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 Humans & Humans with Abilities.

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Humans & Humans with Abilities. Empty
PostSubject: Humans & Humans with Abilities.   Humans & Humans with Abilities. EmptyFri Jan 02, 2015 6:21 am

Humans & Humans with Abilities. 43688162-1f5a-4b22-ba70-4f071aa47553_zps69a4ebf9


Of course, while the entire world changed the night that the veil fell.. not everything changed.  While some humans were awakened and realized their gifts,  others stayed the same.  Many humans, most of them actually, remained unchanged.  While the world impacted them in many ways most humans stayed virtually the same.  About thirty percent of the population had their gifts awakened when the Veil fell.

Though there is, of course, some unrest among the humans.  Jealousy and envy have sparked up a few resistance groups.  Those that are against the humans that have gained abilities and those races that have suddenly sprung seemingly out of nowhere after the Veil, even though they'd been there the whole time we just couldn't perceive them.  These resistance groups are known for their protests, their outright hate, and sometimes even attacks on those that are no longer 'pure human'.  Along with the hate groups there are a great deal of fan and support groups that enjoy the fact that the world has expanded to such a degree.  

Humans with Abilities

As previously stated, when the Veil fell, many humans were affected by the new world revealed to them. Some of them woke up suddenly with abilities that they had not ever known before hand.  Abilities that had been hinted at when they were mere humans expanded to a degree unknown.  Such as, those that had a slight precognition would now have it in full degree, occasionally, accompanied by other abilities.  Super strength, hearing, and other abilities have arisen in some humans.  New children born after the Veil had fallen have been known to have a striking rise in abilities and powers from birth.

The abilities are not overly large.  They tend to be abilities that benefit their way of life and often if they developed when the Veil dropped have something to do with an extreme talent they carried beforehand.  For example, if someone was gifted music before they may now be able to pick up any instrument and be an expert at it.  Or play with their mind.  Or if someone was a excellent swimmer, they could now breathe underwater without any assistance.  Or be able to speak to underwater creatures.  

Possibilities are endless.

Powers of Humans: (this list will be updated as Humans with Abilities are created and approved.)

Technopathy & Cyberpathy:  The ability to communicate and use computers and the internet without having to use mainstream methods.  Being able to command the electronics around you using your mind or your hand.  Being able to search the internet through your mind.

Example:  Indigo Watson

Synesthete: Or the ability to enhance the senses. Making them extremely delicate and hypersensitive. This covers, sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

Example: Amelia Remington

Psychometry: The ability to sense past events by touch or proximity.

Example: Nikolai Chenkov

Empathy: The ability to feel what others are feeling

Example: Eleora Maddox

Constructs: The ability to create objects with you mind

Example: Lance Stone

Supernatural Sight: The ability to see things others can't.

Example: Derek Maddox
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Humans & Humans with Abilities.
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