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 What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek)

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What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek) Empty
PostSubject: What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek)   What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek) EmptyFri Apr 17, 2015 9:01 pm

"Read 'em an' weep boys!" Rio announced as she laid her hand of cards down on the table. The other players all groaned and tossed in their cards as Riona collected her winnings and made quite the show of counting out each bill. "Hey Rose! Get these fine gentlemen a round!" She called out to the waitress at the bar, which brought smiles back to the faces of her opponents. Rio knew how to be a good winner, that didn't mean she wasn't going to rub their noses in it later. The other members of her biker gang were good sports, even if she was technically a cop. Her leather jacket hung over the back of her chair, the atmosphere in the Irish pub tended to be a bit humid though it wasn't like Riona cared so much. Picking up her beer, she took a long swig, thoroughly enjoying her night off. Of course, her phone was in her pocket just in case, it was a big city after all and shit tended to happen.

Little did she know it was about to happen right there.

The volume towards the back of the pub where the pool tables sat caught her ear and Rio turned her head so she could see them. Apparently, someone either couldn't take a joke or didn't like getting hustled...probably the latter. Their body language and tone was making her cop sense tingle however and she leaned forward to tap the man next to her on the arm. He glanced at her, and when she thumbed over her shoulder in their direction he turned his gaze to the back as well. "I donnae think that's goin ta blow o'er, isn't the large one an enforcer fer you know who?" Rio had a standing rule that she never said her father's name, and in O'Malleys she never had to. He nodded in agreement and she rolled her eyes. She wasn't going to step in unless it escalated to actual violence though, it was her night off damnit.

And then a billiard ball went sailing past her head to hit the man across from her in the chest, forcing the breath from his lungs for a moment. That was enough to get all four of them on their feet. From there, what could only be described as a good old fashioned bar brawl ensued. It wasn't very cop like of her of course, but sometimes a girl just needed to punch something. She let her friends deal with the instigator, not reason to go after a target twice her size when she had back up. Instead, she aimed for his smaller associate who was moving to protect the large one. "Not in my fecking bar ya bollix." She growled, jabbing her hand up into his throat. It was a bit of a low blow, much like the pool stick to his face that followed.

A blinding flash of light filled the pub, on instinct, Rio dropped to the ground and rolled under the pool table that had been to her left, hopefully causing anyone who may have been trying to hit her to miss. The light lasted only a moment, though the spots in her vision would last much longer. She almost didn't see the glint of a knife as it came at her, but her training saved her from an almost fatal wound. Still, fire flared up her arm where the knife cut her and she lashed out with her other arm, catching his wrist in her hand and slamming her knee upward to knock the knife out of his grip. Her elbow connected with his face next, sending him sprawling to the floor in an unconscious heap.

Great, now it had escalated to knives. And, apparently powers judging by the short little man throwing orbs of light at one of her companions. They didn't seem to be doing much damage but they sure as hell were distracting. Ducking under a wild punch, Rio knocked her would be attacker onto a pool table. She spied Rose on the phone in the kitchen through the swinging doors...good girl.

And then, just as quickly as it had started, it was over. There was a lot of groaning and whining, and Rio felt a sharp pain above her eye. How did she get that cut? Maybe when she rolled under the table. "Fire, git o'er here!" She frowned as her friend called out but she managed to stumble in that direction, pushing someone out of the way to get there. What she saw however made her cringe. "Go git me kit." She told him, kneeling down next to the limp body on the floor. Instinctively she checked for vitals as he left to get her medkit out of the saddlebags on her bike outside. Breathing, check, pulse, check. Fearful look on face...check. "Hang in there Rocko, you're gonna be fine." There was a patch of blood on his right side and she gently lifted his shirt so she could see what was going on. Knife wound...lovely. "I donnae think they stuck anything important, just hold still. Rose! Get me some Whiskey and a clean towel!" She called out, knowing Rose would be peeking her head out of the kitchen by now. As she waited for Rose to show up, Rio fished her phone out of her pocket and hit the speed dial. "This is Riona Connors, I need a bus at O'Malleys. Bar brawl turned into a stabbing." She told them when dispatch answered. "Abilities used in the fight, tag the task force." She added.
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What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek) Empty
PostSubject: Re: What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek)   What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek) EmptyWed Apr 22, 2015 5:55 pm

Derek put a hand over his face, snickering in fairly restrained fashion while the three other men around the table laughed uproariously. The lady that was rounding out the group was sitting back in her chair, beaming at the reaction her story had gotten, though Derek lifted a brow slightly as he looked over at her.

