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PostSubject: Vampires    Vampires                 EmptyFri Dec 12, 2014 8:54 pm

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No one is really sure how the Vampires began. Even the eldest of them can't remember a time without Vampires, so long as there have been Humans, there have been Vampires. They learned to keep their numbers controlled, and with the onslaught of technology that was a necessity. They are a proud and domineering lot, most believing they're better then everyone else. Some are old enough to remember the dark times, when Vampires had their claw like fingers in everything, toppling empires and making a bloody mess where ever they went. Like other races, they have evolved past their base animal instincts, become more then predators searching for their next meal.

Vampires exist in an odd place between life and death, it is unclear whether or not they have souls. They do not need to eat, or breathe. Their hearts do not beat, they will never be older then the moment they were turned. Turning children is highly forbidden, their emotions too chaotic to keep themselves hidden. Their core temperatures are far lower then that of the Humans, usually around 40 degrees, described as the chill of the grave by Humans. Their fangs are not out all the time, they can choose for their fangs to retract. when a Vampire is about to feed, use their abilities, or is injured or angry, their eyes will change. It's different for every vampire but it will always be different then they're normal eye color. Older vampires can cause their fingernails to grow into claws as strong as steel. Killing one is difficult, but not impossible. Their bones are denser, harder to hack through. The older a Vampire is, the more powerful they become, and the less blood they need to survive.

The only way to kill one is to severe it's head from it's body or rip out it's heart, or prolonged exposure to sunlight or fire. Heavy damage could incapacitate them, and most Vampires will use such tactics against each other. A stake through the heart will cause the Vampire to be paralyzed until the stake is removed. Snapping the neck will sever the impulses to the brain until enough time has passed for the body to heal, though this takes a great feat of strength. Most of the old legends have no basis, as Vampires as a race are far older then any religion. When a Vampire dies, it will Ashe, leaving it's fanged skull behind.

Becoming a Vampire is also difficult, and there are some who do not make it through the change. The older the Vampire is, the better chance of success. The Human body carries natural antibodies against the Vampire curse, so first the Vampire must drain the Human till the point of death. The Vampire must then make the Human drink their own blood, and then kill the Human in order to start the change (snapping the neck is a favorite). The change is different in everyone, though it usually takes a few hours. Some barely move at all, while others scream and flail and spasm the entire time as if every molecule of the their body were on fire. The Vampire curse will alter it's new host to make them prime predators, it can heal things like cancer, severed limbs, obesity, and even the most fatal of wounds. However, the more energy the curse must expend to fix it's new host, the hungrier the host will be once the change is complete, if it completes at all.

A Vampire's primary source of energy is Human blood, they can exist on animal blood, though it will not keep them as powerful as a Vampire who drinks Human blood. The fresher the blood, the more sustaining ability the blood has. Vampires can eat Human food, though most find that after they turn their taste-buds have altered and most Human food won't taste good to them. They can feed on other species as well with different effects depending on the species.

A Vampire who does not keep themselves well fed runs the risk of being taken over by the Blood Lust. Vampires refer to the Lust as the Beast Within, the animal instincts most of them keep buried as deep as they can. Blood Lust is a Vampire's greatest strength and also their deepest weakness. They are more powerful in this state, more primal, however they tend to have a one track mind, hellbent on destruction and as much of it as they can get. Stopping a Vampire once the Lust has taken them is damn near impossible, though once they've taken their fill, killed whatever fueled their rage or until they've taken enough damage, the Lust will pass. Younger vampires are always closer to the Lust, the Curse being so new and still settling in. The older a Vampire is, the less blood they need to survive.

A Vampire is a powerful creature, equipped with a high regeneration rate (Based on their age and how much blood they've drank recently), enhanced senses, strength, and speed. Sometimes a Vampire can have a a trait that is more powerful then the others, sometimes based on their lives as a Human. A blind man who is Turned, will be able to see afterwards but his hearing and sense of smell will always be stronger. A Human who took better care of themselves, for instance a bodybuilder, would be stronger once Turned.

Vampires are also capable of other abilities, these abilities usually run in bloodlines passed down from their Sire. It is also possible for them to learn an ability if they find an older Vampire willing to teach them. These abilities include Telepathy, Telekinesis, Levitation,  Compulsion, Short Range Teleportation, Empathy, Deathsight, Elemental abilities and Clairvoyance. Some Vampires will gain animalistic traits the more they give in to the beast. Some will be able to use Blood Magic to create wards, shields, and even tattoo other vampires.

