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 Ling "Jade" Chao

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PostSubject: Ling "Jade" Chao   Ling "Jade" Chao EmptyThu Feb 12, 2015 8:54 pm

Ling "Jade" Chao Cooltext1842495436_zpsd42c15ea
Ling "Jade" Chao Tumblr_mv8qh9Ige41rmvcquo4_500_zpsqatofoqz
Ling "Jade" Chao
153 ~ Female ~ White Tiger Lycan ~ White Lotus~ Gong Li

Ling "Jade" Chao Cooltext1842495219_zpsdaada939

Nicknames: Ling (to her family), Jade (American Name), Madame Chao, 虎夫人 (Hǔ fūrén:Tiger Lady)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132 lbs

Personality:Jade was raised living a double life. In public she was a lady of fine Chinese breeding, but amongst the Streak she was a warrior, a soldier. The Tiger Lycans of Asia are a rare breed, raising their young equally regardless of their sex. The Chao family claims that the blood of Emperors runs through their veins, though most know it's hard to prove considering how very many of them their are, but it's also hard to disprove with each Emperor having a bevy of concubines, some secretly Tigers ruling from the shadows. The White Lotus started much the same, in the shadows. Over the centuries they grew to be one of the most prominent crime families in China, their upper echelons ruled by the Chao family and the Streak. Jade was born into this Empire of money and blood. Her mother was Alpha, hoping to bring new blood to the Streak she had mated with a Tiger from a southern Streak. Jade has two full blooded brothers, and a bevy of half blooded siblings. Her eldest sister was destined to be Alpha in their mother's stead, which left Jade to take the traditional place as a soldier. She believes in Honor above all else, it is the only thing separating the Lycans from their animal kin. Still, she learned hard lessons in her youth, lessons about trust and hesitation that she is careful to never repeat. She fully accepts who and what she is, and she has garnered a hard reputation. A born leader with the Potential for Alpha, Jade and her sisters never saw quite eye to eye, and her departure from China to the New World was both a punishment and a gift. She is protective of her family, more so then perhaps she should be, but they are her blood and she see it as the highest honor. To cross Jade risks life itself, and she does love the hunt ever so much. She is not without forgiveness, and some of her family would say she forgives too much, but even she has limits. Like any Lycan, her anger is her weakest link, and there are many who have wronged her who know the truth of this. It's not nice to poke a sleeping tiger after. Jade can come off as a bit over the top, she is a Tiger in the prime of her life and she knows exactly who she is. Most find this intimidating, but for the rare few who find it appealing, she holds a special place for them.

Theme Song

Appearance: Jade is tall and lithe, though well toned from her years of disciplined training with martial arts. She keeps her hair long, nearly reaching the middle of her back as it takes a lot of hair to achieve the ancient Chinese styles she tends to favor. Still, seeing her with more modern styles isn't unheard of. Her clothing ranges from the traditional Chinese styles she was raised with to more modern and tactical. When training she prefers clothing with more give, as the female attire of China didn't allow for the movements of fighting. She keeps her fingernails long, almost like claws, and perfectly lacquered at all times. Appearance was everything in China and Jade carries this with her in everything move she makes. Jade carries herself with the grace of the large cat and warrior that she is. Her body has few scars, and those it has were either inflicted with Mercury or were from her childhood before her first transformation. She does bare a burn mark with the Hanzi of her family on her right hip, given to her on her 9th birthday, thought to be a holy day in a person's life. Her upper back bares a White Lotus flower in geometric designs. Hidden amongst the design are Hanzi for traits she aspires to: Honor, Courage, Wisdom, Family, Love, and Strength. Branching off down her spine are the Hanzi for the members of her family, starting with herself and tracing her lineage back through the Alphas of her Streak (or as close as they could get). She enjoys jewelry, perhaps it is the cat within liking the way it shimmers, though she is not obsessed with it. Her most notable piece is a silver ring with a white tiger design that cover much of her finger. It is rumored that it was designed off her and that the tiger's stripes match her own. Her Tiger form is a sight to behold, ten feet long from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. She is 700lbs of lean muscle. Her eyes are her most striking feature, a brilliant blue that almost seems to glow. A vast difference from her human form where her eyes are so brown they are nearly black.

