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 Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)

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PostSubject: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:41 pm

February 8th, 2015

To say that the last twenty four hours had been mentally and physically exhausting was an understatement. After arriving at the Hospital, Eleora had to endure an endless stream of poking prodding and odd looks every time some new nurse or doctor saw her tattoos. It was none of their business however and she made sure they understood that. After being bandaged up and properly admitted with her own room came the endless stream of detectives and reporters wanting to know what happened. Her office had been the center of the disaster after all, but the reporters had learned nothing from her and finally hospital security had been informed that if another reporter made it up to her room then they wouldn't have a job thanks to Eleora's father. When the retired Marine gave orders, people tended to listen. Eleora also refused to speak about what happened to anyone other then the Supernatural Task Force but she knew it wasn't going to be her brother who came to take her statement. He was too close, they'd send someone else.

Her father however, knew that if everyone kept interrupting her, Aurora would never have the chance to help her heal so after a bit he pulled the visitors chair in the room over to the door and then promptly sat on it so no one could get in the room without moving him first. She was sure that he and Aurora had quite the conversation but it was none of her business nor did she really have the energy to care. Still, Aurora had a few hours to push her body back into stability so when morning finally came, Ele could breathe far easier.

But that also meant that Eleora was starving, which was quite evident by the massive amount of food she'd ordered up from the kitchens. In between naps, she ate, regaining the strength she'd need to get out of the hospital and back to her apartment where she felt much safer, even with her father playing papa bear and guarding the door. At the moment, he was asleep in the chair, though Eleora had managed to get him to move the chair so it wasn't blocking the path any longer. She knew she'd be getting visitors today and she was in a much better mood to receive them.
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:20 pm

February 9, 2015

The scene at the Medical Center was a complete mess and the Fire Department and Search and Rescue teams worked late in to the night until relieved by other men from all over the city. It didn't help that the police, namely the Supernatural Task Force, were crawling all over the place determined to find a cause based on some witness statements. Rescue and recovery operations had barely started and blue littered the rubble.

Regardless of the pain, rescues were made and the group was hopeful for day two as rubble was being consolidated and the lower floors were being accessed relatively intact. Wes, however, had other plans.

Walking in to Starling General, he waved to a pair of Emergency Department nurses he knew as Wes approached the assistance desk. With him was a small flower pot with three micro-sunflowers planted in the soil and a medium-sized brown paper bag that contained specific goodies. Once he found her out her room number, Wes made quick time up to see a large man sleeping in a chair adjacent to the door.

Oh man...that guy is huge! I better be quiet.

Softly turning the knob on the door, Wes opened and closed the door without uttering a sound, nearly freezing when the bag crumpled a bit against the doorframe. Stepping in to the room which was, thankfully, a single the firefighter gave a big smile to his first patient of that long day.

"Eleora! What a surprise. What brings you to this random room I just entered?"
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:57 pm

Eleora brought her head up from the book she'd been reading as the door to her room opened. She expected her father, as everyone else would have knocked including her brother. Her father seemed the most at ease with Aurora, treated her much the same as he treated Eleora, which meant she had become privy to the very special brand of love her father was the most well known for. As Wes came in, Eleora's lips curled into a soft smile and she tilted her head as he joked.

"Didn't you hear? I fractured two ribs, bruised a lung, sprained a muscle in my shoulder and got shot in the other one." She joked right back. Her voice was very peppy however, and she sounded much better then she had before. Her breathing was no longer labored, though it was still a bit shallow. Being in the hospital meant that Aurora couldn't heal her completely without raising some odd questions so Eleora had to tough it out till she was sent home.

Picking up her phone from the table, she sent a text to her father letting him know that she was alright and that Wes wasn't bothering her. Otherwise he would have come in about five minutes later to make sure she was alright. "Please come in. Make yourself comfortable." She told him, placing a bookmark in her book and setting it on the table with her phone so she could roll it away from the bed.