Minor Shapeshifting (fog is usually a favorite), Shadowplay (or Obtenebration), Dream Walking, and Daywalking cannot be passed down, they must be taught by an older Vampire. The degree of the ability depends on the age of the Vampire and their training in the ability. It can take hundreds of years for a Vampire to master their abilities, longer if it was not an ability passed down to them from their Sire.

As the centuries have turned, Vampires have created quite the hierarchy. As a rule, a Vampire will always defer to an older Vampire. In the issue that the Vampires are roughly the same age, they will defer to the more powerful one. Killing each other is highly frowned upon and there are certain Bloodlines or Covens who have it as a rule that killing a Vampire is forbidden. A Vampire can turn another as they will but they must teach their Fledglings to survive and hunt. A Newborn has the right to kill their Sire when they rise, no one may interfere in this long standing tradition but it's usually not a problem unless the Newborn didn't know they were going to be Turned or were Turned against their will, in most cases they will even be granted all of their Sire's possessions.

A Vampire cannot bite or otherwise harm another Vampire's Consort without permission. Vampires cannot expose the race on a large scale. An Elder has the right to judge and punish a member of their Coven, should they have one, based on the rules of the Coven. Covens are like small city states, generally independent unless otherwise needed. Disrespecting an Elder can bring grave punishments on the disrespectful. A Vampire who kills another vampire can then claim all of the dead Vampire's possessions, though sometimes not without contention, including Consorts.

With the onslaught of Technology, and with only about half the population able to utilize the art of Compulsion, Vampires have had to come up with new ways to get what they need. The newest being Consorts. A Consort is a Human that a Vampire has chosen to be their living blood source. In return for this constant supply of nourishment, Consorts are normally treated very highly. The Vampire gives them not only protection, but also a rare gift. The Vampire will give their Consorts their blood, if ingested on a regular basis it can give the Consort enhanced senses, strength and agility, though they will come no where near the Vampire's abilities. It will also extend their lives, slowing the aging process. The longest lived Consort was two hundred before her Vampire finally turned her. Young Vampires would not have the self control nor the blood supply to keep a Consort properly. Consorts have become a sign of power amongst the hierarchy, with some Elders keeping three or four. There are some Vampires who disdain the act of keeping Human pets, as that is really all that they are, preferring the old ways. The slang term for these humans is Ghouls, though it is considered an insult. These humans often become trusted companions to their Vampires, eager to serve their Vampire and keep them happy, a by product of the blood they receive. Consorts become addicted to the blood of their Vampire, some will even go crazy without it, much like an addict being forced to quit cold turkey. This is the downside of a young Vampire being unable to keep their consorts supplied with enough blood, the consorts can potentially go mad and harm either themselves or others. It takes years for the aging to slow in a Consort, and by that point the Vampire will begin to feel them in the back of their mind, nothing specific just feelings, like happiness or pain, and proximity. A Vampire will be able to send thoughts to their Consort in this way. Consorts don't always have to be human, though Humans tend to have the most to gain.

Vampires have a rank system they use only in formal affairs. Newborn refers to the first five years after a Human is turned. A Fledgling is a Vampire that has yet to see their hundredth Deathday. Ancilla refers to any Vampire older then a Fledgling but has yet to be named an Elder. Generally, Elder refers to a Vampire who has seen their 400th Deathday, though exceptions can be made for a Vampire who has inherited a Coven. Vampires can adopt younger Vampires as their children, these adoptions must be sanctioned by an Elder, in the case of one of them being an Elder another Elder must oversee it. Everything the parent Vampire has amassed passes to the child unless the parent is legally killed by another Vampire for their crimes. Vampires use this as a way to make sure their Covens are passed to those who will take it in the proper directions and uphold it's traditions. In this way an Ancilla can become an Elder long before the age requirement.

Mating amongst Vampires has two tiers, the first is rather informal and the mostly widely spread. It is simply two Vampires calling themselves Mates without any serious or binding ties. The real meaning of this term is when two Vampires magically bind themselves together by blood. The rite must be overseen by an Elder, it is essentially a Vampiric marriage. The Rite allows the two Vampires to be linked, they can feel each other's pain and know when the other needs them. Vampire Bloodlines are long stretching, most Vampires will take the name of their bloodline, shedding their human name. A Vampire will often take the name of the larger bloodline when Mating. Not all vampires belong to a Coven, some Bloodlines have family ties and they're older members act as Elders.

As a whole, Vampires tend to police themselves. They like ceremony, practically everything they do has some sort of ceremony attached to it, most like everyone to believe that they do things for a higher purpose other then themselves, though once and awhile a Vampire will surprise you and actually be as selfless as they claim.

~Known Bloodlines and Covens~
The Dragonè Bloodline - Started by Marcellus Draconus (Whereabouts Unknown).

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