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 Zhin Mei "Cassandra" Jones

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PostSubject: Zhin Mei "Cassandra" Jones   Zhin Mei "Cassandra" Jones EmptyMon Feb 16, 2015 1:02 am

Zhin Mei "Cassandra" Jones Cooltext1842495436_zpsd42c15ea
Zhin Mei "Cassandra" Jones 0360c78e-99bc-4ead-80a6-1c121ac9eb53_zpsilqhwwjf
Zhin Mei Jones
47 ~ Female ~ Siberian Tiger Lycanthrope ~ White Lotus  ~ Rinko Kikuchi

Zhin Mei "Cassandra" Jones Cooltext1842495219_zpsdaada939

NICKNAMES (if any)
Cassandra, Casper, Cass

Cass is tall, standing at around 5'9", and is lithe of frame, but it is obvious that she is not such a fragile creature. She is light of skin, but her Chinese heritage is not hidden to the eye. Her eyes are a dark brown, but they shine brightly when she smiles, which is often. She usually keeps her black hair cut short in a cute bob, or throws some gel in it for a more “punk” feel.

Her sense of style is eclectic to say the least - cute dresses fill one corner of her closet, opposite a mass of band shirts and skinny jeans. When working, she chooses the latter option. True to her rebellious style, she has a smattering of piercings - one in her nose, one in her lip, and multiple holes in each ear. When it come to ink, she has four tattoos. The White Lotus design takes up a place at the base of her neck, underneath which are the Hanzi of her mother’s name and Jade’s name side by side (as opposed to the entire Streak line like Jade has on her spine). Her last tattoo is a bass clef under her left ear.

In her white tiger form, she is easily picked out amongst the members of the Streak, not only for her odd green eyes. Her body, an 800lb mass, is nearly 10 feet in length from the tip of her nose to her haunches; her tail adds another yard to that length. The fur that coats her sleek feline body is short, but dense enough to keep her warm and dry should she end up going for a swim. The most eye-catching feature about her feline form, however, is her seeming lack of stripes. Except for a few darker rings at the tip of her tail, she is entirely without them, hence her nickname of “Casper” among the Streak.

When others try to describe Cassandra, the words "life of the party" are a common phrase. A happy-go-lucky girl, Cassandra prefers to focus on the good in the world around her. She is a notorious prankster, but knows that laughter isn't always the best medicine, and can be serious when need be. Born the daughter of an American businessman and his Chinese bride, she is multi-lingual and bounces from English to Mandarin to Sarcasm with ease.

Cassandra is a self-proclaimed (and undisputed) geek. Technology fascinates her, and she can often be seen with the latest smartphone or tablet or mp3 player, the latter of which is attached to her 24/7. Music is her drug of choice. She is unafraid of singing and dancing in a crowded room if a song she enjoys comes on, and in fact, most of her time at home is spent doing just that.

When it comes to the Streak, her loyalty is unfaltering, though everyone knows it is to her aunt Jade, that she is truly sworn - not the Clan that disowned her mother before her birth.


Cassandra has heightened senses, agility, and endurance. She is significantly stronger and faster than normal humans. She can reach up to a speed of around 35mph when running in either form. This speed can only be reached in a sprint, which she tires from after thirty minutes. She can jump up to thirty feet in distance, and ten feet in height from a stand-still.

While regular weapons can cause her injury, she will heal most wounds given time. Any wound caused by a mercurial weapon, however, is a completely different story.

As a Lycanthrope with the Alpha potential in her, Cass has the ability to partially shift. She can lengthen her claws and teeth at will if the need arises, or grow whiskers and a tail should she feel so inclined. Because of her Alpha potential, she also has the use of a third form - the bipedal, hybrid form.

• Superhuman Strength
• Speed
• Endurance
• Heightened Senses
• Rapid Healing
• Virtually Indestructible
• Sense some other Supernaturals

• Decapitation
• Mercury

Audio-Visual Tech
Cassandra is a sound board whiz. She has handled them since she was a young thing, and effectively taught herself how to handle them inside and out. When asked how she learned, she generally responds with a nonchalant shrug.

True to her musical fanatic nature, Cass is an amateur musician herself. She doesn’t sing often, and when she does, it’s not always noticeable that it’s her own voice as most of her music is in the “electronica” genre. In addition to singing, she can play the keyboard, bass guitar, and program some pretty sick beats.

Martial Arts
Unlike stereotypical geeks, Cass can easily hold her own in a fight, as she's been trained in Wushu since a very young age.

Having spent a good amount of her young adult life at one concert or another, she has a real knack for tracking people in crowds and conversely, losing herself in them if need be.

Mandarin (native tongue), English, Japanese, and enough Spanish to find a bathroom.

Cassandra owns a black 201 Ford Fiesta, which she uses to haul all of her DJing gear to and from gigs. She can generally be seen with the latest iPhone, and she always wears a black Phosphor watch, which doubles as an alarm clock, a Lunar calendar, a stopwatch, a calculator, and so much more. Her pride and joy, however, is a Numark NS6 Digital DJ Controller and Mixer, which she has dubbed “Newman”. It rests in a Flight Zone case for safe traveling, along with her MacBook Pro and Numark Electrowave headphones.