"So are you ever going to stop telling that story, Reese?" he asked, his tone suggesting his foreknowledge of the answer.

"Only when you falling through the floor into the fucking latrine stops being so fucking funny, el-tee." she replied, her smile only widening if anything. One of the others finally caught his breath, and looked up to Derek, shaking his head. "You can't possibly tell me that's a true story."

Derek shrugged, tapping idly on the rim of his beer glass. "The place was a shithole - more literally than I thought. This AB is Oscar Mike through the hovels, crashing through people's kitchens and generally making a fucking ass of himself. Now this place is in a sad state, I saw two other guys go clean through the wall just the day before, so I see him cut left, I figure hey - most of the walls are just fabric, maybe a littls stiffer, if I break through I can take the fucker down. Terp's fifty yards back by now, can't tell any of the Hajis I'm just passing through their kitchen, so I angle left, shoulder down. Wall came apart just like I wanted, but so did the fucking floor."

This only prompted the others to crack up again, so, chuckling a bit to himself - the sting of this particular op had worn off years ago, he took a drink and waited for them to quiet down. "So I'm up to my knees in shit, have to haul myself out of there. Valez takes the AB down, I finally catch up, and this bitch goes-" He indicated Reese with a thumb, and she cut in at the prompting.

"Damn, El-tee, you musta actually showered today." This of course brought another round of laughs at Derek's expense, but before he could launch into a story or two that would shift the embarrassment of the evening onto Reese, he felt his phone buzzing in his pocket. The waitress was back at that point too, and while the others argued over whose round it was, he stood and turned away, putting the phone to his ear.

"Maddox. No, I'm ten-ten." His amusement died a slow death at the news on the other end, and he nodded - more to himself, lady at Dispatch wasn't going to see it. "10-4. I'm a block away, en route." He hung up, then turned back to the table, grabbing his coat. A groan went up immediately, but he shook his head.

"Sorry, grunts - bar down the street turned into a clusterfuck, got one of ours involved. I'm closest."

"Embrace the suck." one of the men intoned with the air of someone imparting great wisdom, and the others nodded. The group exchanged farewells at that point, and Derek ducked out into the chill of the night air, shrugging his black jacket on as he started toward the pub. He realized when he saw it that it was familiar, though he couldn't peg why until he stepped in, and was moderately taken aback by the degree of damage inside. The detective let out a low whistle, stepping over the ruins of what had once been a chair as he caught sight of Riona and moved to walk up to her.

Almost immediately someone moved into the way, looking him up and down with evident distaste. "And just what's your business?" he growled. Derek met the man's eyes, his own hardening at the tone. "Got a friend to check on, if that's not too much trouble." His tone was light, jovial - the eyes weren't, and not many people chose to screw with someone of Derek's size if they could avoid it. It didn't hurt that, cop or no cop, he carried himself like a Marine.

"You alright, Bones? Looks like I picked the wrong bar tonight, all the fun was over here." he called, moving past the man when he decided obstruction was probably not the best course of action.
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What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek) Empty
PostSubject: Re: What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek)   What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek) EmptyWed May 13, 2015 7:15 pm

Ros was quick, appearing at Riona's side with exactly what she'd asked for. She asked her to open the whiskey bottle as she took the towel and none too gently pressed it against Rocko's wound. "Stop yer whinin ye cry baby." She told him as he cried out in pain. She then took the whiskey bottle from Rose and lifted it to her lips for a rather large drink of her own before handing it down to Rocko. "I know at leas' one o' ye has painkillers. Cough 'em up." She called out. Just because she tended to look the other way didn't mean she was stupid. After a moment of silence a bottle of pills rolled across the floor. Riona snatched them up in her good hand, and then eyed the man who'd rolled them over. "Why Ethel, you donnae look a day o'er sixty." She deadpanned as she popped the lid off and shook out two pills onto her knee. It would be enough to keep the pain down but she couldn't do much about the bleeding that any doctor not trained in field trauma would approve of.

