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PostSubject: The White Lotus   The White Lotus EmptySun Feb 15, 2015 6:48 pm

The White Lotus Sadhguru-the-symbolism-of-the-lotus-flower_zpsmvh1d75i

The White Lotus is a Chinese Organized Crime syndicate led by the Chao family. Unbeknownst to it's lower members, the Chao family are also the reigning Streak of Tiger Lycans in China, and now Starling City. Their primary source of income is smuggling, weapons, gambling, drugs and magical artifacts. Publicly, Chao Industries is the largest Shipping conglomerate in China, with footholds in America and Africa. Their members are marked by the White Lotus tattoo, growing increasingly more intricate as they climb the ranks. The lower ranks aren't hard to gain access, most never last longer then a few years due to the turf wars with other crime syndicates and clans. becoming a high ranking member of the White Lotus requires equal measures of intelligence and tactics, staying one step ahead of your rivals. Knowing members of the high ranks would help to further your career as trust is earned, not given. Honor is a sticking point amongst the White Lotus, setting them apart from the other crime syndicates, but making them more of a wildcard as they won't go for the easy route, preferring the more personal touch.

The White Lotus of Starling City's Chinatown is led by Jade Chao, a strict yet fair leader who doesn't take kindly to traitors.


Nǚwáng (queen) : Jade Chao
Gùwèn (Advisor) : Aldara Vladden (Open Positions, 2, Most likely followed Jade over from China)
Duìzhǎng (Captain) : (Open Positions, 3, Lead the daily operations, report to the Queen)
Qiánfēng (Vanguard): Cassandra Jones (Open Positions, 2, Guard the Queen)
Jiàndié ( Spy) : (Open Positions, 3, Stealth and Intelligence)
Shāngrén ( Merchant) : (Open Positions, usually an owner of a business for Chao Industries)
Zhànshì (Warrior) : (Open Positions, daily operations)
Zú (Footsoldier) : (Lowest Rank, new recruits)

(OOC Note: Most members of the White Lotus, especially the upper ranks are of Chinese descent baring some link to the Chao Family, usually because they are a Tiger Lycan. Exceptions can be made however, so long as the story is good. Jade would also take in other Lycans, though they would need to work harder to earn her trust. The use of the Chao's, White Lotus and the Streak are almost interchangeable.)
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The White Lotus
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