Also sitting on the table was an iPod speaker, quietly playing classical music but not loud enough to disrupt anything happening in the room. Most patients might be watching the television but Eleora had hers off and the remote was sitting on the windowsill next to an empty visitors chair. Someone had been watching but it hadn't been her. "Do you check on all your rescues like this or did I manage to warrant special treatment?"
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:10 pm

Wes was glad to see that Eleora had not only remembered him, but seemed happy to see him as he entered as he asked his ridiculous question. She explained her situation, listing off her injuries as she typed something in to her phone and sent something off whilst he got his bag of things down and he pulled up a chair.

"I figured true sunflowers were a bit big for a hospital room so I found this plant shop that genetically engineers plants and I found these micro-sunflowers for you. Care for them the same, just don't let them cross-pollinate with your regular ones. They told me that they will all become micro if they inter-mingle."

Placing the flowers next to the iPod speaker, Wes then sat and smiled at her question about warranting special treatment.

"In other words, do I bring flowers and pie to all my rescues? No, I don't."

As he spoke, he pulled two individual slices of apple pie and a small carton of hand packed vanilla ice cream. Putting small scoops of ice cream on the pieces of pie, he handed her one along with a sturdy plastic spoon before encouraging her to dig in.

"Then again, not every person I pull from a crumbling building has such an impact on me. I don't know...this sounds insane...but I felt connected to you. Besides, it isn't often that you get told to find other patients by a rescue victim....you know, ever. You're unique, Eleora. I just feel like I need to know you."

He paused for a moment to take a scoop of pie and ice cream, savoring it for a minute before turning his eyes back on her again. She even made hospital pjs look stylish. It was weird.

"I hope that all this isn't something that makes you uncomfortable. Am I not the first handsome firefighter to come visit you? Is that why there is a gigantic man outside your door?
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Sat Mar 21, 2015 12:16 am

Eleora's dark eyes brightened as she spied the sunflowers he'd brought with him. She reached out so she could let her fingertips touch the golden petals. "They're beautiful Wes, they'll make a perfect decoration for my desk in my new office...once I have a new office." She said with a soft sigh though her dismay over what happened barely lasted a moment before she turned her attention back to Wes.

Her lips curled into a smile as he pulled the slices of pie out of the bag. She recognized the bag, he'd gone and found her favorite restaurant. She was surprised he remembered what she'd told him. What he said about there being a connection between them had her pause for a moment as she reached out to take the pie and ice cream from him. She knew there had been but it wasn't what he was thinking. The connection she had with people when she touched them, or when they touched her as Wes had, was deep. Disturbingly deep. But they rarely ever felt it too.

She wasn't sure what to say. Few people knew about her special gifts and she still hadn't figured out how to tell anyone who didn't. Oh, by the way, I'm an empath and can feel everything you feel. Yeah, that'd go over great. When he asked if he was the first handsome firefighter to visit her she nearly choked on her ice cream. Her laugh filled the room and she lifted one hand to cover her mouth.

"Don't worry about my Father, he won't hurt you unless you hurt me, and seeing as you have recently done the exact opposite you are planted firmly on his good side. And to be honest..yes, you are the first handsome firefighter to come visit me." She told him plainly. She didn't see any reason to lie about it, Ele hated lying and she tried to avoid it as much as possible, but some secrets weren't hers to tell and some could get her killed.

Like some sort of freak.

While most hospital rooms were rather drab, Eleora's had a wide range of color, thanks to the various pictures and cards fastened to the wall above her bed. Most seemed to be the handywork of young children though there were a number of get well soons from adults as well. Eleora was a popular person. "I'm surprised you dared sneak past him, he even has the nurses asking him for permission to treat me." She told him with a soft chuckle as she took another bite of her pie.

There was something about Wes, something that made her want to tell him everything, for someone outside her family to know and accept her for everything that she was.
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:01 pm

His smile broadened when she talked about liking the flowers and her new office. The thought made her sigh softly and look a bit forlorn before turning her attention back to him.

