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PostSubject: Ava Koffaust    Ava Koffaust  EmptyThu Apr 02, 2015 10:39 pm

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Ava Lenette Koffaust
108~ female ~ Avian: Golden Eagle ~ Bayan Convocation~ Eva Green

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Her life started long before she was ever born.  Her family, the mighty Koffaust's, hail from the Eastern European tribes near the Hungarian borders.  They say her eldest ancestor was the first man to train a falcon.  They say that the bird and he were one, he gave the bird a superior brain and the golden eagle gave him wings.

When Ava was bored, she was the delight of the Koffaust family.  She was given rights, titles, and a silver spoon to eat with.  Her royal majesty, second of her name, Ava Koffaust became the long sought after, Hungarian princess, Vissza of the Amikor Convocation, and heiress to the Koffaust rule.  She had everything.  Her father was the Vele, the 'alpha', of the Amikor Convocation, the honor passed through his bloodlines from her grandmother, and so on… while her mother was said to be a witch.  

Ava had everything she'd ever need to become a great warrior Queen, as was her duty.  However, the little princess had thoughts of her own.  She was a wild, rebellious child who could not wait to spread her own wings and fly.  She was trained in melee combat, as was her fathers instructions, and in sword play.  She was also required to learn to ride a horse, have proper dinner etiquette, and speak the languages of their allied companions.  Ava did her duties, but on the inside… she could not wait to be free.

YEars passed, suitors came, but the princess denied them all.  Her family had dropped the custom of arranged pure marriages centuries ago and Ava was free to choose her own mate.  There were many potentials but none that stuck.  The Vissza was not interested in becoming a wife and mother, she was interested in having a damn good time and a hell of a story.

Rebellious by nature, she became the favorite subject of tabloid writers and playboy parties.  She often found herself waking up in a penthouse suit, with bottle of wine & champagne, room service, and a heavy bar tab from the night before.  The perfect princess was out of control and an outrage to her parents.  They demanded that she comes home and start their idea of a life… and her highness took a plane to China.  

Of all the delegates and ambassadors that she'd ever met, none caught her fancy like the chinese Streak.  She found herself introduced to the Streak's alpha, and to her lovely daughter.  Ava liked her the moment she saw her.  Here was a girl who she could identify with.  Someone who was a Vissza, like herself, only a tiger.  Ling was beautiful.  She was smart, a delight to be around, and a good way for Ava to practice her shaky Chinese… but she found herself strangely disappointed in the emperor's line.  There was something to Ling that was surpressed, like a coal buried under ashes.  The fire was there, it was just not allowed to ignite.  Ava took it upon herself to watch it spark.  Poor Ling, she was just a girl who was forced to do things the way her parents told her to do them… and the Hungarian high flier could not stand for it.  LIttle did she know there was a beast beneath it all.

She managed to get Ling alone for a night, and showed her the world she'd been missing.  Party after party, drinks, drugs, and, yes, sex… Ava gave her the best weekend in the Dragon city that she could come up with… and it was so worth every dime.  The two remained good friends for the years to come.  Though Ava was pretty sure Ling's mother hated her, she allowed her to travel to and from the city to accompany their daughter.  She had finally found someone to spend her forever with, but it was not to be.  

Years passed, Ava partied on, and Ling moved up in the world.  Her royal highness, Princess Ava Koffaust landed herself in the lycanthrope prison for 'unlawfully attacking an innocent man with Alpha force' which, if you ask Ava, is a load of bullshit.  

She'd grown into what a Vissza should be.  Of course, she was human, and of course, like all lycans, she could turn into an animal, however, Vissza's were offspring destined to be alpha's… and that came with a pretty package.  Ava has a bipedal form.  She remains human but two wings emerge from her back, wings that are so large they drag the ground when she walks.  Ava lovingly calls it her 'battle front form' and can will it's transformation, especially when she gets angry.  

Ava Koffaust  Maleficent-wings-gif-gncr10az

The man she illegally attacked tried to defile a young Asian girl in a club.  Caught in the act, Ava had him drug outside and then proceeded to 'deal with it' herself.  The man was hardly recognizable when the corener showed up.  His dental records identified him, and sadly for Ava, he was a member of the nearby Skulk… making her crime traitorous and potentially fatal for herself.  She was saved from a certain death by two facts: 1. It is common knowledge that eagles can, and will, hunt foxes.  2.  The man was in his rights to protect himself and yet he did not.  Though he father begged her to apologize publicly, Ava chose to sit in prison for 13 months over the murder.  

That girl.  That Asian girl had reminded her too much of her Ling, and it was more than Ava could take.  She hadn't planned on killing him but when she saw the little girls face, her Ling's smile came to mind… and that was all it took.  

Now, free from her prison sentence, she has publicly disgraced her bloodline.  Though her family cannot excommunicate her, they can denounce her with the birth of a sibling.  It is common knowledge that those in the convocation practice siblicide… and the strongest sibling prevails.  This is why most families only have one offspring.  In fear that their bloodline, crown, and titles are going to a party loving, hellion of a daughter, the Koffaust's have rumor whisperings of a second child to take the throne.  This is something Ava cannot allow… though she cares nothing for titles and crowns, she is the jealous type that will not share the spotlight with anyone.  