Jade Chao -- Aunt

When Harold Jones, a second generation American White Tiger Lycan, visited China on a business trip, he was clueless as to what was in store for him there. The full moon rose two days into his week-long trip, and it was during his time spent running through the dense forests of rural Hong Kong that he encountered his would-be wife, Daiyu, for the first time. As humans, they probably would have passed each other on the street with no more than a second glance, but as beasts, they connected on more than just a physical level. As the daughter of the Nǚwáng, Daiyu was expected to go through with an arranged mating chosen by her mother. She chose love over duty and when Harry flew home five days later, he was not alone.

Zhin Mei “Cassandra” Jones (or Cassie, as her father was fond of calling her) was born a year later, the promises of Alpha flowing through her veins. When Harry's job offered him a new position, heading up their new Seattle branch, the family picked up their fresh life and made the trek to the Emerald City. With a bit of pleading, Daiyu convinced Harry to join the Seattle Streak, if not for her sake, for that of their baby girl, who would need a solid community of Tigers to grow up with.

Cassandra's early years were spent being home-schooled by her mother, mostly in Chinese. She learned English alongside her mother when her father was around. While her mother had issues with the new language, Cassie had no issues flowing from one language to the other mid-sentence.

When Cassie was seven years old, her parents were involved in a fatal car accident while coming home from a rare night out without their child. The babysitter who took the phone call was a fellow member of their Streak there in Seattle and remained with the newly orphaned girl until arrangements could be made for her in a new home. Rather than stay in Seattle with the Streak her parents had been a part of, she left the Emerald City and relocated down to a city in Georgia called Starling City. Her aunt, Jade, whom she’d only met a few times, owned a tea shop there, and it was into her household Cassie moved. The death of her parents brought out a shy, skittish girl.

Cassie’s aunt gave her a choice in regards to the type of education she earned. Among her options were home-schooling (like her mother had done), public school, or a private preparatory academy. Having never been to a school before, Cassandra chose the latter, and with a handful of new friends surrounding her, she was back to smiles in no time. Before her second year of junior high, she informed her aunt that she wished to stop attending classes at the academy and join the ranks of the children in the public school system. Uniforms were just not her style, though she occasionally wears one loosely around her neck nowadays as a fashion accessory.

Two years after moving in with her aunt Jade, Cassandra went through her first transformation. It was about a year earlier than expected, but she had made the journey on the night of the full moon to the cabin in the woods owned by the Streak for their monthly excursions. While eating dinner with the other children too young to join the hunt, Cassie felt the power of the Moon for the first time. Her blood boiled, searing her flesh from the inside out. It was an intense pain, and her cries of agony echoed throughout the home along with the frightened shrieks of the other children.

Her tiny tiger cub form slipped into the midst of the other members of her Streak like a ghost in the night, eliciting hisses and threatening growls, but the scent was not lost on some of the sharper noses and she was quickly welcomed as a full-fledged member.

After graduating high school, Cassie was accepted to Georgia Tech University, where she spent six years earning a degree in Music Production and Engineering. She recorded an album while there, but never released it to the public, and in fact has not shared it with anyone thus far. After college, she decided to travel the world for a spell, her hunger for learning and adventure not quite satiated yet. While traveling, she worked to make connections with powerful allies throughout the world in the name of the White Lotus for her aunt.

Her travels took her all around Europe for awhile, seeing the sites and more importantly, listening to the music. At a concert in France, she aided an up-and-coming band in a dispute with their inebriated tour manager. With the strength of the White Tiger within her, she had no issues holding the man back from breaking a stack of boxes filled with expensive equipment necessary for touring. The band invited her to coffee after she helped them pack up the rest of their things and before she knew what was happening, they were offering her a job. With nothing keeping her there, she agreed. Five years later, she ended her time on the road with the band and continued her personal travels, which led her to the small island of Japan.

She fell in love with the intriguing music scene of Tokyo and ended up spending a decade there, building a strong partnership for the White Lotus with one of Japan’s most influential companies. But more importantly, she fell in love with the son of the business’ CEO, Taki. He was a Lycan like herself, a Black Bear with the Alpha potential, and a passion for music that rivaled her own. Unfortunately, their love, much like her own mother’s, was not approved by his father - a very strict man who refused to see Cassandra as anything more than a pesky white cat unworthy of his royal son.

Unlike Cassandra’s mother, Taki refused to leave his home and his family, and so after ten years, she returned home to Starling City alone.  As expected of every feline, she landed on her feet and hit the ground running upon her return. She was promoted to Qiánfēng within the Streak and got a job at one of the local music venues working as a sound engineer and back-up security. After five years with the venue, she was promoted to Stage Manager due to her excellent work ethic and her extensive knowledge in regards to all the many facets of live music. She has continued to work there ever since, but her most pressing duty is - and always will be - to her aunt Jade, to whom her loyalty is sworn.