"Don't worry, they'll have something up in no time. Construction is a budding business, plenty out there looking for extra work. I just hope you weren't too attached to your desk."

His comment about visiting nearly made her choke on her ice cream and laugh in such a way that made his heart swell. Wes had said it to himself, said it to Eleora, but there was something about her. He couldn't place a finger on it, but it was something special.

Eleora explained that the Andre the Giant wannabe outside was her father, Wes' eye bulged as he cause a piece of apple in his throat. Coughing loudly for a moment he managed to dislodge it. Pulling a bottle of water out of the bag, he took a couple of sips to make sure it was all clear before continuing.

That gigantic person is your father!?! Oh, Dear Spirits...

"I'm surprised you dared sneak past him, he even has the nurses asking him for permission to treat me." she stated before chuckling and consuming more pie.

"Well, I am a firefighter. Bravery comes with the job."

It was as corny as it sounded.

Before he uttered a groan himself at the cheesy comment, deciding that instead of closing his mouth and simply letting the idiotic moment pass, he made sure to speak some more. Nothing like taking risks for Firefighter Reynolds.

"You're laughing and happy today. I assume those ribs are doing well I suppose. I think I have you figured out, Eleora Maddox."

Leaning back in the chair with a smug smile on his face, he took a small spoonful of ice cream in to his mouth and let it melt away before continuing.

"You have a super power."

He saw Ele choke a bit on her ice cream and look at him with surprise in her eyes. Wes simply chuckled.

"I knew it. Its why you wanted me to look for someone else in the building. You have some sort of super healing factor...like Wolverine or something. That's why you were so calm initially. Figured you could just sit in your hidey-hole and heal before getting rescued. Pretty sneaky."

Scooting the chair a bit closer to her hospital bed, Wes sat at the end of the seat and simply looked at her.

"So...I have to know...is it as cool as they say it can be? Or not?"
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:29 pm

Cheesy didn't even begin to cover that line but it still made Eleora smile. She happened to love cheesy. Although that seemed to embolden him as he told her that he had her figured out, which made her brows draw together in confusion as she took another bite of her ice cream.

Which apparently was a bad idea as his next words had her choking on it for real. Thankfully, it was just ice cream and it soon melted. No one had ever just come out and accused her before. She felt like a deer caught in headlights. Well, it would seem he was only half right. He thought she had some sort of super healing ability, which made her laugh some more, shaking her head for a moment before she regained control of herself enough to talk.

"I hate to burst your bubble Wes, I don't have super healing. However, I suppose you get half points for being partially right. I told you to rescue someone else because I legitimately thought I was safe there and my wounds weren't dire enough to be life threatening and someone else could have used your help more then me. I could never forgive myself if someone else died when I didn't need to be saved." She said seriously, setting down her fork and drawing in a deep breath. Collecting herself before she continued as she'd never told someone her secret this soon after meeting them.

"You're half right because I do have a super power as you call it, though I'm not sure how super it is by mutant standards. The only people who know are my family and very few select friends. Telling you is a big deal for me, please don't make me regret it." She paused a moment for him to respond to her, needing him to know how serious she was.

"I'm an Empath, when I touch someone, or when they touch me, I can feel what they're feeling. Happiness, rage, sorrow, pain..I feel everything and I can't not. If their emotions are too strong they can even affect my own. I did learn to push my emotions on others some time ago, though it took a lot of practice. It's rather helpful in my life of work. I can send calming feelings into the space around me and calm someone down. Which is what I was attempting to do to that poor girl in my waiting room before that idiot in the next room took a shot at her." She told him, waiting to see what his reaction would be.

She knew if he ran or tried to harm her, her father would stop him. But she felt like she knew Wes well enough already to know he wouldn't do either. She hoped that he would accept her, and a large part of her desperately needed him to.
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Tue Mar 24, 2015 2:00 am

The shocked face combined with peals of laughter at his figuring out her secret confused him greatly. Not the shocked look, but the laughter. Was it that humorous to be found out? Not that he minded...he thought it was cool. Eleora went on to explain that he was correct in that she felt safe enough to have him go to someone else, but she was not endowed with superior healing abilities.