To avoid a murder, her father has sent her as an ambassador around the world to try and unite the Convocations of the seven seas.  Ava's partied her way through Europe and Canada… and has now landed in America, oddly enough, in Starling City.  Just a little star on her map… but with so much potential.  

Ava Koffaust  Talon-Golden-Eagle

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As Lenora Blackwell:
Sleep rarely came easy to the Healer of the group. Even if her body was exhausted, her mind was always reeling with the what if's. What if they got one of the Barrows? What if they got Sophia? What if she couldn't get there fast enough? What if she couldn't save them? And those were the thoughts that she drifted off to sleep with. She dreamed in color but it was mostly violent shades of red. Even now, she was not all the way asleep. She had started drifting, gently soothed by the rhythmic, deep breaths of her sleeping comrades. It was very quiet in the countryside.

She wondered where Buck was. What he was up to. It always unnerved her when the four were not together. Especially when Buck was not present. He had brought her in. He had saved her. She needed him around. She hugged her pillow a little tighter to herself and felt her body let go and dare to dream.

It was then, in that moment, that She heard her name. "Nora! Nora! We gotta go. We've got a tail and it's only a matter of time before this place is crawling with pigs." Her eyes opened for a moment and she tried to find her bearings. She sat up quickly and pulled her clothes from their resting place on the floor. "Call Buck while you're at it and let him know we're leaving, wherever he is…he needs to stay there." She was nodding as she pulled on her knee high lace up boots.

She had a leather satchel that she kept by the bed. It was full of herbs, medicines, bandages, a journal, and a pistol. All her possessions wrapped up in one small bundle. What a life. She glanced up to make sure Sophia had already grabbed her things and exited and Nora followed. "Gotta go, and now!" Nora nodded and dug her phone from her pocket as she ran. She held down the number three and it started to dial a number that only showed up as Voicemail in her phone. She kept Gryffon, Buck, and Sophia's numbers disguised, just in case her phone was lost, stolen, or left behind.

The gruff sound of his voice would make her heartbeat, however, the sound of the automated voicemail made it race. Where was he? "It's me. They've found us. We are leaving. Stay where you are. I'll call when it's safe." She tried to be as vague as possible, just in case he happened to misplace his phone. Anyone would love to be privy to his information.

She crawled in the backseat of the stolen car and tossed her satchel in the seat next to her. The sound of gunshots made her grit her teeth. "Here we go." She said to herself as Gryffon inquired about Buck. "Naw. Left him a message. " She reached down and felt for the gun. It was not what she was expecting… ""Are you fuckin' serious right now Gryf?" She pulled out the double barrel, ""We are all going to go deaf if I fire this thing off!"

The truck turned hard and Nora braced herself against the door. One hand grabbing the oh shit handle and the other lifting the shotgun, she prepared herself for the onslaught. Before she shot, Nora rested the butt of the gun in her lap and, with her free hand, fished around for the pistol in her bag. Now, equipped with a pistol and a shot gun, she was ready. There was the sound of gunshots, and then the god awful sound of glass shattering as a bullet struck it. "FUCK! This is just fuckin' perfect."

Aiming the shotgun out the shattered back windshield, Nora aimed the best she could. "Hold steady Gryffon. Plug your ears!" She pulled the trigger and the blast knocked her backwards. It was a powerful gun and kicked like a mule, but it worked. "Holy shit. You put buckshot in it?!" There really was not a question in sentence, it was more of a -of course you did- startling surprise.

She held the shotgun up again. "Ears!" she said, and fired again. She needed to reload. laying down in the backseat, she cleared the way for Sophia to fire. The ammo boxes were laying in the floor, shells were just rattling and rolling around everywhere. "You alright Sophie?" She said as her fingers clutched two shells. She lifted to reload. Lenora ignored the burn of the freshly fired gunpowder against her palm as soon as she opened the chamber. Popping in the two shells, Nora waiting for Sophia to acknowledge her before she raised up. She knew better than to get in the line of fire when Sophia aimed.

"Either you have to slow down or they have to speed up… we are too far away to hit." But that was really the point. Lifting the pistol, she aimed at the car behind them. She was not shooting for the driver, she was shooting for the engine. If she could blow that this chase would be over all too soon. She had six shots and she needed one to count. "Gryffon, you want me to shoot to kill or shoot to spill?" She'd let him make the call. Did he want the officers dead or did he want the car out of commission? While he made the call, Nora pumped the shell into the chamber and waited… locked and loaded.

Ava Koffaust  Cooltext1842495826_zps53b76b80
OOC Name: Zealot
Age: 28.5
Do you play another Charrie here at VF: Nooo
How did you find us?: The Boss begged me for loving'
What is your preferred method of communication?
aim or PM.

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PostSubject: Re: Ava Koffaust    Ava Koffaust  EmptyThu Apr 02, 2015 11:29 pm

Ava Koffaust  Coolte10

Welcome to Starling City! Please be sure to Claim your Face. You should also copy and paste the link to your application into your profile so if someone wants to stalk you they can. Don't forget to PM Lilli any descriptions of your house and/or business so she can make sure the boards get made. Pictures are helpful! She will also need a little blurb about your character for the Directory and an icon to go with it, 100x100. If you're having trouble finding one you should check Hollow Art. Feel free to put up any Wanteds. Stop by the Cbox and say hi if you haven't already and jump into the fun!

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