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 Shinjuku Babel - an SMT/Pokemon Crossover

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Shinjuku Babel - an SMT/Pokemon Crossover Empty
PostSubject: Shinjuku Babel - an SMT/Pokemon Crossover   Shinjuku Babel - an SMT/Pokemon Crossover EmptyWed May 13, 2015 12:43 pm

Many years ago, a man attempted to build a teleportation device. Something went wrong, causing world-wide panic as unknown creatures began streaming onto Earth from a place unknown to mankind. In the end, the humans and, as the people called them, demons, began to fight incessantly, leading to the end of civilization.

Only a handful of nations still exist, one of them being Japan, now called the United Japanese Republic, where our story takes place. Who are you? Are you a Demon? Perhaps a Demonica, neither human nor demon, but both? An Innocent, an AI designed for labor tasks? Or perhaps you're a Fusillade, a new type of human capable of fusing with a crystallized Demon at will? Or perhaps you're just human? Will you fight against Demons, or fight alongside them? Will you be a revered Devil Buster, or a loathed criminal? Are you a registered citizen, or an unregistered gladiator fighting for your life?

What is your story? Only you can tell it.

Shinjuku Babel is a SMT-based game crossed with Pokemon. Rather than the iconic series Demons, our board replaces the Demons with Pokemon. We offer many unique and exciting features:
• Follow the main quest-line and fully immerse in the board storyline.
• Befriend, breed, train, and customise your Pokemon in new ways!
• Create one of five character types; an everyday Human, a Demon, a Fusillade, a human that can fuse with a crystallized Demon at will, a Demonica, a permanent fusion of human and demon, or an Innocent, a humanoid AI designed to assist in the rebirth of Tokyo.
• Crafting, Enhancement, Modification systems that allow full customization of Equipment; Item Mixing allows you to turn low-level items into higher level ones, without fear of failing!
• Unique dice system, in which players roll for damage outputs, instead of success/failure rates, in combat.
• Skill freedom, allowing players to fully customize what their character is capable of.
• Store up to ten Demons (Pokemon) on hand, and twelve more in a Demon Depository.
• Teach your Demons skills they normally would not learn on their own through use of Runes.
• Come face to face with the strongest and most elusive of Legendaries!
• Take on existing side-quests for rewards, or submit some of your own!
• Not ready to take on a real battle yet? That's okay! Fight virtual opponents in the Virtual Training Room, or the VTR, without fear of dying!
• Real, tangible in-character consequences for in-character actions. Be careful what you play with...
• Optional application - only certain, simplistic sections are required, but you can do the rest for rewards!
• Find a Demon that has a gijinka form, an extra type, or even a different type altogether!

Rated 3.3.3/R // Must be 18 years or older to join // no word count, welcoming to newbie RPers and ESLs alike

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Lillianna Dragonè

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Shinjuku Babel - an SMT/Pokemon Crossover Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shinjuku Babel - an SMT/Pokemon Crossover   Shinjuku Babel - an SMT/Pokemon Crossover EmptyWed May 13, 2015 6:36 pm

Thanks for Visiting!

Shinjuku Babel - an SMT/Pokemon Crossover Cb80c5c8-3696-4942-b388-74fcc118162a_zpsd0fdd053
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Shinjuku Babel - an SMT/Pokemon Crossover
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