"You're half right because I do have a super power as you call it, though I'm not sure how super it is by mutant standards. The only people who know are my family and very few select friends. Telling you is a big deal for me, please don't make me regret it."

She understand the X-men thing...point Eleora. Reynolds thought as he wondered why she would regret sharing something like that with him.

"If...well, if you feel comfortable sharing. I don't want to force you to do anything. If you don't want to let the cat out of the bag, I won't be the one to share your secret."

Wes watched this impeccable woman sit up, face him, and open her heart to him. She told him about her Empathic powers, her ability to feel and convey emotions through touch, going in to detail that made him slide back in to the chair and consider what she said.

"So...all that I thought I felt, that...that was just your Empathy?" his tone gave him away, he was a little heartbroken. Here he was, out on the limb to impress someone he thought was unbelievably connected to him and it was simply what she did.

I snuck past a huge man for that...

He looked up at her, awaiting her answer. Wes didn't move and his eyes never strayed from her own.

"Tell me then, Eleora, was there anything real to this or am I just another victim to your good nature?"
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Tue Mar 24, 2015 2:33 pm

Crushed. There was no other word to describe what Eleora was feeling as Wes all bubt accused her of making him feel things that weren't real. She stared at him with her dark eyes in shock. She had told him something that she really hadn't told anyone else and here he was basically saying that she'd attacked him with her powers. The pain of it was obvious on her face as she bit her lip and turned her gaze away from him in an attempt to regain control of herself and keep from crying.

"How could you ask me that? I can't change the way people feel Wesley, Whatever you felt was real. I can't make up emotions that don't exist. What emotions I can push on other people are mine, what I'm feeling at that exact moment. If I'm scared, or hurt, or angry, then that is what they'll feel. I was certainly in a lot of pain when you rescued me but did you feel any of that? I kept myself under control because it would have been selfish of me to share my pain and suffering on a stranger risking his life to save mine." She gave a heavy sigh, her apple pie forgotten in her lap as she stared out the window.

She could feel Aurora in the back of her mind stirring, offering her sympathy and comfort but it didn't really help. This was why she didn't tell people, they always assumed the worst and couldn't seem to fathom that someone could take such a genetic phenomenon and turn it into a gift. Eleora used her empathy to help people, never to harm them. She couldn't even squish a spider!

"Maybe you should go Wesley." She nearly whispered the words as it pained her to say them. She liked his company but if that was how he saw her then she'd much rather be alone.
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:08 pm

The look of pain and hurt on her face was obvious. After a moment, she turned away from him, not daring to look him in the eye. Either that or to hide tears. Wes couldn't stomach the thought of making her cry.

From that, she went on to give Wes exactly what he had initially wanted: information. She explained she could never manufacture feelings that weren't her own and she had reigned them in because it wouldn't be fair to input her pain and everything else while he was doing his job.

That meant it was real.

"Maybe you should go Wesley." she spoke breathlessly without looking back at him.

"Maybe I should," Wes replied softly back as he rose from his seat.

What are you doing? Don't let her get away that easily.

With hope, anxiety, fear and his well earned stubborn nature, Reynolds took a step towards the bed. He leaned down and reached for her hand. Gripping it softly in his own, he spoke calmly, controlled while his emotion ran a bit wild with anticipation.

"Or, I can do the same thing I did the first time you told me to go away. I can stay and we can make the most of it."
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Tue Mar 24, 2015 8:24 pm

Eleora was so caught up in her own thoughts she didn't hear Wes get up. She wasn't sure if he understood what happened when someone touched her, though he should have had some idea seeing as she'd just told him. The moment his hand touched hers, his emotions blossomed into her mind and she inhaled sharply. Her head turned so she could look at their hands before turning her gaze up to his face as he spoke.