"Hennessy, stop lookin' fer trouble and go git me kit!" Rio called out as she spied the mountain of a man blocking Maddox in. Her accent always got thicker when she was drinking...or angry, and she was Irish so that tended to be often. She glanced up at Derek as he moved over to her, though behind him she caught movement through the glass outside on the street. "Fun ain't over yet." She said, reaching out with her free hand to wrench on his arm and pull him down out of the line of fire as bullets sprayed in from the front window. Thankfully, whoever was doing the shooting seemed to be more concerned with causing damage and less with actually killing people as his bullets aimed high and well away from the floor.

Riona swore loudly, hunched over Rocko's form. Glass from all the bits and baubles on the walls rained down around them. Rose was hunched down next to her, screaming like a banshee and Riona resisted the urge to knock her out just to save her hearing. Wouldn't be polite after all. She did spy one of the idiots she'd been fighting trying to crawl into the kitchen and she nudged Derek and motioned with her head. "Tha's the one tha' stabbed me." She knew Derek wouldn't let him get far, Rio may not have been a cop like Derek but she was still a member of the force. Thankfully, he'd cut the arm that wasn't tattooed or Riona would have plenty more to dish out.

The bullets finally stopped flying and Hennessy returned, kicking some asshole through the door and tossing the gun on the table. Sirens could now be heard in the distance but Riona had other thoughts as Hennessy tossed her medkit to her while keeping the asshole from running. "Tie 'im down and clear out Hennessy, you an' the boys need ta be anywhere bu' here."
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What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek) Empty
PostSubject: Re: What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek)   What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek) EmptySat May 16, 2015 12:18 pm

Riona was noisy as per the usual. Lady barked orders like an Irish drill sergeant, particularly when there was a dangerous situation, and he didn't think all of that came from her time in the military. He caught the look in her eye just before she reached for him, and he was already moving down when she grabbed and pulled, landing flat on his stomach before he rolled back up to a shoulder, drawing his Sig from its holster to level at the window. He couldn't return fire blindly, not in the middle of the city where people might be watching from across the street... still, if the asshole's aim improved, he wasn't going to have much choice. The gunfire cut off though, just after Riona shouted to him, and he checked for a moment to see the big Irishman manhandling the gunman before he rolled to his feet and took off into the kitchen after the one attempting flight.

The guy was quick once he got onto his feet, but Derek crashed through the back alley door right on his heels and tackled him hard to the ground, immediately rolling the man into a lock to keep him from struggling effectively before he pressed the muzzle of his gun against the back of the man's head. "Ah ah. I wouldn't." he admonished as the man started to struggle again. He went still quickly though, until...

"Oy. Ye might be wantin' to get off our mate, boyo."

Derek swore internally, turning to see five men standing, one with a revolver leveled at him. "I'm a cop, you know." he said mildly, hoping for at least some direction - though the men only laughed. Wonderful.

"I said, get off 'im."

Derek slowly pulled his gun away, standing up before the man scrambled up and shoved him back against the wall, taking the gun from his grip. He leaned in, grinning like a madman, before Derek glanced to the side and called out. "How long are you pricks gonna watch?"

The Irishmen looked uniformly confused, at least until someone clamped a hand down on the arm of the man with the revolver, forcing it down before he could fire, and a heavy fist crashed into his nose just as he turned around. The revolver clattered to the ground as the man collapsed, leaving one of the other Marines cracking his knuckles. The other two stood by him, similarly grim, and Maddox took advantage of the confusion, twisting his body to lend weight to his elbow as he smashed it into the cheekbone of the man who had his gun. The assault took him flat-footed, and Derek swore he felt a bone breaking as the man spun away and went down, a puppet with his strings cut. The remaining Irish grit their teeth, reaching for knives and blackjacks, the first climbing back up though his revolver had been lost, skidding beneath a nearby dumpster.

Still, six on four... "Well this isn't gonna be fair." Derek said, the words drawing a hungry grin from the other Marines. From there, the fight was a whirlwind. The Irish - no doubt part of one criminal enterprise or another, going by their level of organization - were experienced fighters to one degree or another, but soldiers they weren't. Certainly they weren't part of Derek's old unit, which - partly because of his personal martial arts background - had a well-earned reputation for excelling in close combat drills. The Marines took them apart.