Zhin Mei "Cassandra" Jones Cooltext1842495671_zps3f7eb802
To most of the Starling City populace, Deviance was just one of the many clubs within the confines of the city. There was never a night the club remained closed; and there was never a night the club remained empty. Tonight, though, was a special night for Cassie.

Tonight was her night.

Bright brown eyes scanned the patrons of the club as they milled about, sipping on the first of many drinks. In her own hand, she gripped a neon green, aluminum water bottle. She'd already had one fellow offer to buy her an alcoholic beverage, but she'd had to decline - politely, of course. His face burned fresh in her mind, though, in case he should end up alone at the end of the night. It was rare the men here, did, though.

Letting out a quiet breath, Cassie worked her way through the crowd towards the far left DJ booth. A quick flash of her laminated badge allowed her entry to the box. As she set her water bottle down, she cast a quick glance towards the booth on the opposite side of the room. Her partner in crime tonight had yet to show up. Looking at her watch, she 'tsked' quietly. Ten minutes until showtime - he'd better hurry up if he wanted to jam.

With a quiet 'oomph', Cassie let herself fall back into the chair that rest in the DJ booth. It was not the most comfortable thing, but it was good enough for now. She wouldn't have much time to use it in the following hours anyway, so she may as well enjoy what little comfort it gave her behind. Snagging the water bottle down from the small side table, Cassie opened it and took a long pull. Despite her love of being on the stage entertaining, tonight gave her the jitters. She'd never played any of her original beats in front of so many people before - only a select few coworkers and Jade had ever been graced with the sounds of her mixes.

And as it was her first night, she'd been selected to take part in what was for all intents and purposes, a "DJ Off". Whichever DJ the crowd liked best would get a night per month to play their tunes here at the club. Glancing across the room towards the other booth, Cassie frowned slightly. The other DJ had arrived. A large smile filled her face just before he looked over, and she even raised her water bottle in a friendly 'cheers' towards him. The cocky sneer he flashed back at her made her instantly regret the attempt at being polite.

"Ass," she murmured beneath her breath.

The sound of the bouncer's voice outside her box caused Cassie to look up. She nodded her acknowledgment that she had 2 minutes to finish getting ready before they were to be announced. Taking one last swig of water, she stood from the chair and began to stretch her muscles out before moving to stand in front of her baby - a Numark NS6 Digital DJ Controller and Mixer. It had cost her a pretty penny, but if she won tonight, they would all be worth it.

Letting her fingers slide over the dials and knobs, Cassie focused on her breathing while the crowd roared to life. They were being announced. She heard the name of the other DJ, but paid it no mind. When her own name was called, she slung on her headphones and gave a quick grin and wave to the mass of people on the dance floor below. There were people she knew here, thankfully. She sensed some of her Streakmates mingling in the crowd below and it gave her a boost of adrenaline.

When the announcer's last words echoed out across the hall, Cassie looked across the room towards the other DJ. She watched his hands slam into some of the dials on his machine and flinched slightly as his songs began reverberating throughout the dance hall. The haughty grin on his face told her all she needed to know about him - he was an amateur. She ducked her head in order to avoid letting him see her own grin. If he thought she'd accidentally let his music play first, he was a damn fool.

While he worked the crowd through a few songs, Cassie waited patiently for her time to strike. This was a battle, after all, and she needed to wait for him to show his weakness to her. Finally, a minute into his third song, the beat slowed. It was a build up to a bass drop, she knew, but it was just too slow of a build up. Cranking her own dials, Cassie finally kicked into gear. The mixture of familiar song and haunting vocals seemed to please the crowd and a wave of cheers echoed across the floor as they began to dance again.

In between songs, Cassie looked up to see how the other DJ was doing. He did not seem happy that she'd jumped in quite so early, but at this point she didn't care. Flashing a haughty grin of her own at him, she chuckled and went back to focusing on her equipment.

Oh yes. Tonight was definitely her night.

Zhin Mei "Cassandra" Jones Cooltext1842495826_zps53b76b80
OOC Name: Sabre
Age: Old enough
Do you play another Charrie here at VF?: Adreana Zelati
How did you find us?: I live with the site creator.
What is your preferred method of communication?: Skype/ AIM/ Violet, you know where I sleep at night...

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PostSubject: Re: Zhin Mei "Cassandra" Jones   Zhin Mei "Cassandra" Jones EmptyMon Feb 16, 2015 7:55 pm

Zhin Mei "Cassandra" Jones Coolte10

Welcome to Starling City! Please be sure to Claim your Face. You should also copy and paste the link to your application into your profile so if someone wants to stalk you they can. Don't forget to PM Lilli any descriptions of your house and/or business so she can make sure the boards get made. Pictures are helpful! She will also need a little blurb about your character for the Directory and an icon to go with it, 100x100. If you're having trouble finding one you should check Hollow Art. Feel free to put up any Wanteds. Stop by the Cbox and say hi if you haven't already and jump into the fun!
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Zhin Mei "Cassandra" Jones
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