What she felt from Wesley didn't amount to anything compared to what she didn't feel. There was fear, but not of her. There wasn't hatred or anger. He felt nothing negative towards her that wouldn't be felt for anyone making a bold move that might impact their future. Which made her realize what he felt hope for and her breath caught in her throat as she stared up at him. Slowly, her lips curled into a smile, her other hand reaching up to wipe at her eyes as the hand he held curled around his.

"Well, you did bring me pie. It would be rude to kick you out before I finish." She said, wrinkling her nose as she teased him. "But seriously, you're OK with this? With me?" She asked him. She wanted to open herself up to him, to share with him just as much as he was with her but she was still in a lot of pain and she didn't want to share that with him. She wouldn't wish pain and suffering on anyone.

"Your ice cream is melting."
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Wed Mar 25, 2015 6:14 am

The sliding automatic doors opened and the cool air of the hospital hit her in the face as she stepped through the door. Instantly, her over powered senses were assaulted with that terrible hospital smell. That bleach, cleaning fluid, and sickness smell. Amelia closed her eyes for a moment and let her senses get used to the burning nature of the scents in the building.

Finally, her eyes opened and she headed for the front desk. She tapped on the desk to get the distracted nurse's attention. She was watching a video on the internet, which probably wasn't allowed, but it was so low most people wouldn't be able to hear it. But, nothing like that would ever get past Amelia. The nurse looked up.

"Can I help you?" she asked quickly pausing whatever video she was watching.

Amelia slid her hand into the pocket of her perfectly pressed slacks. She was always one to dress nicely, even on the weekends, and pulled out her badge. She flashed it to the nurse quickly. "I am a Detective and I am here to question a Miss Eleora Maddox."

The nurse quickly dove into the computer and Amelia put her badge back away. She got the room number and quickly headed for the elevators. She pulled the file out from underneath her arm and quickly read back through it while she was riding in the elevator with a woman who must have bathed in perfume this morning it was choking people that didn't have extrasensory issues and for Amelia she was curious .. how long she could hold her breath.

Finally, the doors opened and Amelia stepped out taking a deep breath. She was used to smells assaulting her, it wasn't a shock really. It was just that sometimes things burned more than others. Walking down the hell her heels made sharp sounds on the tile floors. She smoothed down her cream colored silk blouse, her blonde hair fell loose around her. Amelia was actually rather beautiful. She was kind, warm, and cared about others a great deal. But the only mand in her life thus far was her best friend Wes.

She got to the room and there was a giant man blocking the door. Her ears picked up the conversation in the other room. Then her brows furrowed. Is that.. yes... yes there is no doubt Wes is in there.. I don't remember reading his name on the reports. she thought to herself. Once again she flashed her badge at the large man. "I'm here to question Miss Maddox about the events of yesterday." she said and didn't wait for an answer but instead opened the door and stepped inside.

Leaving her badge in her hand she closed the door behind her and then turned to see Eleora and Wes having a indepth conversation. The tension in the room was palpable and Amelia cleared her throat.

"I'm terribly sorry to interupt." she said softly, knowing Wes would know her voice from anywhere. She and Wes had grown up since they were very young, they were practically siblings, a connection that went so deep between them it had never been shaken. "My name is Detective Amelia Remington and I am here to get the events of what happened yesterday." she said with a warm smile. Amelia was very good at seperating business with personal things. Still her eyes found Wes and she shot him a smile. "Wesley, I didn't see your name on the reports, someone dropped the ball. It's good to see you."

As much as she wanted to give him a hug, she didn't, she could do that later when it wasn't so important to get her job done. Besides, she was fairly sure she and Wes had a 'date' later this week anyway they tried to get together at least once a week. Most of the time it took her showing up at the fire department on her day off with food for everyone. Watching Wes be all protective as his fire-brothers hit on her hard.

"Do you have time now for the questioning, Miss Maddox?" Amelia asked returning herself to the job at hand.

