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Lillianna Dragonè
Lillianna Dragonè

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PostSubject: Lillianna Dragonè   Lillianna Dragonè EmptyMon Dec 22, 2014 8:53 pm

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Lillianna Alaire Dragonè
209 ~ Female ~ Vampire ~ The Tribe ~ Selena Gomez

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Nicknames: Lilli, Lillibug, Princess, Spider
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135lbs

Personality: Lillianna is what some would call broken, others might call crazy, but most everyone calls her fun. That is her driving need in life, to have fun. What is the point in life if you're not enjoying it? Her version of fun some may find off putting however. She can be as gentle as a snowflake with all the love and tenderness of Mother Teresa, or she can be as violent and destructive as a tornado. She loves to laugh and make others laugh, though she is a predator through and through and she loves the thrill of the hunt. It's hard to get on her bad side as she isn't the type to hold a grudge, she's more the type that once revenge has been paid out then all is forgiven.


Appearance: Lilli's personal style is a bit of miss mosh of eras and genres. She loves to dress up and she loves things that sparkle. Her favorite colors are blue and purple and this tends to reflect in her outfits quite a bit. She says that she is a very loud and obnoxious person so her clothing should be a warning to those around her. Like the poisonous frogs of the animal kingdom. Her long dark hair is usually curled to fall around her shoulders though she will often add colored extensions and feathers to the mix. When she uses her Vampiric abilities, her eyes will change from their normal dark hue to an almost glowing blue, betraying the beast within. Lilli is a small woman, easily mistaken for a teenager or college girl which she uses to her advantage constantly.

Abilities: Lilli's most notable ability is her Aura of Trust, she cannot control it, it is simply always there. A constant bubble about five feet around her that any being who walks into it will subconsciously feel. It makes them want to protect her, give her gifts, tell her secrets. It's pull is constant, time has no effect on it's pull and it can be over ridden if you have the strength of mind to realize what's happening. As a Vampire, she has all the normal vampire traits: Strength, Agility, Speed, Regeneration, and Enhanced Senses (hearing is especially sharp for her). From the Dragonè bloodline she has inherited Compulsion which requires direct eye contact for her commands to take effect. Compulsion cannot work on another vampire though it can work on other supernatural creatures if they are not strong of mind.

Talents: After being adopted by the Dragonè Bloodline, Lilli was taught everything a member of high society would need to know. She can speak Italian, Spanish, French, and English. Her greatest talents lie in the more creative side of life, art and dance, music even singing. She can play the Piano and the guitar.

History:Lillianna Dragonè did not start as she is now, two centuries ago she was an Orphan living in the streets of Tuscany begging for hand outs and just trying to survive. This is where her story could have easily ended, as so many did at that time with the Austrian take over still so fresh in everyone's mind. Lilli was lucky, even as a human she had a gift. She had a special gift, an aura that made those around her want to trust her, to help her, to care for her. Most never understood why they gave the begging, dirty child a coin when they'd passed so many before her. Why the Vender gave her a slightly burnt meat pie he couldn't sell otherwise when all she did was ask. This was also when The Tribe began, in the dirt and poverty ridden streets. The Orphans began to band together, taking care of each other and creating their own regime far below the political powers of the world. There were some who began to notice the slight change in the street rats, they were somehow cleaner, a little bit less skinny, and eager to run whatever you needed wherever it needed to go. The Populace of Tuscany began to employ them on a regular basis as runners, parcel carriers, even guides at times as there was no one who knew the city better then the children who slept, ate and breathed it.

As the children grew, they began to bring in the younger children, teaching them what they had learned, helping them to survive, they became the first street gang, looking after one another and starting their own street wars over territory. None of them knew how to read or write but they could haggle and deal and swindle you out of your last penny...or simply manage to get it out of your pocket without you even realizing they were there. Some grew up to become contributing members of society, though they never forgot where they came from.

In ancient Rome there was a man named Marcellus Draconus, he would eventually become a Vampire and spawn the Draconus Bloodline. Over the centuries, as the world changed, the name changed to Dragonè. As a Bloodline, the Dragonè treated each other more like family, they always referred to each other in family titles, brother, sister, mother, father. One of his descendents, Carmina Dragonè took notice of the young girl running deliveries through the city with such speed and agility, though she always seemed to garner more from her employers then other street rats..more money, more food, better places to sleep at night. Being of the Supernatural decent, she quickly realized the gift the young girl had and slowly began to befriend her. Her mate, Markus also began to get involved and over the next few years they slowly began to take the young girl in, getting her the best tutors, teaching her everything a young lady would need to know as if she were actually their child. Lilli had always wanted a family, so much so, that she was willing to overlook how strange it was that the two never had children of their own, and never came out during the day.

