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 Lance "Eiael" Stone

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PostSubject: Lance "Eiael" Stone   Lance "Eiael" Stone EmptyTue Mar 17, 2015 7:38 pm

Lance "Eiael" Stone Cooltext1842495436_zpsd42c15eaLance "Eiael" Stone Tumblr_mhh070Lch21qffcrao9_500

Lance Stone
28 ~ Male ~ Anointed ~ Clandestine Corp.~ Nick Bateman

Lance "Eiael" Stone Cooltext1842495219_zpsdaada939

Nicknames:  Stone Cold, Spirit of Vengeance

Physical Description:  Standing at six foot two, Lance strikes a lean profile with chiseled features.  Years of studying martial arts has kept him in excellent physical condition.  He goes for a scruffy, five o'clock shadow look with a pompadour hair style.  While he has the looks of a model, his often stern visage tends to make him less photogenic most of the time. Eiael marked his body with a 'tattoo' of the Enochian word for truth over his left pec. It glows softly when the Anointed awakens.

When Eiael takes over, Lances takes on a bronze quality.  He'll also sprout two pairs of aural wings:  one pair is lifted towards the sky, the other drapes over his shoulders like a prayer shawl.  They are ethereal and rarely move.  Some say his visage will cycle through with aspects of different creatures when his mood changes (lion, bull, or eagle).

Personality:  Lance used to be a happy go lucky guy.  He had a great job working for the police department.  His only care in the world was where would take his girl the following weekend for date night.   That was until the Attack.  After that, he became more introverted.  Lance started seeing monsters in every suspect, underneath the face they presented to the world.  It got him into trouble with the captain quite a few times.  So much so, Lance had to take a mandatory vacation instead of a suspension.  It was during this downtime that Lance met, and ultimately became host to, a being known as Eiael.  He then moved on to the Clandestine Corp. as one of their leading anti-pararnormal weapons developers.  After that, he became extremely gung ho about his work.  The observed enthusiasm for his work earned him the nicknames of Stone Cold and the Spirit of Vengeance.

History:  Lance was born in 1986 to Martha and George Stone, making him a third generation citizen of Starling City in his family.  He had a childhood just like everyone else's.  When the neighborhood kids were deciding if they wanted to play soccer or football, Lance decided he wanted to go for karate lessons.  He had the right mindset for it and quickly climbed up the ladder and degrees.  His weapon of choice is the bo staff.  

The constant physical training did wonders for his physique, and Lance quickly realized all the girls were looking at him.  However, Lance only had eyes for one girl in particular:  Lorelei Kramer .  She lived next door to him and they always played together even before it was cool to have friends that were girls.  The high school sweethearts even managed to pull off the long distance relationship when she went off to Berkley for a law degree.  Lance stayed behind for the impressive Criminal Justice program at the University of Starling City.  They were like peas and carrots again when she moved back after graduation.

But their happiness was not meant to be.  The two went on a camping trip with some old high school friends for last hurrah before venturing out into the real world.  Lance had been accepted into the police academy the year before (sort of a promotion from his internship) and had managed to catch a break for the trip.  The group had been drinking a few beers and telling ghost stories when they heard a noise in the woods.

At first, they thought it was just a wild animal who had been attracted by the smells of the cookfire.  They made loud noises in an attempt to scare it off.  What they did not expect was for the animal to see that as a threat challenge...and then it charged into the camp.  It took Lance a moment to identify just what 'it' was.  Coyote was the first thing that came to mind, but it seemed more aggressive than it should be.  They had all gone camping enough times to know coyotes in these parts wouldn't take on a group this size alone.  And yet, it did.  Maybe it knew they had been drinking and thought itself more than a match.  It wasn't exactly wrong.  The coyote's speed took them all by surprise.  Molly and Joe were the first to be mauled.  Steve went to grab a log from the fire, but was pushed into the pit by the animal.  Gertrude, God how she hated that name, froze out of fright and was an easy target.  Lorelei was recording the whole thing on her phone but did not have the chance to switch over to calling mode.