==Sorry guys, it seemed like SUCH a perfect moment to break up so you have crap to mess with later! Nothing like unresolved questions to make for great threads! *insert evil laugh here*==
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:10 am

Watching her react to his touch was mildly invigorating.

Ok, so she isn't faking it. he mused to himself as they stared at one another for a moment before she broke into a smile which he quickly mirrored.

"Well, you did bring me pie. It would be rude to kick you out before I finish." she teased as she wrinkled her nose in the cutest way Wes thought imaginable and closed her hand around his own.

"But seriously, you're OK with this? With me?" She asked, timidity in her voice. It was obvious that she was nervous about the answer, her eyes gave her away. Wes realized in that moment that her power was a boon in a lot of ways.

He turned up the charm a little, leaning in just a little closer as their eyes stayed locked on each other. Letting his emotions flutter to a bit mischievous and flirty, he could practicality see the effect in Eleora's gaze.

"Of course I am OK with you. Why? Is there something wrong with you?" he asked softly, words specifically meant for her alone.

"Your ice cream is melting,"

He nodded slightly, "Uh-huh"

The door opened and closed, followed by the one voice Wes never thought he would hear in this situation.

"I'm terribly sorry to interrupt," she stated as she bagan her talk about who she was and why her prescence was warranted. Irritation and a hint of anger flooded through Wes. After a moment, he realized what that meant and dropped Eleora's hand, mouthing "sorry" to her.

"Wesley, I didn't see your name on the reports, someone dropped the ball. It's good to see you." Remy smiled at him, which he returned half-heartedly as he glared at his old friend.

"Remy, the pleasure is all mine I assure you. If you looked at correct reports, my name would be all over them, did the sun get in your eyes again?"

It was a little rude, but Wes knew what Amelia could do, and knew she knew it was him behind the door before she entered.

"You have to barge in here don't you?" he mumbled in a whisper to himself as he sat back down. Eleora wouldn't hear the words, but he knew Remy would...
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Sun Mar 29, 2015 8:51 pm

It had been a long time since Eleora had let herself feel anything for another person that wasn't her family. Well, more aptly, let it show on the outside. She felt things all the time, but part of being an Empath was keeping your emotions under control so you didn't effect other people. He didn't shy away from her, not once did he hesitate. Actually, he seemed far more observant of the effect he had her, considerate of the way his feelings would change her. It was sweet, and unexpected.

Eleora's face constricted in confusion as Wes' emotions changed. She turned her gaze away from his face though it was almost painful to do so. The woman who stood near the door was pretty, and when she said her name all the pieces of the puzzle fell together. She gave Wes a look that told him it was alright as he apologized to her. She mourned the loss of his touch, he was such a pool of positive emotions. He was unlike anyone she'd ever met, he had regrets of course, he was only human but he didn't dwell on them like most did. It was refreshing.

"Detective Remington, I've heard a bit about you. Please, come in. Truth be told I was expecting Detective Stone but you're pleasant surprise." She knew Amelia would have her file in her hands and that file told her a lot of things. Including the part of herself she hadn't told Wesley. That was why she had been expecting Lance, they shared a connection stronger then most simply because of the task they shared. Keeping an Anointed safe. "I am going to assume by the tones your both of your voices that you two know each other. I'll answer whatever questions you may have Detective."

She reached out to Wesley, turning her gaze back to him. "Will you stay with me?" The events that transpired the day before had nothing to do with Aurora and she knew Amelia would mention Aurora to Wes unless he already knew. It wasn't Eleora's secret to tell. Aurora was a passive creature by her very nature, she had no defense against those who would want to harm her just for being what she was and it was Eleora's job to protect her no matter what. But either way, this had nothing to do with the angel riding shotgun, this was just Eleora.
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:41 pm

Remy was surprised by the rudeness in her best friend's voice. Her brow rose as she let her eyes settle over his familiar form. He was actually considering that she was not doing her job properly. It was a massive insult. And she did not appreciate it. She supposed that he was trying to show off for the woman he was boning for but she didn't appreciate being attacked on the job.