Once she was of age, Carmina and Markus offered Lilli a gift, the gift of immortality. Lilli's world seemed explode as the two told her of the world she'd never known existed...and she never looked back. On her 18th birthday, they turned her, though Carmina's blood was the catalyst they claimed her together, presenting her to their father as their daughter. The Bloodline embraced her in every sense of the word and it didn't take her long to find her place in this new world. Little had she known before, but her eyesight had not been all that wonderful as a human, and to this day her sense of hearing is far more enhanced then other vampires of her age. She inherited the vampire strength, senses, and  regeneration. Her original gift of her aura of trust carried with her into her new life, now able to effect other supernatural creatures, and even more in humans. All it took was a smile from Lilli and they were offering her whatever small thing she requested as if it were perfectly normal. Along with these gifts, she inherited the Dragonè ability of Compulsion, which paired with her aura made her a very deadly creature. However, her broken childhood never truly left her, and Carmina and Markus found that their daughter was slightly broken, finding joy in things she should have given up, in the things that others would find too macabre. In some ways Lilli would never grow up, she remained the eternal teenager laughing and dancing, but don't let that fool you. Behind her adorable exterior lies a monster perfectly capable of ripping you to pieces if you dare mess with her family.

The Dragonè found uses for their newest daughter, her joy in the tasks they found beneath them created a perfect role for her. She became a fountain of information, using the skills she'd built as a child and the Tribe she'd never left behind as a web of information. It was amazing what the world's forgotten children noticed and retained.

In honor of her new family, Lilli asked the Dragonè blood mages for a dragon tattoo on her right shoulder, the ancient sigil of their Bloodline. On top of that, she asked for a Spider just behind her ear. With her new chance at life, she had big plans and the Tribe would become her baby. The Spider became their Sigil, painted on doorways of safe houses and vendor stalls that would offer them free meals because the vendor bore the same tattoo. With her new life, she could now see through the veil to the supernaturals hidden beneath it. These members of the Tribe she cultivated especially, befriending them until they called her sister. These were her Elite, the core of the Tribe that ran all aspects. With each city they left, one of these Elite stayed behind to keep the Tribe growing.

Carmina and Markus would often take Lilli to the ballet, knowing how much the young girl loved to dance. It was here she first saw Adreana Zelati perform, though she wouldn't meet the girl for some time. She heard of Adreana's stange passing but at the time she thought nothing of it, humans died all the time. As Lilli began to cultivate the Tribe, extending it's reach to the other cities, she began to move with it. Many years later she was walking the streets of Naples when she literally ran into a young girl. Upon looking into her eyes Lilli knew instantly who it was, her vampire mind unable to forget such details. Knowing that she should be dead and that if she were alive she shoudl have aged nearly thirty years Lilli followed them home. She snuck into her room one night and introduced herself, telling Adreana how she remembered her from before and was generally just friendly. Lilli would visit Adreana on a constant basis, though Adredoodle always warned Lilli to be careful of her sire. Lilli didn't like the way Adre's sire treated her, keeping her locked in a proverbial tower as if she were a prized possession. Lilli told her of the world outside, of the life she led where no one told her what to do. Using her ties to the Tribe and the Dragonè she learned all she could of Gaius, and the toes he was stepping on in the Vampire world. Taking it upon herself, Lilli meant for him to simply give up his hold on Adreana so that she could choose her own life but Gaius couldn't part with the one thing he felt was keeping him safe. Lilli's anger got the better of her and she killed him, though he put up quite the fight and ruined one of her best outfits in the process, Lilli freed Adreana. The two are now basically inseparable, attached at the brain as some of the other Tribe members have said.

Adreana was the one who found Rufus, a rather large black and purple stuffed spider with googly eyes. Lilli of course instantly fell in love with it and Rufus tends to go everywhere with her. She can often be found talking to him as if the stuffed toy could actually hold a real conversation.

With their arrival to the New World, Lilli had dreams of opening a club and of course the Tribe supported her efforts. They had made such an impression in Europe that it wasn't difficult carving out a niche for themselves. They've been settled in Starling City for ten years now and business is booming. 

