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 Starling City Police Department

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Starling City Police Department Empty
PostSubject: Starling City Police Department   Starling City Police Department EmptyWed Apr 01, 2015 6:39 pm

Starling City Police Department Police-line-notice-cops-610_zps6box8bxd

The S.C.P.D. has always been a cornerstone of the bustling metropolis, though with the help of some of the townes elite and generous donations they've managed to keep ahead of the budget cuts that effect many departments. The newest edition to their ranks is the Supernatural Task Force, charged with keeping the peace between the supernaturally inclined citizens of Starling City. Many of it's members have abilities and expertise that help them do just that. They have their own floor at the S.C.P.D. and their own state of the art labs. Any incident or case that involve anything out of the ordinary falls into their jurisdiction though they help out wherever needed. The Supe Task Force is only a few months old and still working out the kinks, they have begun an in house index of the supernatural creatures and gifted humans they come across, which does include themselves.

~Department members~
Riona Connors

~Members of the Supe Task Force~
Amelia Remington
Lance Stone
Derek Maddox

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Starling City Police Department
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