"I am certain that I read the right reports, thank you for questioning my authority on the job." she hissed a bit over to him.

She was actually, quite a bit taken back by his attitude. She had a job to do, she wasn't here to interupt because it was fun. She wasn't here to interupt his little love story or whatever it was he found himself in the middle of. So she did not appreciate recieving the brunt of his anger just because she had a job to do.

When he whispered in a way that only she could hear, Remy was emotionally effected. Her hands tightened on the folder in her hand until her knuckles were white. She.. had never experienced such nasty anger from him. She had no idea where it came from and why it was thrown in her direction but she certainly wasn't going to take it. She said nothing to his comment and blinked a few times.

He struck her multiples times in just a few phrases. She plastered a fake smile on her face trying to hide the fact that everything he had said since she walked in the room had struck her at the core.

Eleora changed the subject back to work and Remy was glad for the change, she cleared her throat and opened the folder. Giving her eyes something to focus on that wasn't her best friend.. or the man she thought had been her best friend since they were in kindergarten. She knew all about Eleora's abilities.

"Sorry, they thought you might would rather speak to a woman. Sometimes it's easier, sometimes it's not. Let me know if you prefer Detective Stone and I can have that arranged." she said looking up at Eleora trying desperately to keep the emotions out of her voice. She was here to do a job and then Wes could go screw himself. She was not pleased with his anger and she was less thrilled to spend her usual week night with him. Maybe distance would be good.. maybe after all these years he had enough. Or maybe he was just trying to prove to Eleora that there was nothing going on between them though she knew from the paperwork that Eleora would be able to tell that easily.

Just as Remy was going to ask Wes to give them a few moments peace Eleora asked him to stay. Remy remained standing, she was going to be quick and to the point, and get the hell out of here before she broke down or worse.. lashed out.

Plus the hospital smell was making her stomach curl.

"Could you describe to me, in your own words, what happened last night? Whatever you can remember, would be helpful. We have statements from other witnesses and some rescue personnel but I need to get your account." Remy said as she pulled a recorder out of her pocket. "I'm going to record the conversation, so that when I get back to the office I can type it up without you having to wait for me to take notes." she explained and pressed the record button.
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:42 pm

Wes saw the surprise in his friend's face as she let her brow rose and came back with a prompt, to-the-point answer. He knew at that moment he had upset her. The smell of the hospital probably wasn't helping. Remy wasn't the best with strange odors...and with her senses exploded over dozens of times it made the weird abhorrent. The comment he made under his breath came out far angrier than he intended and he saw it in her reaction. That one he was pretty ashamed of as he watched her blink a couple of times to regain his composure.

Anything she has to say to me later...I will deserve. Everything up to shooting me probably. What an asshole.

Turning to Eleora when she asked him to stay, he glanced over at Remy and silently nodded that he would as she began to speak about the process. Wes slowly sank in to his chair, trying to hide away, not at all proud at his previous behavior. But it was Ele's rubbing of her forehead and waving off Remy after she finished.

"Not right now, Detective. You two need to figure out whatever it is that's going on. You're both literally giving me a headache."

Wes' eyes widened at the thought, feeling even worse about only making things worse. Getting up slowly as to not make a lot of noise, he reached in to the bag on the floor and retrieved the third piece of pie he had bought. It would work to keep her nausea down.

"Detective, let's talk it out first...shall we?"

Letting her lead the way out of the room in to a small break room, Wes cracked the container on the pie.

"Focus on the pie, Remy. Let's have this out. I will start. I was an asshole and I'm sorry. I deserve honestly anything you wanna call me or do to me...it was an unfair and unprovoked attack because I thought I was having a moment with a girl I think I like...a lot."

He took a deep breath and looked at his friend, almost expecting a punch.

"Ok, you go. Let me have it."
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PostSubject: Re: Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)   

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Fancy Meeting You Here (Tag: Wesley, Amelia)
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