Derek stepped in, slipping a stab with one of the large knives, then twisted in and stunned the man with a jab to the nose before lacing his hands together behind the man's head and slamming his knee up into the diaphragm. While he doubled over, Derek moved on to the next, taking advantage of his uncertainty about who to attack by landing a quick hook and then a cross before a low kick to the upper leg dropped him to one knee. The female soldier drove her boot into his face to put him down without the pair exchanging a word, and Derek turned back around to finish off the initial target.

It was over in seconds.

Derek stood over the last of the fallen Irish, letting out a long breath before he glanced up to the small group. "Thanks! I thought that was going to take a while."

"Do we really have to keep saving your ass, el-tee?"

"Hey. I knew you lot couldn't stand to just sit behind. How sad would you be if I'd wrapped this up without you?"

"Pissed off."

"See?" He leaned down, snatching the revolver up and checking it before he handed it to Reese. "Watch these fucks, would you?"


He nodded, then turned and walked back through the kitchen, snatching his own weapon off the ground - and dragging the man who'd stabbed Riona with him. That man came flying through the kitchen door before Derek did, crashing into one of the already overturned tables before he landed, the whole left side of his face already purpling. "He brought friends. So did I. Everyone okay in here? Other than the fucks I'm taking to lockup?"
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What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek) Empty
PostSubject: Re: What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek)   What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek) EmptySun May 17, 2015 5:23 pm

Rio watched Maddox take off into the kitchen with all the grace of a grizzly bear, her lips curling into a smile for a brief moment. She turned her attention to Hennessy who tossed her medkit towards her. She caught it with her good hand and pulled the straps free so she could rifle through the contents. "Alright Rocko, hang in there. I gotta get this bleeding stopped and you're not gonna like it." She told him, but before she could work on him she had to contain her own. Slapping a piece of gauze to her arm, she used her free hand and her teeth to hastily wrap medical tape around her arm to keep the gauze in place. It had to be her bad arm didn't it?

One of the idiots who started the fight stirred off to her side, glancing up she recognized him as the man who'd been throwing the colored lights and she wondered if that was all he could do. He looked slightly different however, still just as short but his ears were slightly elongated and he looked older somehow. Probably some sort of fae and his glamour wore off after being knocked unconscious. "Rose, go git me gun out of me jacket. Donnae worry, safeties on, jus' donnae push any buttons." She cooed to the very frightened woman at her side, motioning to the collapsed chair her jacket still hung on. It took her a moment but finally she began to move, crawling across the floor. "Atta girl." Rio encouraged. When she spied Hennessy still standing over the man he'd tied to a chair she rolled her eyes. "Get outta here Hennessy, I'll deal wit th' fall out."

He glanced over to her and then motioned to the other man standing near him. Together they took off out the front door, the sound of motorcycles leaving fading off into the distance. Bending down, Rio stuck the flashlight form her kit into her mouth so she could use both hands to examine the wound better. Peeling back the towel she'd pressed over the wound. She didn't have much time, the bleeding started back up almost immediately. Improvise, that was about all she had left. Good thing she was used to that. From the base of her med kit she pulled a plastic casting she'd made of a knife, she had a few of them in there but the others were larger. She slid it into the wound, filling the empty space he was bleeding into. Rocko cried out just about the time Maddox made his loud entrance.

"You Jarheads e'er do anythin' on yer own? I swear you roam in packs." Rio griped teasingly. Rio was more of the Army of One type, wasn't like she had much choice in the matter. "Ye got here quick, havin a drink wit' the boys? Rehashin the old stories?" She asked with a smile as she laid gaze over the end of the plastic barely sticking out of rocko's side and taped the ends down. "Donnae move Rocko, that's an order." There wasn't much more she could do for him till the paramedics arrived, she didn't have the tools necessary to stitch him back together. Rose had crawled back to her, and her gun now rested in the waistband of her jeans. "Thae one o'er there may be Fae, he was throwin lights around earlier." She motioned, sitting back as she fought off the dizziness she felt. Blood loss did that to you. "Th' two on th' floor near th' pool tables were jus' bystanders, everyone else can go ta hell fer all I care." She added. Her job wasn't to arrest them, that was Derek's job.
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What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek) Empty
PostSubject: Re: What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek)   What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek) Empty

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What happens at O'Malleys...stays at O'Malleys (Derek)
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