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 Nikolai Chenkov

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PostSubject: Nikolai Chenkov    Nikolai Chenkov  EmptyFri Jan 09, 2015 5:19 am

Nikolai Chenkov  Cooltext1842495436_zpsd42c15ea
   Nikolai Chenkov  Tumblr_lz6p4jmcgi1qc8ivao2_r1_250
   Nikolai Mikhail Chenkov
  36 ~Male ~ Human ~ The Tribe (Hunter) ~ Ryan Reynolds

   Nikolai Chenkov  Cooltext1842495219_zpsdaada939
A lean six foot even, Nikolai packs 185 pounds of corded muscle on his frame. His light brown hair is usually cropped short and his face is kept clean shaven or covered in only a shadow of scruff.  His features can appear almost boyish with playful hazel-colored eyes, though they can harden with steely resolution.   As a member of the Tribe, Nik bears a spider tattoo on his back, just below the base of his neck.

Nikolai's approach to most endeavors is confident commitment edged with sarcasm.  Not one to take himself, or anyone else, too seriously, his outlook is humorously fatalistic.  The Russian does not, however, make the mistake of underestimating a situation, opponent or ally, or taking anything too personally...business is business after all.  The fall of the 'Veil' has not changed his sentiment that everyone is equally able to potentially benefit him or harm him,  so he bears no specific prejudice towards the supernatural.   He is loyal to the tribe, in particular to Lillianna and Adreana, whom he strangely enough consider his saviors.  He is especially devoted to Adreana, to whom he serves as a Consort.

Psychometry - Nikolai can gather basic information from touching an object or studying a location.  The data could include recent activity involving the item including who may have used it.  Likewise, a location could reveal events that had taken place there, or who had been present.  The detail of the information depends on the timeliness of the activity.  Recent events provide more data.  The further into the past the activity goes, the more general and vague the details.  The range of this ability is roughly confined to a large room.

Danger Intuition - Nikolai can sense an immediately pending threat.  This alarm occurs only moments before the impending doom, hopefully allowing just enough time for a quick, evasive reaction.

Piloting - Helicopter
Unarmed Combat
Music - Guitar
Computer Access
Languages - Russian, English, Chinese

Physically Fit
High Pain Tolerance
Sense of Humor

Prone to drinking binges
Smart ass
Tasha's memory

Nikolai was born in Volgodonsk, Russia in 1979, to a trolleybus driver and his seamstress wife.  The family was poor, and young Nik strove to find ways to help the family, many of them little more than petty thefts.  The youth demonstrated a knack for getting into trouble, and an even more uncanny knack for getting out of it.  His mother said he was 'special'.  He did not understand why his parents resisted so strongly the means by which he helped provide for the family.  Their hope was that his entry into the army would help young Nikolai find direction.

His unique aptitudes lead Nik into training in a Special Ops team, but the military grated against him, and when his parents and sister, Stephanie, were killed in the apartment bombings in 1999, Nikolai deserted into an alcoholic depression.  Living on the streets, Nik's training and talents allowed him to make a living in the underworld. Nikolai specialized in finding things and people.   Corporate and industrial espionage, private investigation, bounty hunting and the occasional elimination of a despicable persona were added to his resume.

Nik had made a lucrative business for himself, living rather well.  He had met a young hacker named Tasha with whom he found himself in love.  But in the Fall of 2012, when a job for the Russian Mob went terribly wrong, the mob bosses took his failure out on Tasha.  She was found dead in their apartment. Nikolai again spiraled downward again and crawled inside a vodka bottle.  Then they showed up.

Fate had brought unlikely saviors across his path.  Two attractive young women, barely adults in appearance, revealed to him the organization known as the Tribe.  The strangers, ranking members of the Tribe, Lillianna Dragonè and Adreana Zelati, offered Nikolai a new life, purpose and and a place to belong. Their invitation was unusual, but Nikolai saw the perfect opportunity to get out of Russia and out of the gutter he had rolled into.  Lilli and Adre managed to convince him to return to Starling City with them, where he began the process to join the Tribe.   Only then did he learn the true nature of the his rescuers.

Andreana took Nikolai as her Consort, a small price to pay, he considered, for his salvation.  The Russian was simply trading one addiction for another.  But Andreana's blood offered him so much more.  Nik had a knack for his work, and with the enhancements Adreana's blood afforded him, he made a place for himself among the Hunters. When the Veil fell, Nik's true abilities were revealed, elevating him to even greater value to the Tribe, the Elite, and his Mistress.