Abilities: Being a Lycan has it's advantages. Jade's strength, agility, speed and senses are all enhanced. Her regeneration is also heightened making her a formidable opponent. With a century and a half under her belt, transforming from her human form to her animal form is second nature to her and she can often be found sunning herself in the gardens in her Tiger form. As an Alpha, Jade has a third form, her hybrid, a terrifying mix of human and animal that is an excellent fighting machine. It is her most powerful form, capable of great feats. Her weaknesses include an allergy to mercury, or Quicksilver, and a fear of enclosed spaces that only a trusted few know about.

Talents and Skills: Jade was raised as both an aristocrat and a warrior. Trained from an early age in weapons both physical and verbal. Her favorite weapons are the Dao and the Jian, and she has trained heavily in the Wushu martial arts. As modern technology encroached upon her world, Jade also took it upon herself to learn the art of Firearms though she prefers the more honorable sword over the impersonal guns. Violence is not her go to answer however, and she generally tries to solve differences with words and diplomacy first. Over the last two decades, Jade has taken up photography, intrigued by the ability to capture moments forever in the blink of an eye where as before you would need an artist and few hours or days. Under a Pseudonym, Jade has had her work published in many magazines including National Geographic, and some fashion prints. She maintains a private studio in Chinatown for her work. She says it's her way of stepping out of the life of crime and doing something she loves for once.

History: Born in 1862 in HongKong, Jade was trained more then she was raised. Everything had to be perfect and from a young age the virtue of honor was instilled in her. The Chao family owned much of HongKong and still do to this day. However, the politics both public and private amongst the family were harsh. She knew what she was destined to be from the moment she was born and her mother wouldn't have it any other way. The Tiger streak of HongKong was engrossed in a territory war with the Pard of Leopards from the north. Her training only intensified after her first transformation. Before she could be officially named a warrior of the Streak, she had to pass a test of survival and skill that some didn't make it through. She and the other tigers of the same age were sent out to survive in the wilderness for six months with nothing but the small packs they'd been allowed. Of the five who left, only three returned.

Now a full grown adult, Her mother began to make arrangements for her first mate. The streak rarely mated for love, and only with permission of their Nǚwáng (Alpha). Jade took her place amongst the Zhànshì of the Streak and the White Lotus. Her eldest sister was groomed for Alpha and Jade knew she would never rule and had resided herself to that fact. Needless to say, happiness was a luxury she didn't have, but she hadn't really thought about it much. She did her duty, and upheld the family name. Her first mating resulted in twins, not uncommon amongst Lycans, their father was a tiger from a southern Streak, in an attempt to bring in new blood to the Streak. She continued on to have three more children to add to the ranks. One of her younger sisters was found to have been having relations with a Tiger from the New World, in HongKong on business. When she proclaimed that she loved him, their mother had her publicly disowned and exiled from the Streak, warning her to never return. Jade had mixed feelings about this, times had changed and their need to continue the race after the hunting and poaching was no longer needed. Her sister had found true happiness, was there really something so wrong with that? She would mull this thought over for the next few years as her sister took over the streak from their aging mother.

Finally, the unhappiness Jade felt came to a head, and in a private dinner with her sister that turned into a rather violent fight, Jade proclaimed her independence by right of the alpha ability that ran in her blood. Privately, the Nǚwáng exiled Jade but Jade had too much support and the Alpha knew that declaring such a thing publicly would all but ruin her. Officially, Jade, and those members who followed her, would act as an extension of the Streak in the New World, expanding their territory and business affairs. Jade still technically answers to the Nǚwáng in HongKong though her power and influence is now equal. Upon reaching the New World, Jade wasted no time in contacting her long lost sister, rekindling their relationship through letters as Jade began to build the White Lotus in the bustling port of Starling City. When word of her sister's death reached her, Jade immediately came to the aide of her young niece, Cassandra. She adopted the girl and has raised her ever since, though with less of a heavy hand then her own upbringing. Cass reminded her of the passion of youth and gave her a new view of the world.

The Streak in Starling City acts as an extension of the Streak in HongKong. Jade leads both the Streak and the White Lotus as the two are usually interchangeable though many of their foot soldiers have no idea who or what their boss is. Smuggling, weapons, and drugs are their crimes of choice, as well as magical artifacts, Jade purposefully stays out of the human trafficking that some of the other Organized Crime families are involved with. Her meticulous nature has worked out very well in keeping their illegal acts undercover. Chao industries is their public business front, shipping mostly with some businesses they've taken in over the years.

Jade's public business is the White Lotus Tea House, also doubling as an apothecary for the locals as most Chinese immigrants are still very superstitious and prefer the old ways to the new.