The only one who had any chance of doing anything was Lance.  He had been sitting by the fire with his bo staff across his lap.  He pulled off a few tricks just moments ago for the entertainment of the group. Years of training and a shit ton of adrenaline sobered him real quick.  Lance lined up a lucky shot to the creature's snout and connected hard.  It was only dazed, but it reevaluated its prey.  The human gave a few swings to keep it at bay.  Eventually, the animal decided it had had enough and dove back into the bushes.

Terrified by what he had seen and covered in the blood of his friends after trying to triage them, Lance finally managed to tuck them all into Steve's Explorer (his own Jeep couldn't take everyone at once and he couldn't leave anyone behind, especially his girl) and drove back into town.  He broke down emotionally when the ER team rushed to get them all out.  He didn't remember much of the next few days.  Friends from the station interviewed him as a formality.  It was clearly an animal attack and none of them thought Lance was capable of slashing up his circle of friends like in a cheap horror film.

Lance buried himself in the Academy after that.  Anything else just reminded him too much, and too painfully, of Lorelei and the others.  No one believed him that a monster had attacked.  They just thought a traumatic experience from a rabid animal had caused his psyche to imagine something weird.  Preventing the same fate for others was the only thing driving him, even if it was only from 'human' assailants.  While he was a great beat cop, Lance started becoming  a bit paranoid and rough when it came to suspects.  He would later learn it was just his subconscious picking up on subtle clues of the paranormal.  This led to the others calling him Stone Cold when he started unleashing his pent up frustrations...and a few busted lips on the scumbags he had arrested.  His sergeant gave him an ultimatum two years later:  use up his accumulated annual leave, or take a nice little chat with Internal Affairs.  The latter would probably take his shield, so Lance took the vacation.

As it turned out, the vacation lined up with the two year anniversary of the Attack.  Lance decided to hold a vigil at the campsite.  If he was lucky, he'd come across the bastard creature that had taken so much from him.  He was not disappointed, but he was surprised.  He was not the only one on the hunt.  Lance's campsite had two-legged visitors decked out like the poachers from Jurassic Park II.  They tried to downplay the reason why they were there, but the mangy mutt leapt out of the bushes once again.  Lance was ready with the bo staff.  He wanted the beast to remember him and therefore did not deserve to be shot like a rabid dog.  Of course, the team had other ideas.  Armed with tranquilizers and bullets, they opened fire.  The hell-ote took a couple of both as though they were nothing but insect bites.  It zagged when they thought it was going to zig and gave a nasty gash to the group leader.  The others wasted no time in peppering the creature with lead.  When it was down and weakened, Lance circled around like a predator.  He then drove the end of staff right into the back of the coyote's head.

Several times.

He didn't care if it was dead.  In fact, Lance sincerely hoped it was.  He didn't even care about the poachers' pay day.  Too many science fiction films had him picturing an escape in the future where it would attack and kill more people.  It was better this way.  No more lost Molly's', Joe's, Steve's, Gertrudes, and Lorelei's.  Especially Lorelei's.  His grieving could finally lessen.

As he packed up to go, the seriously wounded poacher approached Lance.  The skin was stitching itself back together with soft glowing light.  "Hey, kid.  I'm done with field work after tonight.  Want to take over putting monsters away?"  Ironically, that's what the academy recruiter had asked Lance when he turned in his application.  "There certainly are monsters in the world.  We just make sure they stay under the bed."

Since he still had the rest of the week off, Lance decided to check out this other job opportunity.  Dr. Joel Warner, the self sealing man, took him to Clandestine Corporation.  A few of the SWAT boys had mentioned getting a bit of gear from them, but only tactical vests.  Lance was intrigued by the tour of the top floors.  Not to mention, the pay increase Warner offered was nothing to scoff at.  Now that he knew the Boogeyman existed, Lance had to ask himself which should he protect society from:  the same old purse snatcher, or the wendigo in the woods.  He didn't know what a wendigo was yet but the choice seemed clear.  Warner pulled a few strings and got Lance signed on as a SCPD liason to Clandestine.