Lillianna Dragonè Cooltext1842495671_zps3f7eb802
As her maid pushed the last pin into her dark hair, Alyse turned her head so she could see the braids that wound around her head like a crown. It was impossible to keep her long hair out of the way entirely but this way they wouldn't be a nuisance. The long braids trailed over her shoulder almost down to her hip even after being pinned up to the top of her head. The ladies of the South would probably have fainted in shock if they knew what Alyse was preparing for but that was why they didn't live up in the harsh North. Getting up out of her chair, Alyse moved over to the bed so she could pull on her seal skin and fur hunting clothes, perfectly designed to keep her nice and warm while she was out. Even the summers were cool in the North after all. Her furs even had a matching cape-let and hood to keep her head warm as well. Thanking her maid, she gave the woman the rest of the day off, letting her know they wouldn't be back tonight. Playing ladies maid to the Shadowcat had to be very different then most would have expected, with Alyse not being a normal lady.

Tucking her seal fur gloves into her belt, she pulled on the small cape and knelt down to pull on her boots, from the wall next to the door she picked up her short bow and slung it over her shoulder along with her quiver of arrows with the black crow feathers for fletching. Once that was finished, she left her apartments to make her way down to the courtyard where the rest of the hunting party was gathering. This wasn't the first time that Alyse had visited the Dreadfort, and truthfully she rather liked it here despite it's less then spotless reputation. In the North, things sometimes had to be done to survive that would never come up in the South, terrible, unspeakable things that were simply a part of life up here. Of course, she wouldn't be going alone, not even knights hunted alone and Alyse was certainly no knight. A smile curled her lips as she reached the courtyard to see Sybil had also decided to join them. The young daughter of Lord Bolton reminded Alyse so much of herself at that age, though Sybil was far more power hungry then Alyse had ever been, but she was still strong and determined to make something of herself. Alyse hoped she achieved what she envisioned some day.

Most women chose mare's for their horses, preferring their more docile nature, but Alyse hadn't chosen a Mare. Her great Stallion had been trained for war from an early age, and now he stood a good two hands taller then she did. Nightfyre she had named him, his coat a mixture of black and gray and speckled with white that served to break up his silhouette as they ran through the trees and make it easier to blend in while they were hunting. Moving over to Nightfyre, Alyse took his reigns from the stable boy who held them as if Nightfyre was going to bite him at any moment, which he very well might have. Pressing a hand to his nose, Alyse leaned forward to press her forehead against his, making soothing noises to the stallion to calm him down some so she could mount him without being thrown. A mare would have never served Alyse when she went out to defend against the Wildlings but Nightfyre had the heart of a lion and never backed down from a fight. One of the stable hands stepped up to help her onto her horse but Alyse just stared at him until he became uncomfortable and stepped back away from her.

Putting her foot into the stirrup, Alyse lifted herself up into the saddle, balancing her weight atop Nightfyre as he danced about a bit. Once they were settled, she guided her horse with a click of her tongue and gentle push of her calves towards where Viktor and Sybil and the rest of the party were gathering. Her silver eyes took in the heavy clouds above them, those in south would assume that it was going to rain at any moment but these clouds weren't quite heavy enough yet, rain would not come for another day. As she pulled up next to Viktor, their eyes met for a moment and she gave him a soft smile, the smile she reserved only for him. There was nothing she wanted more then Viktor Bolton but she knew her place in life and she wasn't sure that Viktor felt the same way about her. Alyse's attention then moved to Sybil on his other side, and the young girl received a smile as well. "Good morning, My lord, My Lady." She said to them, inclining her head. Viktor and Alyse technically held the same amount of standing, both being siblings to the current ruling Lord of a noble house, but Sybil was Heir and deserved the propriety.

She could feel the thrill of the hunt itching beneath the surface of her skin, she was almost impatient to get started but she knew that Viktor and Sybil had the power here as this was their home and not hers. Reaching up, she lifted the hood of her cape, settling it over her hair to keep the mist off her ears and neck. Strapped to her hip she carried the very knife her late husband had given to her as a wedding gift all those years ago, though she doubted she'd need it on a hunt like this, they weren't hunting Wildlings after all.

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OOC Name: Violet
Age: 26
Do you play another Charrie here at VF: No
How did you find us?: I made you
What is your preferred method of communication? AIM or PM

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Lillianna Dragonè Coolte10

Welcome to Starling City! Please be sure to Claim your Face. You should also copy and paste the link to your application into your profile so if someone wants to stalk you they can. Don't forget to PM Lilli and descriptions of your house and/or business so she can make sure the boards get made. Pictures are helpful! She will also need a little blurb about your character for the Directory and an icon to go with it, 100x100. If you're having trouble finding one you should check Hollow Art. Feel free to put up any Wanteds. Stop by the Cbox and say hi if you haven't already and jump into the fun!
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Lillianna Dragonè
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