Ling "Jade" Chao Cooltext1842495671_zps3f7eb802
As Gia looked through the pictures, Jade would run her lithe fingers through her granddaughter's hair. Tigers, like all cats, used body language and touch more often then sounds to communicate. Little Gia might not have reached her transformation yet, but the blood of the Tiger ran strong though her veins and she had all the makings of a little queen already. Jade sometimes let Gia come with her to her studio and help out during the photo shoots, in some ways, Gia kept Jade calm...reminded her why they did what they did. Their was power in numbers, and their Streak was a family. Still Jade made sure that Gia understood the difference between leading and bullying, it was a fine line that Jade had only ever crossed in her youth.

Jade turned her head slightly to smile up at Audrey as she complimented her photography, reaching up with one hand to squeeze her forearm gently. At the mention of food, Jade turned her gaze back down to Gia. "Race you to the kitchen!" Gia instantly let out a squeal of laughter and bounced off the couch. Even running with in her heels and carrying her glass of wine, Jade was still fast, the agility of a cat, but she toned it down so Gia could win. As Gia spoke about Ryland however, Jade's smile turned into a slight frown. "Don't worry, you'll be a tiger soon enough, enjoy these last few years, they're going to be very important when you are old enough and we get to celebrate your first shift." Jade kept her ears open however. At her age, she could easily hear what was going on in the rest of the house if she focused and upon hearing Ryland curse at Audrey, Jade could feel the Alpha Tiger within rising to the surface.

She set her wine glass down on the table next to her usual place setting, to the right of Audrey's at the head of the table. This was her house, Jade, though she out ranked her, was just a guest. If Audrey's husband had been home, he would have sat at her left side. Jade helped Gia dish up her plate, as she was still a bit on the short side, a curse of their Chinese heritage. As Ryland entered the room, Jade noted the look Gia shot him, a mixture of annoyance and fear...well that was certainly interesting. But as Ryland purposefully disrespected not only his grandmother, but also his Gōng zhǔ, Jade wasn't going to sit still any longer.

With an audible growl that echoed through the room, Jade reached out and gripped Ryland by the front collar of his shirt. Her dark eyes shifting to the brilliant blue of her Tiger form. Her call rang out, and Audrey would have even been hard pressed not to bow to it being so close to Jade. "How dare you be so disrespectful in your mother's house. Just because your mother isn't the over bearing, heavy handed type, doesn't mean she cant and won't put you down if you push her. However, I will not put up with my grandson acting like a Háizi in my presence. Your mother raised you better then that but worse you are dishonoring this family. You are supposed to be our protector, a warrior of this Biāo. your little sister should not fear you, she should want to run to you when she is in trouble. I should be able to depend on you with my life." An Alpha Tigress call had multiple uses, more often then not, it was used to attract a mate, but it could also enforce her will and power on those weaker then her. So far, the only Tigress who could best her was Chalice, which was why Chalice was Chang.

Should Ryland have tried to free himself, he would have found no give in Jade's vice like grip, her strength and power far surpassed his. "Tomorrow morning, you will start your training as a Zhànshì. Apologize to your mother for dishonoring her." She released Ryland, but should he chose to continue to act rudely, Jade was fully prepared to shift and put him in his place the hard way. His tantrums would not be tolerated, especially not on the brink of war as they were, there was no room for it. The entire time, Jade had not yelled however, but she had been very stern, staring down into his eyes with the bright blue of her Tiger.

Ling "Jade" Chao Cooltext1842495826_zps53b76b80
OOC Name: Violet
Age: 26
Do you play another Charrie here at VF: Lillibug and Eleora
How did you find us?: I am your Goddess, Your creator
What is your preferred method of communication? AIM or PM

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PostSubject: Re: Ling "Jade" Chao   Ling "Jade" Chao EmptyMon Feb 16, 2015 7:50 pm

Ling "Jade" Chao Coolte10

Welcome to Starling City! Please be sure to Claim your Face. You should also copy and paste the link to your application into your profile so if someone wants to stalk you they can. Don't forget to PM Lilli any descriptions of your house and/or business so she can make sure the boards get made. Pictures are helpful! She will also need a little blurb about your character for the Directory and an icon to go with it, 100x100. If you're having trouble finding one you should check Hollow Art. Feel free to put up any Wanteds. Stop by the Cbox and say hi if you haven't already and jump into the fun!
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Ling "Jade" Chao
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