A few months into beta testing the new SWAT toys, Dr. Warner decided to reveal the reason for his glowing wounds and introduced Lance to Eiael.  Lance at first thought the man was pulling his chain or some kind of dissociative personality.  Then, Warner stopped talking as this Eiael guy 'stepped' out of Warner.  It was like watching one of those ghost hunting shows where the shadow flits across the screen, but with a bronze glow instead of no glow.  The figure had the torso of a man, the lower body of an ox, and two pairs of wings:  one pair is lifted towards the sky, the other drapes over his shoulders like a prayer shawl.  Each wing was dotted in a string of eyes.  It also had four faces: a human, a lion, a bull, and an eagle.  The two then went on to explain the supernatural world and how Eiael was the closest thing to an angel that Warner had ever come across, what the Church would call a cherubim.  That's when they made their second request.  Warner was tired of getting mauled all the time even though his astral partner was better than any health plan.  He liked to be in the lab.  Eiael, on the other hand, was an ageless bookworm of the technological and arcane.  He/It did not want to be cooped up in the lab every hour of every day.  The only thing was the Anointed needed a host in order to whoop ass, it's words not Lance's, and Lance still had the majority of his natural lifetime to do plenty of whooping.  Imagine what they could accomplish with the regenerative benefits of bonding with an Anointed.

Lance thought again of Lorelei and his other friends.  Longevity might seem like an eternity, but wouldn't living and making the world a better place be the best way to honor their memories?  Lance accepted and welcomed Eiael into his body.  It was...indescribable.  He didn't really feel any different, but yet also had access to Eiael's multitudes of experiences and knowledge.  On top of that, Lance suddenly found his clearance in the Corp let him go to the fifth sublevel.  That was where Dr. Warner's real lab was located.  

Lance spent the next five years under the tutelage of Warner and Eiael working on this invention or that prototype.  Needless to say, he was not surprised at all by the revelations when the Veil fell on Old Hallow's Eve.  Eiael had taught him all about the various races, that he knew about, and the two had been casting spells for some time.  Even his old sergeant, now a captain and running his own precinct, admitted that Lance might have seen something more than just a typical coyote.  This revelation came after the February 7th incident at the Starling City Medical Center.  Captain Vance stepped up Lance's liason status to membership in a SCPD/Clandestine task force and promoted him to detective.  Lance has somehow been able to balance both and carries over the same no nonsense attitude when out on a call.  This has also earned him the nickname the Spirit of Vengeance by the other members of the task force whenever they track down a supernatural suspect.


Literary Manipulation:  Eiael's favorite pastime is reading, and the Anointed has developed a magical technique to make reading much more efficient.  He just has to open up a book and keep a hand over the pages.  The pages turn themselves very rapidly and Eiael soaks up the contents instantaneously.  Fortunately for the Anointed, he has an eidetic memory.

Healing and Regeneration:  Being the host to an Anointed does wonders for taking a licking and keeping on ticking.  Eiael, when in control of the body, halves the recovery time after sustaining a wound or injury.  His energy can be passed on by touch to another person.  This process is not instantaneous, but it can stabilize a person's condition until she can be brought to proper medical personnel.  The purified energy can also counter a good deal of toxins and poisons.

Sensing:  Eiael knows when he is in the presence of another Anointed or a member of the Tainted.  In the case of the latter, there will be a skin crawling sensation.

Orbing:  Some Anointed fly through the use of wings, Lance and Eiael do so by transforming into a swarm of spheres made of blue and white light.  The cloud swirls and zips off in the direction the duo intends to go.  While in this cloud form, they can pass through solid matter.  Wards protecting against teleportation do not apply; however, anti-magic fields.  With a bit more juice, he can take along passengers, send them on their merry way (if they are willing) without him, or remotely move an object similar to telekinesis.

