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 The Tribe

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Lillianna Dragonè
Lillianna Dragonè

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PostSubject: The Tribe    The Tribe      EmptyFri Dec 12, 2014 11:04 pm

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The Tribe, on the outside, always appears to be a gang of street rats and hoodlums. The Orphans that society has forgotten. They treat each other like family, the family most of them never had, making sure everyone has enough to eat and a warm place to sleep. They've learned to cheat the system, staying under the radar of the society that forgot them but still wants to 'make their lives better'. Most never know the true nature of the Tribe. It was started in Italy over two centuries ago, and back then it was exactly what it looked like. In that age there were a lot of Orphans, products of the various wars, bastards of the highborn with no place to go. They made their living doing the dirty work of anyone who would pay them. Messengers, thieves, look outs, they did what they had and they flourished. Once Lilli became a vampire, she brought new found life to the Tribe, solidifying them as a group...as a family.

There are tribes strewn across the world now, following in Lilli's footsteps. Wherever she has gone, the Tribe follows, leaving behind enough to keep the cycle flowing. The lower echelons remain as they once were, the street rats of the world eking out a living in a small family units. Once a member of the Tribe becomes an adult, most move on without ever knowing the much deeper, and darker, truth. The Supernatural members of the Tribe gain entrance into the Real Tribe, the Elite, led by Lillianna Dragonè. The Tribe does not discriminate, any being of supernatural origin, even Gifted Humans, can gain membership. The Tribe operates by the same values that began at it's inception, the ones that Lilli was raised on. The members call themselves Family, brothers and sisters. The Tribe comes first, though exceptions can be made when a member manages to create a family of their own on the outside, the thing most of them have always longed for.

The Base of Operations for the Tribe is Deviance. On the outside it looks like a Nightclub, and for all intents and purposes...it is. The nightclub hides four sublevels, homes for the various members, and a catacomb of tunnels that snake through the city, piggy backing on the old sewer systems. The Tribe has their fingers in everything, but their staple is Vampire Blood, peddling it to the humans for profit, and information. When you need to know something, your best bet is to ask the Tribe...well...pay the Tribe.

The different members of the Tribe (unless an honorary position) generally have the spider tattooed upon their body somewhere. While they may lead separate lives from the bulk of the Tribe, they always remember where they came from and they would never turn on another member of the Tribe.

The tribe hosts Family Dinner every Sunday, it isn't Mandatory but most tend to not miss it unless they have good reason.

Tribe Members

~Honorary Title~
The Tribe      Tumblr_inline_n5l0gnn4ZV1rr6ht5_zpswptuvk7g
Carmina Dragonè

~Honorary Title~
The Tribe      Tumblr_inline_mklui5EtbJ1qz4rgp_zpswxb6ddmp
Markus Dragonè

The Tribe      Tumblr_n9q3bclmoF1s1arkjo1_500_zpshecmacwd
Lillianna Dragonè

~Honorary Title~
Currently Open

~Seers are a mixed bag of any being who can see things the others can't, Death Sight, Clairvoyance, Premonitions, Visions it doesn't matter. It keeps the tribe one step ahead and that's what counts.~

The Tribe      Large_zpsezez5lc9
Adreana Zelati

Shamans are the healers and magic users of the Tribe, whether offensive or defensive, their powers can tip the scales~

~A Warrior is a being who's skill set lies more in the physical. They are the protectors.~

~A Hunter's skill set lies more in tracking, whether it be the living or not~

The Tribe      Tumblr_lu8hsm1Tmk1qg4blro3_500_zpsnebjpdtn
Nikolai Chenkov

~These rare individuals want nothing from the Tribe but protection and safety, in return they care for the other members and look after everyone. They are caring beings, kind hearted...but certainly not soft.~

~The teachers of the Tribe, whether it be reading and writing, to controlling ones abilities~

~These tend to be the more public faces of the Tribe. Their skill set is talking and making deals, furthering the Tribe's business ventures~

The Tribe      Cb80c5c8-3696-4942-b388-74fcc118162a_zpsd0fdd053
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The Tribe
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