something previously unclear crystalline.

She could tell she was getting close to some restaurants the smells of the different foods tickled her nostrils and reminded her stomach that subsisting on sugar alone would get her no where.
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Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo]   Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo] Empty

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Buzzing Like Neon Lights [Tag: Lilli & Indigo]
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