Invisibility:  Much of what Eiael learned throughout his existence, other than by reading, was through direct observation and observation only.  He does this in a seemingly paradoxical way.  By giving off light of a certain wavelength, it actually produces a field that refracts light away from him/his host.  The duration of the spell is based on concentration, but it can be negated by passing into an anti-magic field.

Handicaps:  Eiael cannot lie, although he can verbally dance around the truth.  Both he and Lance are more susceptible to Dark magic and can be poisoned by Tainted blood.

Hard Light Constructs:  Lance had spent so many years honing his body that he was not aware he had an innate mental ability.  It was his merger with Eiael, not the onset of puberty like most others, that awakened this potential.  The same blue-white light that manifests during orbing, purely coincidental that the two appear similar, can coalesce into a conjured form.  Much like the Green Lantern, this power depends on his level of will and concentration along with his mana reserve.  Imagination is his only other limit.  More elaborate conjurations require more energy and concentration to produce and maintain.  They are not invulnerable no matter how focused Lance is.  In fact, they can be pretty flimsy once they fulfill their initial purpose.


Various martial arts and weapons, specifically with a bo staff (bojutsu)
Police training - currently a detective with the Starling City Supernatural Task Force
Inventor - metallurgy, blending the occult with science for Clandestine Corporation with Eiael's help
Models on the side.  They like his looks of loss and longing.

Given his penchant for staves and tonfas, Eiael designed interlocking expandable stun batons for Lance to be able carry both as one.  As a staff, it is 71 inches long.

Lance also field tests some of the gizmos that come out of Clandestine.

Lance "Eiael" Stone Cooltext1842495671_zps3f7eb802
"The day that you see me with that childish nonsense, is the day I'll let you personally stake me."

That's a very unusual way to let someone else kill you, Harlow mused. He tucked that away in his mental filing cabinet under V for Vampire. The fae also made a mental note not to get too close to the man. Good thing I didn't waste a Luck just yet. Might need it if he wants something a lil stronger than my booze.

"You could say that I was reared on it." He lifted the glass and dipped it to him in salute before the liquid would disappear. "For the record, I may hunt for the law mate, but that doesn't make me the law."

Bounty hunter? I wonder if I know any of his pay days.

"Well done mate, could use more like you."  ] But where exactly he did not say.

"Guiness is a fluke. People liken it to what it should be. The body looks right but the taste is sometimes iffy. Never, ever drink in aluminum. The metal steals the taste of any good drink. Always from glass or tap. That's the way to go.

Evan nodded as he listened about voodoo and then hissed as the dog walked by. That too was really odd. Well, maybe not. Vamps and Weres didn't exactly get along. Even though Harlow tried to maintain at least an arm's distance from the blood suckers, he had never known any to make animal sounds.

"Say it, mate, don't just make noises. Bring it from the gut, like this,"
his eyes moved about before he cut loose with a rich, baritone, "godsdamitpissfeck."

It sounded like a trumpet of the apocalypse booming from the heavens. Whether it was Gjallahorn for Ragnarok or one of the Seven, Harlow did not know. Neither hail nor fire rained from the sky, so he figured Chris Hemsworth and the Avengers would soon be filming in the area. "Ya gonna tell me to say it, and then ya end with 'feck?' I know sailors on shore leave who would leave that line on the piers."

"I think I should have the bird for dinner one night." He gestured towards the waitress that was bopping around to the music.

"So long as it ain't me or any of my clients." The dead tend to keep their secrets better than the most hardened of criminals.

Evan dropped in the three. He took a bead on the seven only to have it rail bounce to leave a lot of green when he got back to it. He moved around the table and more the felinesque movements were coming to the surface.

"Well that could come in handy. I am need of contacts in the city. Give and take relationship. I could even see about getting yourself south to San Fran where it would be a big hit."