   Nikolai Chenkov  Cooltext1842495671_zps3f7eb802
    Nikolai padded silently to the door.  The illumination within the hallway consisted of one fixture, the glow of an under-watt bulb further dimmed by the collect of dead bugs in the frosted glass globe.  The number on the door read 212.  I didn't ring a bell.  The Hunter laid a hand on the tarnished doorknob, taking a deep breath and quieting himself.  An image appeared in his mind, wavering like a mirage, but the tattooed woman with brown dreadlocks was unmistakeable.  It was Clarice.

A subtle twist of the knob revealed it was unlocked.  He instinctively sensed a trap, no one would leave a door unlocked in this neighborhood.  Slipping the handgun back into the holster under his leather jacket, Nik slipped a glove on his right hand.  Taking a small vial out of his pocket, he removed a small glass sphere the size of a marble, the contents a dull, silvery liquid.

Carefully, Nikolai turned the knob again and pushed open the door.  The lighting within the apartment was no better than the hallway.  An old TV sat on a stand, the volume low, a rerun of  "Boy Meets World" playing.  There was nothing of immediate note, including the woman he sought.  

Sifting through a pile of mail on a table, Nik sensed again that Clarice had looked through them also, and within the past few minutes.  The hairs on the back of his neck rose.  He inhaled, the olfactory sensors enhanced by Adrenana's blood coursing through his veins.  It smelled like sandalwood incense...and Lycan.

As it usually did, the inherent warning came so fast, Nikolai had barely the time to process it and assume a knee-jerk reaction.  The threat came from behind, in the direction of a darkened doorway.  The Hunter whirled around, ducking and sliding a foot to the side to carry him just out of the Lycan's path.  Clarice was a young shapeshifter, thankfully, and was unable to assume the rather large jackal form he had tracked earlier in the month.

She lunged past the Hunter, who staggered backwards, tripping over a foot stool and falling onto the floor.  Clarice was on top of him immediately, hands wrapping around his throat and squeezing with supernatural strength.  Nik's eyes bulged, his hands reaching for the Lycan's face.  His own strength did not match hers, even with Adreana's blood, and he struggled beneath the otherwise waifish jackalwoman.  Her light frame proved easy to kick away once Nik got a leg up, and he quickly rolled on top of her.

Seizing her jaw as Clarice tried to reach his eyes with her thumbs, Nik squeezed his lids shut and forced open her mouth.  The small glass sphere, still nestled in his gloved palm was shoved between her molars.  The Hunter allowed her to slam her jaw closed, breaking the thin glass.  The mercury oozed down the Lycan's throat, causing her to gag and gasp, her hands now trying vainly to scrape the liquid metal off of her tongue.

Wide brown eyes stared madly up at Nikloai as he reached around her neck and plucked off a leather thong necklace.  The polished turquoise stone appeared beautiful but ordinary.  Looks were deceiving.

"This belongs to us."  He added as Clarice's eyes rolled back into her head. her hands fell limp to the floor and flecks of foam formed on her lips.  Nik patted her cheek and leaned down to kiss her forehead.  "You will be right as rain in a few days, sunshine."  Then he strolled from the apartment, necklace in hand,  snagging a Little Debbie fudge round from a box on the counter as he left.

   Nikolai Chenkov  Cooltext1842495826_zps53b76b80
   OOC Name: Relic
   Age: old enough times two, then add some more
   Do you play another Charrie here at VF:Nope
   How did you find us?: A friend
   What is your preferred method of communication? PM

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PostSubject: Re: Nikolai Chenkov    Nikolai Chenkov  EmptyMon Feb 16, 2015 10:20 am

Nikolai Chenkov  Coolte10

Welcome to Starling City! Please be sure to Claim your Face. You should also copy and paste the link to your application into your profile so if someone wants to stalk you they can. Don't forget to PM Lilli any descriptions of your house and/or business so she can make sure the boards get made. Pictures are helpful! She will also need a little blurb about your character for the Directory and an icon to go with it, 100x100. If you're having trouble finding one you should check Hollow Art. Feel free to put up any Wanteds. Stop by the Cbox and say hi if you haven't already and jump into the fun!

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