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Lillianna Dragonè
Lillianna Dragonè

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PostSubject: Wanteds    Wanteds               EmptySun Dec 14, 2014 10:15 am

Here you will find the different Want Ads for characters that are currently needed for plots on the site. If you feel like jumping into the deep end, then a Wanted would be perfect for you.


Jesse Mor'gan
Wanteds               Paul_Wesley_4Wanteds               Paul_Wesley_2_16Wanteds               Paul_Wesley_14
200ish ~ Optional ~ Paul Wesley
Created By ~ Lillianna Dragonè
Jesse will be Lilli's true love, in the past he has been played as Trickster Fae though that is not necessary, it is necessary that he not be a human however. The two are crazy, but they're crazy for each other and that's what makes them work. Their both dark creatures who often enjoy each other's bad sides a bit too much. I would also accept Sam Witwer or Ben Barnes if Paul doesn't work for you.

Carmina Dragonè
Wanteds               Eva_Mendes_Icon_5_by_Jewell89Wanteds               EvaMendesWanteds               Eva_Mendes_Icon_4_by_Jewell89
312 ~ Vampire ~ Eva Mendes
Created By ~ Lillianna Dragonè
Carmina is Lilli's Mother, she saw potential in the young street rat and took her in, raising her like her own until she was old enough to be turned. She is one of the few people who can order Lilli around though she's diplomatic enough to form those orders as requests. She has been Mated to Markus for the last two and half centuries. I will also accept Monica Bellucci for her face.

Markus Dragonè
Wanteds               NEvhgUw70dDwyy_1_zzbWanteds               Luke-evans-port-100x100Wanteds               B_bmp11
320 ~ Vampire ~ Luke Evans
Created By ~ Lillianna Dragonè
Markus is Lilli's Father, he has been Mated to Carmina for two and half centuries. He was not turned by the Dragonè line but he took the name as is tradition amongst Vampire society when joining a larger or better known Bloodline. Because of this, it was Carmina's blood that turned Lilli though that has never made any difference to her how important Markus has been in her life. She learned how to fight from him and she is his Princess long before she took the title from the Tribe. Face Claim can be discussed.

Ricard Maddox
Wanteds               Hl007Wanteds               Hl010Wanteds               Hl004
58 ~ Human ~ Hugh Laurie
Created By ~ Eleora Maddox
Ricard was a Marine until he finally retired, though he still does private security work on occasion. He's become quite the smart ass in his old age, always ready with a witty quip. After the death of his wife, he distanced himself from his two children in an attempt to hide his pain, though that's all water under the bridge now. Face Claim can be discussed. He could be a Human with Abilities, up to the Typist.

Wanteds               Shane%20West%20in%20Nikita-1950214Wanteds               Shane_West_in_Nikita_S_02_%28620%29Wanteds               Shane_West_in_Nikita_S_02_%28484%29
TBA ~ Possibly Lycan ~ Shane West
Created By ~ Jade Chao
Behind every Queen is a knight, in this case, a black knight. Known as Xiē, or Scorpion not much is known about the strange Caucasian man who seems to always be wherever Jade is. Rumor has it that he's a Lycan, possibly a Clouded Leopard. As the Legend goes, he's a half breed, grandfather was chinese, mother was british. Most Lycan clans, especially in China, tended to look down on half breeds but Jade took him in, offered him a better life. He lived the beginning of his life on the run and the rest repaying a life debt to Jade. If anyone knows the story of just what the debt entails, they aren't talking. (Please contact Jade if you'd like to pick him up, face may be discussed.)

If you would like to submit a Wanted to this list, please fill out the following code, in CODE.
(Three 100x100 imgs)
Age ~ Species ~ Face Claim
Created By ~
Info about the character goes here, don't make it too strict. This is just an outline not a full fledged character.

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