Harlow had never really thought about branching out before. Alcohol was a constant in this country. Not even Prohibition could take that away. They even say society would not exist today if it hadn't been for alcohol (the ones who really tried to impress people would say because of the fact brewing boils the water used, thereby purifying and killing germs). He was content with his small town operation. Then again, there was that thrill of running shipments across state lines. The mischievous side of him was intrigued.

He leaned an elbow on the table. "I'm also looking for the best place to set up shop. Any ideas for the new guy in town?" He would polish off the whiskey bottle and set it down, which the leprechaun poured a little more from his own stash in. It saddened him to think that was shine he wouldn't get to taste....but a new contact would be worth the loss. Especially when he could just whip up another batch tonight. "Well bloody hell, sell this bloke a bottle? How much?"

"I can easily get twenty, but I ain't so much interested in doing it for da money. I haggle. 'Sides, I supplement in other ways." Harlow wasn't going to explain how. His business was in other people's secrets, not his own. He suddenly remembered a tidbit about a coven with an affinity for animals. "Best bet for ya is in the International District, but ya probably know that." Nasirs had that district. "Of course, if you're one of dem bounty hunter types, y'all probably want to go near PD headquarters."

Lance "Eiael" Stone Cooltext1842495826_zps53b76b80
OOC Name:  He Who Wins the Game
Age: 27
Do you play another Charrie here at VF:  Not Yet
How did you find us?:  Lilli
What is your preferred method of communication? PM

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Lillianna Dragonè

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PostSubject: Re: Lance "Eiael" Stone   Lance "Eiael" Stone EmptyTue Mar 17, 2015 10:17 pm

Hello there!

Welcome to Veil Falls!

First off, I love this character and I think it has the potential to be a perfect addition to our plots.

I would just like you to put in his abilities exactly what abilities are Lance's (humans with abilities generally only get one set (Pyromancy, Telepathy) and their various subsets. You hint that he might have abilities that could help him sense supernatural creatures long before he meets the anointed (Anointed can only sense other Anointed and The Tainted.) but then you go into his ability to make light constructs that was unlocked after agree to play host. The two don't seem related so if you could clear that up for me I'd appreciate it.

Also, the Anointed generally leave some sign on their host, it can be small or it can be pretty obvious based on how powerful the Anointed is. The Anointed and their Host and literally two different people sharing the same body, they see what the other sees, hear what they hear but they generally don't share each others memories without deep meditation (though some magical ceremonies can help this along) Anointed are bound by stricter laws then the Tainted, the biggest being free will). Also, there is always a sign when the Anointed is in control. (think Goa'uld, the eyes, the voice, yadda yadda.) So you should think about what Eiael's signs would be.

If you have any questions feel free to AIM me.

Also, I reserve the right to add Steve Austin to the end of his nickname Wink

Lance "Eiael" Stone Cb80c5c8-3696-4942-b388-74fcc118162a_zpsd0fdd053
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PostSubject: Re: Lance "Eiael" Stone   Lance "Eiael" Stone EmptyWed Mar 18, 2015 8:41 am

Thank you. I'm glad you like him. I made all the changes.

Stargate for the win.
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PostSubject: Re: Lance "Eiael" Stone   Lance "Eiael" Stone EmptyWed Mar 18, 2015 7:59 pm

Lance "Eiael" Stone Coolte10

Welcome to Starling City! Please be sure to Claim your Face. You should also copy and paste the link to your application into your profile so if someone wants to stalk you they can. Don't forget to PM Lilli any descriptions of your house and/or business so she can make sure the boards get made. Pictures are helpful! She will also need a little blurb about your character for the Directory and an icon to go with it, 100x100. If you're having trouble finding one you should check Hollow Art. Feel free to put up any Wanteds. Stop by the Cbox and say hi if you haven't already and jump into the fun!
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PostSubject: Re: Lance "Eiael" Stone   Lance "Eiael" Stone Empty

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Lance "Eiael" Stone
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